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ARSON [ˈärs(ə)n]

arson (noun)

  • the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.
Synonyms: incendiarism . pyromania . firebombing . fire-raising .

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1. Definition of Arson : the willful or malicious burning of property (such as a building) especially with criminal or fraudulent intent Arson was determined to be the cause of the fire

2. Other Words from Arson More Example Sentences Learn More about Arson Other Words from Arson

3. Definition The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines Arson as any willful or malicious burning or attempting to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling house, public

4. Arson is defined as the willful and malicious burning or charring of property

5. There are many types of Arson crimes, including setting fire to one's property with fraudulent intent--like when someone burns their house to collect insurance money.

6. Arson can be used as a weapon of revenge or motivated by some other conniving, covert, destructive aim, but fire-setting is also an irresistible compulsion for some, recognized as a …

7. The worst Arson attacks in history have killed hundreds of people, and all it took was the single strike of a match

8. According to a 1987 report in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, the vast majority of "profiled" Arsonists have a below-normal IQ -- typically between 70 and 90

9. (a) Arson that causes great bodily injury is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for five, seven, or nine years

10. (b) Arson that causes an inhabited structure or inhabited property to burn is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for three, five, or eight years.

11. Orr was one of the Arson investigators assigned to a 1984 South Pasadena fire that destroyed a hardware store, killing four people

12. All of the Arson investigators agreed that the cause was an electrical fire, but Orr insisted that it was Arson

13. Orr was convicted and charged with three accounts of Arson and is currently serving life in prison.

14. The Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section (known as “ACTS”) was originally established in 1918 and was known as the “Arson Squad." All Investigators are Peace Officers under 830.37 of the California Penal Code

15. Arson Investigators are not POST certified but attend …

16. Joe has investigated over 800 Arson bomb cases, over 60 fatal Fire death cases, and instructs for multiple organizations, to include Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

17. ATF's early Arson jurisdiction is embedded within explosives legislation dictated by two critical Acts: the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Explosive Control Act of 1970

18. Arson is a serious property crime that has significant repercussions for offenders no matter what state you live in

19. Arson is almost always considered a felony due to its capacity to cause death and destruction

20. In this article, we will cover the punishments for Arson and the differences in Arson

21. The International Association of Arson Investigators® (IAAI®) is an international professional association of more than 10,000 fire investigation professionals, united by a strong commitment to suppress the crime of Arson through professional fire investigation.

22. DETROIT (AP) — A man accused of Arson who apparently couldn't pay bond to get out of jail has died behind bars while waiting months for a court hearing

23. Arson, crime commonly defined by statute as the willful or malicious damage or destruction of property by means of fire or explosion

24. In English common law, Arson referred to the burning of another person’s dwellings under circumstances that endangered human life.

25. Arson – The crime of maliciously and intentionally, or recklessly, starting a fire or causing an explosion

26. Arson is a generic term used for the setting of a deliberate, malicious fire to damage property, generally that of another person (Dempsey, 1996; Bennett & Hess, 2001)

27. With Arson for fraud, however, the target is usually the property of the Arsonist, who is seeking to …

28. RCW 9A.48.020 Arson in the first degree

29. (1) A person is guilty of Arson in the first degree if he or she knowingly and maliciously: (a) Causes a fire or explosion which is manifestly dangerous to any human life, including firefighters; or

30. Arson is a broad category of crimes that includes destruction of property by fire, explosion or comparable method

31. This presentation looks at the common-law definitions of Arson and how modern criminal codes treat the crime at its various levels

32. We also discussed potential punishments for Arson as well as those for less severe or related crimes such as reckless burning.

