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1. Arguendo In the course of the argument. When the phrase in Arguendo is used by a judge during the course of a trial, it indicates that his or her comment is made as a matter of argument or illustration only. The statement does not bear directly upon the remainder of the discussion.

Arguendo, Argument, As

2. Legal definition of Arguendo: for the sake of argument.

Arguendo, Argument

3. Hypothetically; for the purpose or sake of argument. A term used to assume a fact without waiving the right to question it later on. For example, a defense attorney may state to the judge: “Assuming Arguendo that the defendant committed the crime, the statute of limitations prevents the state from prosecuting him for it.”

Argument, Assume, Attorney, Assuming, Arguendo

4. Arguendo is the online companion publication for The George Washington Law Review


5. In arguing; in the course of the argument. A statement or observation made by a judge as a matter of argument or illustration, but not directly bearing upon the case at bar, or only incidentally involved in it, is said (in the reports) to be made Arguendo, or, in the abbreviated form, org.

Arguing, Argument, As, At, Arguendo, Abbreviated

6. Latin meaning "for the sake of argument," used by lawyers in the context of "assuming Arguendo" that the facts were as the other party contends, …

Argument, Assuming, Arguendo, As

7. A few more obvious choices on the italicized list of less common words are Arguendo, inter alia and res ipsa loquitur, but we mostly use those to show off our deep knowledge of Latin and should avoid them anyway

Are, Arguendo, Alia, And, Avoid, Anyway

8. The senior debating society, Arguendo, is where year 11 and up come to debate, at Friday lunchtimes

Arguendo, And, At

9. In 2009 / 2010 Arguendo entered the Northern Ireland Debating competition, a long running competition, for the first time


10. So " Arguendo " means " by arguing ", or …

Arguendo, Arguing

11. Arguendo Arguendo (ahr-gyoo-en-doh)

Arguendo, Ahr

12. For the sake of argument ( assuming Arguendo that discovery procedures were correctly followed, the court still cannot grant the defendant’s motion to dismiss)

Argument, Assuming, Arguendo

13. During the course of argument (counsel mentioned Arguendo that the case has been followed in three other decisions).

Argument, Arguendo

14. Arguendo Established in 2018, Arguendo serves as the online extension of ​ Texas A&M Law Review print publication. Arguendo features intriguing content on all areas of law, and provides a platform to publish content within weeks of a legal development.

Arguendo, As, Amp, All, Areas, And

15. Arguendo Arguendo is a Latin legal term meaning for the sake of argument

Arguendo, Argument

16. The phrase "assuming, Arguendo, that" is used in courtroom settings and academic legal settings to designate provisional and unendorsed assumptions that will be made at the beginning …

Assuming, Arguendo, And, Academic, Assumptions, At

17. How to say Arguendo in English? Pronunciation of Arguendo with 2 audio pronunciations, 2 meanings, 1 translation and more for Arguendo.

Arguendo, Audio, And

18. Sentence with the word Arguendo Assuming once again Arguendo that your characterisation of the people you mentioned as “close confidants” of Obama and thus the appropriateness of the analogy, the answer is: No, I don’t have any problem with that

Arguendo, Assuming, Again, As, And, Appropriateness, Analogy, Answer, Any

19. Doesn't it concede, even if " Arguendo," * way* too much for him to stomach?


20. Definition of Arguendo a statement from an attorney or judge that is said in theory or supposedly without admitting blame Examples of Arguendo in a sentence When the judge stated an Arguendo, he was only stating a fact about the case without implying the defendant’s guilt

Arguendo, An, Attorney, Admitting, About

21. Items ordered from Arguendo Books may be subject to tax in certain states, based on the state to which the order is shipped


22. Definition of Arguendo in the dictionary


23. What does Arguendo mean? Information and translations of Arguendo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Arguendo, And

24. Texas A&M Law Review is proud to present Arguendo, our online supplement to our print publication.

Amp, Arguendo

25. Arguendo features short, lightly footnoted pieces on timely and relevant legal issues.

Arguendo, And

26. Arguendo translation in Latin-English dictionary


27. Found 1 sentences matching phrase "Arguendo".Found in 0 ms.


28. Arguendo was co-commissioned by The Public Theater, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage and Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University

Arguendo, Artsemerson, And, Arts, At

29. Arguendo was workshopped at The Public’s 2013 Under the Radar Festival and developed in part at The Bushwick Starr , New York Theatre Workshop and at Abrons Art Center

Arguendo, At, And, Abrons, Art

30. Making an assumption Arguendo allows an attorney to pursue arguments in the alternative without admitting even the slightest possibility that those assumptions could be true.

