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1. Arms synonyms, Arms pronunciation, Arms translation, English dictionary definition of Arms


2. Fighting superstars from around the world share one thing in common: extendable Arms! So fight as never before: equip each arm of each fighter with a super-powered weapon to create a …

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3. 7,275,038 covers the Automated Rental Management System (Arms®) and related systems and programs

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4. Do you access Arms with your school's central login?

Access, Arms

5. Do you access Arms with your school's central login?

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6. Arms definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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7. 7,275,038 covers the Automated Rental Management System (Arms®) and related systems and programs

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8. Arms is the culmination of these experiences and has a singular mission to change the future of college athletics administration forever

Arms, And, Athletics, Administration

9. Arms Software is the most innovative, fastest growing technology company in the college athletics industry and is currently working with over 100 university athletic departments across the country with dozens

Arms, Athletics, And, Athletic, Across

10. Arms of America is a 100% US Military Veteran owned and operated AK Rifles and fireArms business in Texas

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11. PW Arms looks like it's in the same building as the AR57 guys and one other importer I can't remember the name of

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12. Armageddon Arms can help you get prepared for "whatever" with survival gear, emergency food, personal preparedness supplies and hunting gear

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13. Arms offers a variety of health services at affordable costs to the entire family

Arms, At, Affordable

14. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you soon at Alabama Regional Medical Services! Arms receives HHS funding and has FTCA deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, and its covered

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15. Buffalo Arms is closed on the Following Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and The Day After, Christmas Eve (Open until 12:00 p.m.), Christmas …

Arms, And, After

16. Welcome to DS Arms and web store! D.S

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17. Arms was founded 1987, we are known around the globe as the top innovator and manufacturer of FN FAL 7.62mm battle rifle system

Arms, Are, Around, As, And

18. Arms is a group of multi-specialty physicians and nurse practitioners who are experienced in providing near hospital-level care in the post-hospital setting

Arms, And, Are

19. Arms embraces the medical needs of patients and helps them transition through various stages of care on the road to recovery.

Arms, And

20. Shield Arms Standard (SAS) Pre-Cut Slide for Glock® 43/43X, machined to accept Holosun 507k, comes with Black DLC steel cover plate

Arms, Accept

21. Get started with Arms today and begin your new journey

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22. PW Arms, INC is also an importer of Panzers

Arms, Also, An

23. Arms is a spectacular fighting game based on characters who have some how inherited the ability of having extendable Arms, hence the name of the game Arms

Arms, Ability

24. Arms is the premier CAD and RMS solution for public safety agencies – a fully integrated Information Management System offering you the latest technology and the most feature rich applications since 1988.Over the years, Arms has evolved as the needs of our customers have evolved, resulting in a user-friendly set of modules and features for your agency in the office and in the field.

Arms, And, Agencies, Applications, As, Agency

25. The Biden administration has paused Arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as it conducts a wider review of agreements worth billions of …

Administration, Arms, Arabia, And, Arab, As, Agreements

26. Primary Arms carries over 200 of the most trusted brands with red dot sights, rifle scopes & more.

Arms, Amp

27. Stag Arms has specialized in the development of AR15 rifles since it was first founded in 2003


28. Arms Warrior is a melee DPS specialization, you can learn more about all types of melee DPSers in our Melee DPS Overview

Arms, About, All

29. Arms Warrior Changes in Shadowlands Shadowlands adds many new abilities and changes for all Classes, including Arms Warrior

Arms, Adds, Abilities, And, All

30. Strategic Priority 2 of the Arms Strategic Plan is the Promotion of the Profession of Research Management


31. Arms ® F&B Restaurant POS and Management System

Arms, Amp, And

32. Arms ® F&B is the “First Malaysian Developed F&B System Runs on IPad”, being recognized by the state government and MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation)

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33. Arms ® F&B now stands on the international market with its un-doubtable capabilities.

Arms, Amp

34. The US Army Reserve Marksmanship Training and Competitive Program represents the forefront of small Arms skill in the Reserves and are the only formally proven and acknowledged experts on the proper use and training of small Arms across the force

Army, And, Arms, Are, Acknowledged, Across

35. These shooter-instructors are some of the world’s best trained small Arms marksmen, conducting small Arms training, hosting marksmanship events

Are, Arms

36. Definition of Arms in the dictionary


37. What does Arms mean? Information and translations of Arms in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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38. Georgia Arms Ammo - 100% Unconditional Quality Assurance Guarantee

Arms, Ammo, Assurance

39. For nearly 40 years, Georgia Arms has been manufacturing high-quality, American-made ammunition

Arms, American, Ammunition

40. Arms is a fighting game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which released on June 16, 2017.The game differentiates itself from standard fighting games with its unconventional fighting system where every playable character fights with long range attacks and up to four players can choose a fighter and battle using a variety of extendable, customizable Arms to knock out

Arms, And, Attacks

41. The Carroll Arms Hotel was a Capitol Hill institution for over 40 years, located as it was at the corner of 1st and C Streets NE, right across the street from the Senate Office Building

Arms, As, At, And, Across

42. III. What "Arms" meant, circa 1787 First, a few modern definitions of "Arms" present themselves


43. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines the noun arm as "a means (as a weapon) of offense or defense; especially: firearm."18 Black's Law Dictionary defines the word Arms as "anything that a man wears for his defense, or takes in his hands as a weapon."19

Arm, As, Arms, Anything

44. Summit Racing offers hundreds of upper and lower control Arms for your vehicle

And, Arms

45. We carry control Arms from Moog, Dorman, UMI Performance, Steeda, QA1, Proforged, Beck/Arnley, and many more! Explore thousands of control Arms and get the perfect ones for your application

Arms, Arnley, And, Application

46. Arms Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Spring Man Grand Prix Gameplay!NEXT PART PLAYLIST htt

Arms, Armslistsubscribe

47. That’s why Christensen Arms builds an exceptionally lightweight, accurate firearm with cutting-edge, aerospace technology that’s not a burden to carry all day – even if …

Arms, An, Accurate, Aerospace, All

48. USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Survey (Arms) is the primary source of information on the financial condition, production practices, resource use, and economic well-being of farm households

Agricultural, Arms, And

49. Toned Arms never go out of style


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does arms stand for?

ARM stands for Associate in Risk Management (Insurance Institute of America) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc. Business, finance, etc.

What does the name arms mean?

noun Arm A branch of the military service; as, the cavalry arm was made efficient.A weapon of offense or defense; an instrument of warfare; -- commonly in the pl.

What does arm stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
ARMAssociate in Risk Management (Insurance Institute of America)
ARMAccredited Residential Manager (Real Estate Institute of Canada accreditation)
ARMAccounts Receivable Management
ARMAzure Resource Manager (software)

23 more rows

What does it mean to arm someone?

arm (someone against someone or something) (with something) to equip someone with whatever is needed to fight against someone or something.

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