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1. Article offers stylish modern, mid century, and scandinavian furniture from world renowned designers at accessible prices

Article, And, At, Accessible

2. Article definition is - a distinct often numbered section of a writing


3. How to use Article in a sentence.


4. Article Articles identify whether a noun is definite (specific or particular) or indefinite (general or unspecific)

Article, Articles

5. For this reason, Articles are divided into two categories: the definite Article, the, and the indefinite Articles, a and an

Articles, Are, Article, And, An

6. Article definition, a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or other publication, as a newspaper or magazine

Article, An, As

7. Looking for the best Articles to read? Browse this list of interesting Articles and essays on topics like health, happiness, productivity and more.

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8. Article& is devoted to bringing you a tightly edited selection of unique, wearable, and affordable clothing and accessories by contemporary designers and independent labels from the U.S

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9. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: Articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions.

Across, And, Articles, Abstracts

10. The <Article> tag specifies independent, self-contained content


11. An Article should make sense on its own and it should be possible to distribute it independently from the rest of the site

An, Article, And

12. Potential sources for the <Article> element: Forum post; Blog post; News story; Note: The <Article> element does


13. The zero Article is the absence of an Article

Article, Absence, An

14. In languages having a definite Article, the lack of an Article specifically indicates that the noun is indefinite

Article, An

15. Linguists interested in X-bar theory causally link zero Articles to nouns lacking a determiner


16. In English, the zero Article rather than the indefinite is used with plurals and mass nouns, although the word "some" can be used as an

Article, And, Although, As, An

17. 1200, "separate parts of anything written" (such as the statements in the Apostles' Creed, the clauses of a statute or contract), from Old French Article (13c.), from Latin articulus "a part, a member," also "a knuckle; the Article in grammar," diminutive of artus "a joint" (from PIE *ar(ə)-tu-, suffixed form of root *ar-"to fit together").

Anything, As, Apostles, Article, Articulus, Also, Artus, Ar

18. Find free reprint Articles at the

Articles, At, Articlesfactory

19. A common misspelling of the word Article, ie


20. Example: that was a pretty artical she was wearing last night! Article

Artical, Article

21. Advanced Article usage is more challenging

Advanced, Article

22. If you wish to become an English Articles expert, read Advanced Articles, complete Articles exercises 12 - 30, and take the Articles final test

An, Articles, Advanced, And

23. Please note that after each exercise below, we have listed the Article uses covered with a link to the descriptions

After, Article

24. Article by Michalyn Steele & Stephanie Hall Barclay

Article, Amp

25. Use the Article a or an to indicate any non-specified member of a group or category

Article, An, Any

26. Use the Article a or an to indicate one in number (as opposed to more than one)

Article, An, As

27. Use the Article a before a consonant sound, and use an before

Article, And, An

28. The HTML <Article> element represents a self-contained composition in a document, page, application, or site, which is intended to be independently distributable or reusable (e.g., in syndication)

Article, Application

29. Examples include: a forum post, a magazine or newspaper Article, or a blog entry, a product card, a user-submitted comment, an interactive widget or gadget, or any other independent item of content.

Article, An, Any

30. The New York Times Article Archive provides partial and full-text digital versions of Articles from 1851 to Today

Article, Archive, And, Articles

31. Articles with Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Articles, And

32. Notice that we use the indefinite Article a/an ONLY with singular countable nouns: a dog, an egg, a very big man, an extremely delicious meal

Article, An

33. By contrast, we can use the definite Article the with ALL nouns: the dog, the eggs, the big men, the music, the food, the red wine

Article, All

34. It is sometimes also possible to have no Article at all—the so-called

Also, Article, At, All

35. This Article discusses how our evolutionary instincts clash with the modern world and what this means for anxiety, stress, and worry

Article, And, Anxiety

36. My best Articles tend to be ones that are educational, entertaining, and useful

Articles, Are, And

37. In this Article we are going to talk about the 10 best job interview tips for freshers

Article, Are, About

38. Constitution * * * * * * * * * * Article V


39. Any Article writing service can utilize Article Rewriter Tool to speed up the content creation process

Any, Article

40. If you are tasked with writing an Article that you have already written, you can use this free service to instantly create another Article using the pre-existing content, thus making the most of the time and energy you have already invested.

Are, An, Article, Already, Another, And

41. Article first opened its doors in Shoreditch back in 2012, and over the last 8 years has established itself as a key London shopping destination for globally sourced premium mens clothing and Scandinavian homewares

Article, And, As

42. When, in March of this year, TheNew York Times decided to devote the second and third pages of every edition to Article abstracts, its design director, …

And, Article, Abstracts

43. If the Article does not have volume, issue, or page numbers available, the reference in this case ends with the title of the newspaper (as in the Stobbe example)

Article, Available, As

44. If the Article is from a news website (e.g., CNN, HuffPost)—one that does not have an associated daily or weekly newspaper—use the format for a webpage on a news website instead.

Article, An, Associated

45. Each Daily News Article contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, found below the Article

Article, And

46. Article 5 - Amendment <<Back Table of Contents Next>>

Article, Amendment

47. A research Article usually has seven major sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References

Article, Abstract, And

48. Determine your focus The first thing you should do is to decide why you need to summarize the Article


49. If the purpose of the summary is to take notes to later remind yourself about the Article you may

About, Article

50. If a journal Article has a DOI, include the DOI in the reference


51. Always include the issue number for a journal Article

Always, Article

52. If the journal Article does not have a DOI and is from an academic research database, end the reference after the page range (for an explanation of why, see the database information page).The reference in this case is the same as for a print journal Article.

Article, And, An, Academic, After, As

53. A version of this Article appeared in the August/September 1997 issue of Fast Company magazine

Article, Appeared, August

54. The three Articles — a, an, the — are a kind of adjective

Articles, An, Are, Adjective

55. The is called the definite Article because it usually precedes a specific or previously mentioned noun; a and an are called indefinite Articles because they are used to refer to something in a less specific manner (an unspecified count noun)

Article, And, An, Are, Articles

56. A news Article discusses current or recent news of either general interest (i.e


57. A news Article can include accounts of eyewitnesses to the happening event

Article, Accounts

58. Article 51 “ Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security

Article, An, Armed, Attack, Against, And

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ARTICLE [ˈärdək(ə)l]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the definite articles?

A definite article is a part of speech which is used in front of a noun. Definite articles are used as a specifier when the noun is known either because it is unique, or because it has been previously introduced in context. They are also used in some specific settings such as in references to certain types...

What is the only definite article?

definite article (plural definite articles) (grammar) An article that introduces a noun and specifies it as the particular noun that is being considered; in English, the only definite article is the. indefinite article.

What does article a mean?

article(Noun) A part or segment of something joined to other parts, or, in combination, forming a structured set. article(Noun) A story, report, or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, internet etc. article(Noun) A member of a group or class.

What are some examples of definite articles?

The definite article is “the.” “The” refers to a particular noun that is understood. The audience is aware of the object of reference and no further identification is needed. Definite Article Examples: singular the chair, the city, the manager.

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