An, Assumption, Arguendo, Allows, Attorney, Arguments, Alternative, Admitting, Assumptions

31. Arguendo publishes original articles and essays directly to the web, giving contributing authors an opportunity to contribute to scholarly discourse much sooner than with traditional print legal scholarship

Arguendo, Articles, And, Authors, An

32. Assuming Arguendo that the reservation does operate in respect of complaints received, in place of the former European Commission, by the European Court of Human Rights, the Committee refers to its jurisprudence that where the European Court has gone beyond making a procedural or technical decision on admissibility, and has made an assessment of the merits of the case, then the complaint has

Assuming, Arguendo, Admissibility, And, An, Assessment

33. When one assumes something Arguendo, the person is asserting a …

Assumes, Arguendo, Asserting

34. Arguendo means “in arguing” in Latin; in English it is similar to asking another party to assume something for the sake of argument; not necessarily because it is the established truth

Arguendo, Arguing, Asking, Another, Assume, Argument

35. So, an attorney might say, “assuming Arguendo that the prosecution's allegations are true, the defendant could not have committed the crime

An, Attorney, Assuming, Arguendo, Allegations, Are

36. Arguendo, UILS Law Fest, Chandigarh, India


37. Arguendo'19 is to hone the skills of law students and to carve the competitive spirit among students

Arguendo, And, Among

38. Another way to say Arguendo? Synonyms for Arguendo (other words and phrases for Arguendo).

Another, Arguendo, And

39. When the phrase in Arguendo is used by a judge during the course of a trial, it indicates that his or her comment is made as a matter of argument or illustration only

Arguendo, As, Argument

40. I could go on in this vein all day, even if the jocular “Arguendo” itself flirts with overstaying

All, Arguendo

41. Expressing its willingness to assume, Arguendo, that Washington has a valid interest in preserving the integrity of the flag, the Court nevertheless finds that interest to be insufficient in this case

Assume, Arguendo

42. Redmond would not have purchased the Apartments [in 1986]"); 12; 16 ("assuming Arguendo that Ms

Apartments, Assuming, Arguendo

43. Latin meaning "for the sake of argument," used by lawyers in the context of "assuming Arguendo" that the facts were as the other party contends, but …

Argument, Assuming, Arguendo, As

44. Although the Washington Supreme Court assumed, Arguendo, that a protective order could be viewed as an infringement on First Amendment rights, the court also stated: "A persuasive argument can be made that when persons are required to give information which they would otherwise be entitled to keep to themselves, in order to secure a government

Although, Assumed, Arguendo, As, An, Amendment, Also, Argument, Are

45. Arguendo is a playful riff on the 1991 Supreme Court case Barnes v


46.Arguendo,” which brings together strippers and Supreme Court justices, is an argument for the right to free expression within an argument for the right to free expression.

Arguendo, And, An, Argument

47. Yours truly chose the Latin phrase of Arguendo for the title of the mid-quarter exam oral, as its definition seemed quite fitting

Arguendo, As

48. Arguendo, translated, means “for the sake of argument”, and this phrase is an ideal that has been a large part of yours truly’s life as a maturing individual

Arguendo, Argument, And, An, As

49. Arguendo A regular online roundtable where experts from different perspectives discuss a pressing issue in international criminal justice


50. Arguendo's source text, or for that matter any transcript of a legal appeal, simply isn't the stuff of a gripping "good read." Yet it certainly isn't dry or boring as presented by John Collins (ERS founder and the show's director) and his quintet of performers

Arguendo, Any, Appeal, As, And

51. 2 This opinion assumes Arguendo that “sex” in Title VII “means biologically male or female,” Hively v

Assumes, Arguendo

52. Assuming Arguendo that international law norms would protect children in the manner Munoz asserts, the question, then, is whether the statute can fairly be construed to provide for an extension of the cutoff date for aliens who were minors at the relevant times.

Assuming, Arguendo, Asserts, An, Aliens, At

53. Arguendo, UILS Law Fest, Chandigarh, India


54. Arguendo'19 is to hone the skills of law students and to carve the competitive spirit among students from various participating

Arguendo, And, Among

55. "Assuming Arguendo that he was aware of the delayed payment, plaintiff is still not liable under the express terms of the agreement." Phrase Bank for Arguendo

Assuming, Arguendo, Aware, Agreement

56. A video describing the term “Arguendo


57. ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,’ with this spirit in mind, we hereby invite students of UILS to fill the volunteer form for Arguendo,2020 that comprises of the 6th UILS National Trial Advocacy

Alone, Arguendo, Advocacy

58. Arguendo as an attempt to create collaboration based, knowledge sharing platform to people students share ideas and learn

Arguendo, As, An, Attempt, And

59. Arguendo is the core project of the Lex Coterie group of projects which consist of Arguendo, LearnLaw (online video tutorial series) and Off Campus Class and their related concerns.

Arguendo, And

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does arguendo mean?

Arguendo is a Latin legal term meaning for the sake of argument. The phrase "assuming, arguendo, that ..." is used in courtroom settings and academic legal settings to designate provisional and unendorsed assumptions that will be made at the beginning of an argument in order to explore their implications.

What does arguendero mean in English?

Latin meaning "for the sake of argument" used by lawyers in the context of "assuming arguendo" that the facts were as the other party contends, but the law prevents the other side from prevailing.

What are the characteristics of an argument?

THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ARGUMENT. Things to think about when writing your persuasive essay. AN ARGUMENT MAKES A POINT Use sound reasons and relevant evidence to support a point. Listing random facts about a topic is useless unless it is supporting your main claim.

What is another word for argument?

argument, literary argument(noun) a summary of the subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie. "the editor added the argument to the poem". Synonyms: parameter, contestation, statement, line, literary argument, disceptation, line of reasoning, disputation, debate, contention, argumentation, arguing, logical argument, tilt, controversy.

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