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1. Arms deal synonyms, Arms deal pronunciation, Arms deal translation, English dictionary definition of Arms deal


2. Arms deal - a deal to provide military arms business deal, deal, trade - a particular instance of buying or selling; "it was a package deal"; "I had


3. Administration Proposes Arms deal for U.A.E., but Some in Congress Already Object The $23 billion sale could alter the military balance in the …

Administration, Arms, Already, Alter

4. Formally known as the Strategic Defence Package, the Arms deal, to use its notorious nickname, was a multi-billion-rand military acquisition project finalised in 1999 by the South African government.

As, Arms, Acquisition, African

5. In May, the Trump administration issued an emergency declaration to push through an $8.1 billion Arms deal to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab …

Administration, An, Arms, Arabia, Arab

6. TEL AVIV: A huge Arms deal with the U.S has moved one step ahead as the Israeli cabinet approved the budget for $9 billion for the purchase of US-made aircraft and special weapon systems

Aviv, Arms, Ahead, As, Approved, Aircraft, And

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All, Arms, And

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All, Arms, And

9. The Arms deal is dead, long live the Arms deal


10. As democratic South Africa’s first example of State Capture, the Arms deal enabled the foetid institutional decay that allowed the Gupta family

As, Africa, Arms, Allowed

11. Amid US-UAE Arms deal and US election, Israelis wonder how balance of power in region might change The news of a proposed $10.4 billion deal …

Amid, Arms, And

12. Many of the players in the Arms deal are still in the public eye

Arms, Are

13. It would put an exclamation point on a presidency that has focused more on Arms deals than any since President Dwight Eisenhower first warned of the political power of the military-industrial complex.

An, Arms, Any

14. Counterstrike: Global Offensive - Arms deal The Arms deal Update is shipping ten themed weapon collections containing over 100 unique finishes for your in-game ordnance


15. The South African Strategic Defence Procurement Package known as “The Arms deal” South Africa - First 20 Years of Democracy (1994 - 2014)

African, As, Arms, Africa

16. The Strategic Defence Package or the Strategic Defence Acquisition, popularly referred to as the Arms deal was a South African military procurement programme

Acquisition, As, Arms, African

17. The allegations, that European arms companies and leading South African politicians manipulated the procurement process for an Arms deal worth USD 5 billion at the time in return for bribes of as much as USD 300 million from the seller companies, have dogged former President Jacob Zuma (2009-2018) since the early 2000s and led to investigations in five jurisdictions.

Allegations, Arms, And, African, An, At, As

18. The proposal approved on May 7 is the next phase of a $2.5 billion Arms deal that was agreed with the UAE in 2014

Approved, Arms, Agreed

19. Definition of Arms deal in the dictionary


20. What does Arms deal mean? Information and translations of Arms deal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Arms, And

21. The Washington Post first reported the Saudi Arms deal investigation.


22. Former President Donald Trump repeatedly pushed through major Arms deals with the Saudis and Emiratis over objections from Congress.

Arms, And

23. President Trump may attempt to use the agreement to circumvent opposition in Congress, where a bipartisan alliance halted a $7 billion Arms deal to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which Trump had touted

Attempt, Agreement, Alliance, Arms, And, Arabia

24. By Dan De Luce and Robert Windrem WASHINGTON — A controversial Arms deal for Arab allies approved by the Trump administration will allow …

And, Arms, Arab, Allies, Approved, Administration, Allow

25. ONE of the more troubling outcomes of US President Donald Trump’s just-concluded visit to India is a multibillion-dollar Arms deal reached between Washington and New Delhi.

Arms, And

26. South Africa's former President Jacob Zuma has been charged with corruption linked to a multi-billion dollar Arms deal

Africa, Arms

27. President Donald Trump says he doesn’t want a $110 billion Arms deal he brokered with Saudi Arabia to unravel over allegations the Gulf kingdom murdered a journalist at its consulate in …

Arms, Arabia, Allegations, At

28. The Arms deal is important enough to the UAE that Emirati diplomats canceled a trilateral meeting with Israel and the United States recently as a sign of displeasure over Netanyahu’s vocal

Arms, And, As

29. Introduction The Al Yamamah series of Arms deals with Saudi Arabia was, and remains, Britain’s biggest Arms deal ever concluded, earning the prime contractor, BAE Systems, at least GBP 43 billion in revenue between 1985 and 2007, with further deals still ongoing.

Al, Arms, Arabia, And, At

30. The massive Arms deal would be the single largest sale of weapons to a foreign nation in the history of the U.S., outfitting Saudi Arabia with a fully modernized, potent new air force.

Arms, Arabia, Air

31. Arms deal is a tier 2 passive skill in Amara's Brawl skill tree

Arms, Amara

32. The Arms deal was never only about Jacob Zuma and his sweetheart relationship with French arms company Thales

Arms, About, And

33. The probe into the Saudi Arms deal played a role in Trump's abrupt dismissal in May of then-Inspector General Steve Linick, who was conducting the investigation, NBC News

Arms, Abrupt

34. US defends Arms deal with Pakistan


35. The US has defended a proposed Arms deal with Pakistan worth nearly a billion dollar to sell attack helicopters and missiles, saying the weapons would be used for …

Arms, Attack, And

36. Greece announces ‘robust’ Arms deal as tension with Turkey rises

Announces, Arms, As

37. In 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Oman, where officials signed a Memorandum of Intent to sell the Omanis a $2.1 billion Arms deal, including the delivery of a …


38. Israel's Defense Ministry views UAE-US Arms deal as 'almost done deal' A report by 'Yediot Aharonot' says Israel's Defense Ministry might ask Washington to …

Arms, As, Almost, Aharonot, Ask

39. Morocco this week received three Israeli reconnaissance drones as part of $48 million Arms deal, French website Intelligence Online reported.

As, Arms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are arms deals?

Definition of arms deal. : an agreement to buy or sell weapons. an arms deal between two countries.

What was the impact of the arms deal?

The massively flawed arms deal is viewed as having set a regrettable tone for government dealings ever since.

What is the South African arms deal?

South African Arms Deal. A banner on the Central Methodist Mission church in Green Market Square, Cape Town criticising the South African Arms Deal by comparing it to a golden calf. The Strategic Defence Package or the Strategic Defence Acquisition, popularly referred to as the Arms Deal was a South African military procurement programme.

Will the arms deal be closed?

Apart from the fact that it has set the standard for levels of corruption in government, the arms deal “is a chapter in our history that needs to be closed, but until the ANC faces up to this and comes clean this will not happen,” said Patricia de Lille.

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