33. Although Arson and pyromania are terms used to describe intentional fires set within specific contexts (eg, legal or psychiatric), fire setting is the current preferred term in the literature to describe acts of deliberately started fires regardless of their legal or diagnostic status

34. Arson of a structure or property; classification

35. A person commits Arson of a structure or property by knowingly and unlawfully damaging a structure or property by knowingly causing a fire or explosion

36. Arson of a structure is a class 4 felony

37. Arson of property is a class 4 felony if the property had a value of more than one thousand

38. Arson in the second degree: NY Penal 150.15; Arson in the third degree: NY Penal 150.10; Arson in the fourth degree: NY Penal 150.05; Arson in fifth degree: NY Penal 150.01 Penalties and Sentencing

39. Arson in the first degree: This is a class A-1 felony with up to a maximum life sentence and a minimum sentence of 15-40 years.

40. Arson Squad probing six fires that triggered WA emergency warning Police are investigating six deliberately lit fires that triggered an emergency warning for WA's south west

41. Bushfires 10:22pm Feb 7, 2021 Arsonist catches alight during brothel firebombing

42. The Arson Bureau is responsible for investigating the cause of fires and explosions within the city limits of San Antonio

43. Wildland firefighter Arson There are two distinct motivations within this category

44. An owner, for purposes of Arson, is the person who possesses the house and has the care, control, and management of it

45. In those states that have maintained the common-law rule that the property burned must belong to another person, an owner who burns his or her house while it is in the possession of a lawful tenant is guilty of Arson.

46. Arson is the crime of intentionally, deliberately and maliciously setting fire to buildings, wildland areas, dumpsters, vehicles or other property with the intent to cause damage

47. Arson often involves fires deliberately set to the property of another

48. Indiana doesn't divide Arson into degrees, but the state does have different felony levels for Arson offenses

49. Level 2 is the highest level for Arson and carries the highest penalties and Level 6 is the least serious offense with the least severe penalties.

50. Arson synonyms, Arson pronunciation, Arson translation, English dictionary definition of Arson

51. Arson n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

52. (law: setting fire to property) incendio provocado nm + adj : Police investigating the blaze haven't ruled out Arson

53. At common law, Arson is defined as the malicious burning of the dwelling of another

54. In order to be convicted of Arson, a defendant must have actually caused some damage to a dwelling, using fire.

55. Arson is the third leading cause of wildfires in Georgia and GFC forestry investigators have full arrest and enforcement authority in the state

56. An average of 700 Arson fires, which burn approximately 9,000 acres, are recorded in Georgia annually.

57. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupArson · City Morgue · ZillaKami · SosMulaCITY MORGUE VOL 1: HELL OR HIGH WATER℗ 2018 Republic Records, a division

58. Arson in the second degree is a class B felony

59. Arson in the first degree is a class A-I felony and carries stiffer penalties

60. According to § 150.20 of the New York penal law, a person is guilty of Arson in the first degree when s/he willfully damages a building or motor vehicle by causing an explosion or a fire

61. Arson Fire (819) Murder (607) Death (376) Violence (360) Father Son Relationship (318) Blood (309) Revenge (309) Explosion (300) Cigarette Smoking (299) Bare Chested Male (290) Husband Wife Relationship (283) Flashback (268) Fight (267) Beating (242) Father Daughter Relationship (240) Deception (236) Police (220) Held At Gunpoint (219) Pistol

62. Arson is a boutique skateboard shop in Manchester Center, Vermont

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What does committing arson mean?

Arson is defined as the willful act of setting something on fire, usually a home or another type of structure. People commit arson for a variety of reasons, and the crime is severely punished all over the world because it puts lives and property at risk. In some parts of the world, if someone dies in a fire that was deliberately set,...

What is the difference between arson and vandalism?

As nouns the difference between arson and vandalism is that arson is (uncountable) the crime of setting a fire with intent to cause damage while vandalism is willful damage or destruction of any property with no other purpose than damage or destruction of said property.

Is arson a violent crime?

Arson is defined as the willful and malicious burning of the property of another. It is considered a violent crime and is treated as a felony in most states. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, almost 17,000 acts of arson occur annually in the United States, leading to over half a million dollars in property losses each year.

What does it mean to be charged with arson?

Arson is generally defined as the setting of a fire or causing an explosion combined with some malicious intent or bad result. When a defendant sets a fire or causes an explosion that is based on a lesser intent or causes less serious damage, they can be charged with third degree arson.

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