Use Arrangement in a sentence


ARRANGEMENT [əˈrānjmənt]

arrangement (noun) · arrangements (plural noun)

  • the action, process, or result of arranging or being arranged.
  • a thing that has been arranged in a neat or attractive way.
Synonyms: positioning . disposition . marshalling . ranging . ordering . order . array . presentation . display . exhibition . grouping . sorting . organization . system . alignment . filing . classification . categorization . preparations . plans . planning . preparing . groundwork . provision .

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1. Arrangement definition is - the state of being arranged : order

2. How to use Arrangement in a sentence.

3. Arrangement definition, an act of arranging; state of being arranged

4. Arrangement synonyms, Arrangement pronunciation, Arrangement translation, English dictionary definition of Arrangement

5. The act or process of arranging: the Arrangement of a time and place for the meeting

6. 39 synonyms of Arrangement from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 66 related words, definitions, and antonyms

7. Find another word for Arrangement

8. Arrangement: a method worked out in advance for achieving some objective.

9. Find 52 ways to say Arrangement, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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18. Synonyms for Arrangement in Free Thesaurus

19. 76 synonyms for Arrangement: plan, planning, provision, preparation, agreement, contract

20. When making a payment Arrangement, you commit to pay with the selected payment method on the chosen date

21. Payment Arrangements, or payments scheduled to post after your original bill …

22. 10 ways to abbreviate Arrangement

23. How to abbreviate Arrangement? Get the most popular abbreviation for Arrangement updated in 2021

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27. Arrangement definition: Arrangements are plans and preparations which you make so that something will happen or Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

28. We found 46 answers for “Arrangement

29. This page shows answers to the clue Arrangement, followed by ten definitions like “The manner or result of arranging”, “Usually,preparatory measures” and “The thing arranged or agreed to”.Synonyms for Arrangement are for example classification, composition and configuration.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

30. Sep 5, 2020 - Exquisite Japanese art of flower Arrangement

31. See more ideas about ikebana flower Arrangement, ikebana, Arrangement.

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34. Arrangement translate: 計劃, 安排;籌劃;準備(工作), 商定;約定, 位置, 排列,安排, 音樂, 改編曲

35. ‘An Arrangement of porcelain flowers, or miniature horses, or even a bowlful of gardenias from yesteryear would qualify as one of today's tablescapes.’ 2 usually Arrangements A …

36. Your payment Arrangement amount is calculated by dividing your Total Account Balance by the number of months selected as your payment Arrangement schedule

37. This classroom seating Arrangement is historically common in colleges and universities, minimizing student-student communication and largely supporting a "sage on the stage" learning environment.

38. Arrangement means an Arrangement under Section 192 of the CBCA on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in the Plan of Arrangement, subject to any amendments or variations thereto made in accordance with Section 9.02 hereof or Article 5 of the Plan of Arrangement or made at the direction of the Court in the Interim Order or the Final Order.

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44. 2 agreement [countable, uncountable] AGREE something that has been organized or agreed on SYN agreement Arrangement between An Arrangement between the two couples ensured there was always someone to look after the children

45. Arrangement with The school has an Arrangement with local

46. An Arrangement between the two men; She made an Arrangement with her employer whereby she worked a reduced number of hours

47. The company has a special Arrangement with the bank

48. The couple have an Arrangement by which they each contribute equally to the cost of the house

49. Under this Arrangement you can pay for the goods over a longer period.

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54. Arrangement - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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60. Arrangements definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

61. Use the following information to determine the type of payment Arrangement you would like to schedule

62. A payment Arrangement allows eligible customers additional time to pay the balance on their account

63. You can create a payment Arrangement only when your account is past due

64. Payment Arrangements process in the Central time zone according to the date and amount selected by the customer and uses the customer’s preferred payment method.

65. See 7 authoritative translations of Arrangement in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

66. Andrew Cuomo’s family members were given special access to covid testing, according to people familiar with the Arrangement

67. The Arrangement is a "gentlemen's agreement" amongst its Participants: Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States

68. The Arrangement first came into existence in 1978, building on the export credit “Consensus” agreed among a smaller number of OECD countries in 1976.

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What does make arrangement mean?

make arrangements. To organize, plan, or prepare. Typically followed by "for (someone or something)" or "to (do something).". I will make arrangements for you two to meet this week. We're making arrangements to have the faulty equipment repaired next week.

What is the definition of arrangement?

Definition of arrangement 1a : the state of being arranged : order everything in neat arrangement b : the act of arranging was responsible for the arrangement of the details a : a preliminary measure : preparation travel arrangements b : a piece of music that has been changed so that it can be performed by particular types of voices or instruments

What does arrange mean?

arranged; arranging. transitive verb. 1 : to put into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment arrange flowers in a vase arrange cards alphabetically. 2 : to make preparations for : plan arranged a reception for the visitor.

What is a synonym for arrangement?

arrangement(noun) an orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging. "a flower arrangement". Synonyms: transcription, placement, arranging, organization, musical arrangement, organisation, system, agreement.

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