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AROMATICS [ˌerəˈmadik]


  • a substance or plant emitting a pleasant and distinctive smell.
  • an aromatic compound.

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1. Aromatics refer to vegetables and herbs that add flavor and aroma to a dish

2. Some Aromatics are sweet, while others are pungent or astringent

3. Aromatics are combinations of vegetables and herbs (and sometimes even meats) that are heated in some fat – like butter, oil, or coconut milk – at the beginning of a dish

4. Aromatics provide some of the basic building blocks of the modern petrochemical industry

5. Clothing, packaging, paints, adhesives, computers, compact discs, snow boards and tennis racquets are among the many products that rely on Aromatics.

6. Aromatics, Inc, currently processes both conventional and certified organic peppermint and spearmint leaves for tea companies worldwide

7. Aromatics acquires their peppermint and spearmint raw materials from farmers located in Washington and Oregon.

8. Aromatics are cyclic but unsaturated hydrocarbons with alternating double bonds (Figure 1.12)

9. New Directions Aromatics has become a preferred supplier of many leading brand-name manufacturers, as well as start-up companies, many of whose finished products have become popular brands

10. Aromatics, producing separate peaks

11. Explore the Aromatics Rx menu on Leafly

12. Aromatics are simple combinations of herbs, spices, and vegetables that are usually cooked in fat at the start of a dish

13. It’s likely you’ve already cooked Aromatics many times in the kitchen.

14. Aromatics are special types of hydrocarbons, such as toluene, xylene, and benzene, which produce polymers and have a planar molecular structure with at least one carbon ring and 4n+2 electrons contributing to the covalent bonds

15. A spellbinding composition of essences, Aromatics Elixir™ is soothing, stimulating and mesmerizing all at once.

16. At New Directions Aromatics we are constantly sourcing new products for your enjoyment! Our goal is to provide you with the purest and most natural products at …

17. Aromatics is a family owned producer of flavors for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk products, sweets and pastries.

18. UOP is a world-leading licensor of Aromatics process technology, with more than 100 complexes and more than 700 individual process units to produce Aromatics

19. Aromatics are used to make products for areas as diverse as medicine, hygiene, transport, telecommunications, fashion and sports

20. Fused Aromatics and polycyclics

21. In fused Aromatics, not all carbon–carbon bonds are necessarily equivalent

22. Aromatics Elixir for the past 10 years because I love the scent and I get a lot of compliments Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2018 Size: 3.4 Ounce Verified Purchase

23. Aromatics are combinations of vegetables and herbs (and sometimes even meats) that are heated in some fat – like butter, oil, or coconut milk – at the beginning of a dish

24. Under this definition, Aromatics would include, for example, Herbs, Spices, Vegetables, Citrus Fruit, Wine, Vinegar—anything that helps boost a dish’s flavor

25. However, the term Aromatics also has a more specific definition.

26. Joyful Aromatics is an aromatherapy site focused on educating, empowering, and encouraging families to live joyful, fulfilled lives.

27. Aromatics Elixir for the past 10 years because I love the scent and I get a lot of compliments Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2018 Size: 3.4 Ounce Verified Purchase

28. Compounds as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes or Aromatics

29. The aromatic hydrocarbons are the subject of this tutorial.Hydrocarbons (Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes and Aromatics) Benzene, the prototypical aromatic hydrocarbon is a six membered ring composed of six sp2 hybridized carbon atoms in a plane and sharing 6 pi electrons

30. Aromatics World-scale production of benzene and benzene derivatives, cyclohexane and styrene monomer

31. With our focus on delivering industry-leading performance in a responsible manner, we provide a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality Aromatics to customers around the globe.

32. Aromatics are the supporting actors of a dish–infusing their individual flavors into broths and braises, and then quietly stepping aside for the main ingredients

33. Since its introduction in 1971, Aromatics Elixir by Clinique has provided a fresh and woodsy scent for women everywhere

34. Most cuisines have a traditional combination of Aromatics

35. Aromatics: A proprietary permutation of aroma behaviour conditioning, which combines neurolinguistic programming (behavioural conditioning) with aromatherapy, using video and audiotapes

36. Aromatics is believed by its proponents to be of use in reducing weight, stress, nicotine addiction and may help an individual become more energetic or

37. Aromatics (content) Aromatics are hydrocarbons containing a benzene ring of six unsaturated carbon atoms

38. Aromatics in petroleum products

39. Aromatics are an important element in gasoline blending because they are a key source of highly

40. Aromatics are vegetables that deliver deep, rounded flavor and aroma when heated or crushed

41. To create delicious meals by adding flavor instead of fat, sugar or salt, here are some tips for using Aromatics.

42. PDX Aromatics is a family-owned small business local to Portland, Oregon with deep roots in the community

43. For over a decade, PDX Aromatics has been a leader in the natural products industry, thanks to high-quality goods and impeccable customer service.

44. Keyano Aromatics is devoted to making massage oils, creams and scrubs that delight the senses and leave your clients craving more

45. Aromatics Elixir has been my favorite for 30 years

46. Thanks for shopping at Aires Aromatics, you're supporting a small business, eco-friendly and artisan products and, above all, a dream

47. Clinique Aromatics Elixir Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother is a luxurious cream that softens and pampers to leave skin pleasingly scented

48. Lavishes skin with moisture, leaving it velvety smooth and softly scented with the sensuous notes of Aromatics Elixir, Clinique's intriguing non-conformist fragrance.

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What does "aromatic" really mean?

1. Having an aroma; fragrant or sweet-smelling: aromatic herbs. 2. Chemistry Of, relating to, or containing one or more molecular ring structures having properties of stability and reactivity characteristic of benzene.

What is the difference between aliphatic and aromatic?

Difference Between Aromatic and Aliphatic. The key difference between aromatic and aliphatic is that aliphatic compounds have straight, branched or cyclic structures whereas aromatic compounds contain a cyclic structure.

What is an aromatic substance?

Aromatic compounds are substances that consist of one or more rings that contain alternating single and double bonds in its chemical structure. In real life, many aromatic compounds have an odor, however there are some compounds that are chemically aromatic, but do not have a distinct smell.

What are aromatic rules?

Compounds that are aromatic are stabilized by their ability to de-localize their pi electrons. 1) The compound must be planar. 2) The compound must be cyclic. 4) The compound must obey Huckel's rule, which states that an aromatic compound will have a number of pi electrons that is a solution of 4n+2, where n is an integer.

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