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1. Orthopedic implant materials include artificial joints of the hip and knee joints employed for the treatment of rheumatism and osteoarthritis, for the bone cement used for fixation of fractures of limbs and spines, and as an artificial bone filling the defective part caused by bone tumors

2. Artificial joint - a metal or plastic part that is surgically implanted to replace a natural joint (possibly elbow or wrist but usually hip or knee) implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection

3. The Artificial joint functions the same way a hinge on a door does

4. Artificial joints can become infected by bacteria. Bacteria may infect the Artificial joint during or after surgery, causing infection

5. What is an Artificial joint replacement of the finger? A joint replacement is surgery to replace a damaged joint in your body with a new joint made out of plastic or metal. The new joint works the same as your natural joint

6. Surgery to replace the ankle joint with an Artificial joint (called ankle arthroplasty) is becoming more common

7. The main reason for replacing any arthritic joint with an Artificial joint is to stop the bones from rubbing against each other

8. Replacing the painful and arthritic joint with an Artificial joint gives the joint a new surface, which moves smoothly without causing pain.

9. The Artificial joint is called a prosthesis.

10. More women and men are turning to Artificial joints for a second lease on an active life.

11. Introduction Surgery to replace the ankle joint with an Artificial joint (called ankle arthroplasty) is becoming more common

12. Author: Alex Steele There’s more to Artificial joint replacement than most of us know, but did you know about the connection to dentistry? You might wonder what one has to do with the other

13. In the United States, the standard treatment of infection in an Artificial joint is a two-stage process: We remove all the existing implants, cleaning out the joint and surrounding soft tissues

14. We place a temporary Artificial joint.

15. Knee joint replacement is a procedure that involves replacing an injured or ailing knee with an Artificial joint, or prosthesis

16. 1 day ago · Artificial joint Surgical Robot, CUVIS-joint developed by CUREXO Receives EEA CE Marking

17. A hip Artificial joint is a structure composed of metal, polyethylene or ceramic that replaces a natural hip joint lost or damaged for some reasons

18. This article introduces different types of hip Artificial joints, such as cemented and cementless Artificial joint, as well as the components of it.

19. For those with Artificial joint implants, there is a chance of 0.86 to 1.1% of getting infected in a knee joint and 0.3 to 1.7% of getting infected in a hip joint

20. There are three phases of Artificial joint infection: early, delayed and late

21. Hip replacement surgery involves removing the hip joint and replacing it with an Artificial joint that typically consists of metal, ceramic and hard plastic

22. Joint Artificial joint implants of metal and plastic Artificial joint stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Knee Replacement Knee replacement implant medical concept as a human leg anatomy after a prosthetic surgery as a musculoskeletal disease treatment symbol for orthopedics with 3D illustration elements

23. Decades later, with a few significant changes, the material continues to be the “gold standard” for Artificial joint surfaces because of its wear resistance and fracture toughness

24. Many factors contribute to an Artificial joint’s longevity and can vary from patient to patient

25. An Artificial joint can replace a normal but damaged joint and save a patient from the excruciating pain that has long deprived him/her of a comfortable life

26. Technological advances have continuously increased the quality of Artificial joints over the past half century

27. Joint replacement: An "Artificial joint" is a term describing a joint that has been operated on and typically replaced by a synthetic joint with the goal of improving pa Read More 3 doctors agree

28. A Patient's Guide to Artificial joint Replacement of the Hip Introduction

29. The magnitude and distribution of stress and displacement in this course become more important in order to understand the working status of the Artificial joint

30. The dynamic process analysis is the key point of this work which can benefit the evaluation and redesign of Artificial joint

31. An Artificial joint for implantation in humans and animals, the joint comprising a joint body arranged between two base elements which are adapted to be connected to adjoining bone parts

32. The Artificial joint has a lot of free space inside of it that fills up with interstitial fluid which is the fluid found between cells or roughly equivalent to blood plasma

33. The Artificial joint replaces the damaged surfaces with metal and plastic that are designed to fit together and rub smoothly against each other

34. The Artificial joint is made of two polished metal surfaces that rub together with the help of the body's natural joint fluid

35. The Artificial joint showed no signs of wear and tear after the fatigue test

36. Artificial joint infections are caused by bacteria, a virus, or a fungus

37. Bacteria can infect an Artificial joint by spreading through your bloodstream

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