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1. Chances are, you’re already familiar with Aromatized wines

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2. By definition, Aromatized wines are wines flavored with fruit, spices, and florals

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3. According to Godoy, Franco, Souza, Stevanato, and Visentainer (2013), Aromatized tilapia fishmeal provided 1.78 mg of calcium, 2.36 mg of iron and 5.47 mg of phosphorus de in 100 g of fishmeal.

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4. 11 synonyms and near synonyms of Aromatized from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

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5. Find another word for Aromatized.

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6. Definition of Aromatized in the dictionary


7. What does Aromatized mean? Information and translations of Aromatized in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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8. Vermouth is an Aromatized wine that includes wine, botanicals, some sugar (or grape juice) and spirits–to fortify the wine

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9. Four categories in the world of Aromatized wines stand out for their enduring impact on and historical importance to classic drinks

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10. Aromatized wine is wine flavored with fruits, spices, and florals

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11. However, when it comes to Aromatized wines, these flavors have been added in by the winemakers.

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12. What are types of Aromatized wine? We'll cover the basics: Vermouth: Vermouth is composed of a dry white wine that's fortified with brandy and Aromatized

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13. An Aromatized drink obtained exclusively from red or white wine and sugar, flavoured mainly with cinnamon and/or cloves

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14. "Aromatized" wines are macerated with botanicals to impart both flavour and colour

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15. Sure, you can mix with it—in any cocktail where a bianco vermouth is the order of the day—but simply pouring this elegant Aromatized, fortified wine over ice on a warm spring day is as bella vita as it gets.

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16. Made in Italy (near Trento) this Aromatized wine is known as ‘Il Specialino’ to locals

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17. Synonyms for Aromatized include fragrant, aromatic, perfumed, redolent, ambrosial, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling, balmy, odoriferous and odorous

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18. ‘Vanilla Aromatized coffee… chestnut Aromatized coffee… Most Japanese preferred tea, but he had a weak spot for coffee.’ ‘Inside, long hairs mix with squares over communal bongs of Aromatized tobacco or warm their hands on unusual pottery teapots.’


19. Wines that have been fortified and Aromatized are the original cocktail backbones, as well as the trendy new toys

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20. What does Aromatized mean? Simple past tense and past participle of aromatize

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21. Estrone, one of the major mammalian estrogens, is an Aromatized C18 steroid with a 3-hydroxyl group and a 17-ketone

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22. Aromatized BCs could protect eDNA from DNase I degradation to a certain extent, which was governed by the adsorption of nuclease on BCs rather than by the adsorption of eDNA on BCs

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23. Synonyms for Aromatized in Free Thesaurus


24. What are synonyms for Aromatized?

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25. But it’s also Aromatized, or infused, with herbs and spices, giving it tons of different aromas and flavors

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26. N-Hexane (CH14) is Aromatized to benzene (CHo) in the process shown below


27. Aromatized 22 is a valid Scrabble Word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada) Aromatized 22 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries) Aromatized 23 is a valid word in WWF


28. Two ring-A-Aromatized bile acids, 1 and 2, were isolated from the sponge Sollasella moretonensis, collected from the seabed of northern Queensland.Structures were assigned on the basis of extensive 1D and 2D NMR studies, as well as analysis by HRESIMS

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29. Again Aperitifs & Aromatized Wines It was a perfect storm of sorts: as Americans were becoming increasingly interested and savvier

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30. Antonyms for Aromatized include smelly, stinking, foetid, fetid, noisome, malodorous, reeking, smelling, foul and foul-smelling

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31. Barolo Chinato is an Aromatized wine made from a base of Barolo, to which bark, herbs and spices are added.It is usually consumed as an after-dinner drink, either as a dessert wine or a digestif

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32. Cardamaro and Cocchi Americano are both Aromatized wines, as are the vermouth in your martini and the Campari in your Negroni

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33. (Campari is a brand of amaro, which falls within the broader Aromatized wine family.) Seriously, this stuff is like …

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34. An ethanol extract of the powdered twigs of Podocarpus imbricatus afforded 14 new diterpenoids (1–14), which all share an Aromatized C ring

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35. Aromatized Flavored Black Teas


36. Black tea leaves, Aromatized in the Chinese method, hum with an intensely fruity flavor that produces smiles and sighs on consumption

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37. Rhesus monkey, baboon and green monkey, oral quinic acid was extensively Aromatized (20-60%) and excreted in the urine as hippuric acid, which was deter …

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38. Many translated example sentences containing "Aromatized wine" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

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39. Top synonyms for Aromatized (other words for Aromatized) are flavoured, scented and perfumed.

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40. 🟢 Lands of Tavara Aromatized Oregano 👀 Visit our website for more information and purchase online

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41. Tea temperature awakens a series of cheese shades and textures that we only perceive when drinking a hot and Aromatized drink like this

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