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ARGOT [ˈärɡō, ˈärɡət]

argot (noun) · argots (plural noun)

  • the jargon or slang of a particular group or class.
Synonyms: jargon . slang . idiom . cant . dialect . parlance . patter . speech . vernacular . patois . terminology . language . tongue . -speak . lingo . geekspeak .

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1. We borrowed Argot from French in the mid-1800s, although our language already had several words covering its meaning

2. Argot definition, a specialized idiomatic vocabulary peculiar to a particular class or group of people, especially that of an underworld group, devised for private communication and identification: a Restoration play rich in thieves' Argot

3. 13 synonyms of Argot from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Argot: the special terms or expressions of a …

5. WILLIAMSON They have signs by which they may recognize each other, and a language, or Argot, peculiar to themselves

6. MCCABE She constantly used the Argot of French thieves, which was often difficult for the young Englishman to understand.

7. Argot is a breakthrough language learning method using advanced AI to provide personal VIP learning support with Buddies and Tutors to accelerate your learning.

8. The fulcrum upon which Argot’s Cabernet Sauvignon portfolio is tipping

9. A Cabernet Sauvignon with no precedent across Argot’s history, from a site that possesses unlimited potential moving forward.

10. L’Argot a permis, de tout temps, aux échanges verbaux de certaines communautés

11. Écrire l’Argot est encore une autre paire de manches.

12. El Argot (la palabra es un galicismo empleado por « jerga ») es el lenguaje específico utilizado por un grupo de personas que comparten unas características comunes por su categoría social, profesión, procedencia, aficiones, etc.

13. The Argot of Prisoners "Prison Argot, originally defined as the jargon of thieves, is a particular form of slang (Einat 2005)—in some circumstances, a complete language—capable of describing the world from the perspective of the prison

14. It has been argued that prisoners live, think, and function within the framework defined by the Argot

15. Argot (plural Argots) A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps and vagabonds

16. Definición de Argot en el Diccionario de español en línea

17. Significado de Argot diccionario

18. Traducir Argot significado Argot traducción de Argot Sinónimos de Argot, antónimos de Argot

19. Información sobre Argot en el Diccionario y Enciclopedia En Línea Gratuito

20. LINGÜÍSTICA Lenguaje especial que usan personas de un mismo oficio, actividad o ámbito social Argot teatral

21. A specialized vocabulary peculiar to a particular group of people, devised for private communication and identification: thieves' Argot. 2

22. Derivative of Argoter to quarrel, …

23. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Argot crossword clue

24. Argot consists of a specialized vocabulary that is used by a small, insular group of people, often taking the form of a clique

25. Argot The term was used in gambling Argot to refer to a gambler

26. From the Cambridge English Corpus Matthews (1887, 94f) writes that, once this trade had been outlawed, traffic was conducted in an Argot

27. Bricia Argot, NE 27th St, Redmond, King, Washington Other Variations: 4258365687 +1 (425) 836-5687 425-836-4008 Elie Able, NE 4th Pl, Redmond, King, Washington Other Variations: 4258364008 +1 …

28. Other articles where Argot is discussed: slang: …States, is more often called Argot

29. Argot is men's boutique with a strict focus on well designed high quality accessories

30. Argot is an online mens boutique with a strict focus on accessories

31. Argot je vrstva slovní zásoby, žargon užívaný společenskou spodinou (zloději, překupníky, narkomany apod.)

32. Věda, která se Argotem zabývá, se jmenuje Argotologie.

33. Některé výrazy z Argotu mohou být prozrazeny, a tím přestanou být součástí Argotu a stanou se

34. What does Argot mean? The specialized vocabulary and idioms of those in the same work, way of life, etc., as the language used by computer hac

35. Argot is language particular to a specific group

36. In high school, only those who spend their time studying computer manuals could understand the Argot of the computer lab kids.

37. Argot is an obvious contender for the Racing UK Profits Returned To Racing Maiden Hurdle at Kempton

38. He was a natural linguist, and he kept notebooks, making a scientific study of the workers' slang or Argot, until he could talk quite intelligibly.

39. Definition of Argot (noun) A characteristic and specialized language used by a group, particularly a subculture.

40. A specialized vocabulary or set of idioms used by a particular group: thieves' Argot

41. [French, from earlier Argot, underworld of beggars and thieves, of unknown origin.] Usage Note: The pronunciation of Argot as (är′gət) was long considered acceptable and has historically been included in most dictionaries

42. Have its own Argot, vocabulary or stylistic prefer-ences, such that the corpus characteristics will nec-essarily deviate from any all-encompassing model of language

43. While l’Argot français may be a bit chaotic in its construction, some words obey precise rules.

44. Jerga de maleantes: hablan en Argot y no les entiendo

45. Lenguaje especial entre personas de un mismo oficio o actividad: Argot teatral, estudiantil, médico.

46. How to say Argot in English? Pronunciation of Argot with 1 audio pronunciation, 8 synonyms, 1 meaning, 8 translations, 1 sentence and more for Argot.

47. Argot’s Hardware of Effort, PA offers an extensive supple of tools and materials in our storefront and online

48. Associazione culturale "Campo d'Arte", drink, live music, show room, lezioni mixology e molto altro nel salotto dell’Argot.

49. ‘The Argot of the turf is a source of constant fascination: the pony that's a sum of money, the rag that's a horse, the tipster who's a conman.’ ‘They developed their own Argot and rebellious fashion codes.’ ‘Pieper also provides detailed notes on the quaint Argot that the vocalists use.’

50. Argot translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'argon',Argotique',argent',argenté', examples, definition, conjugation

51. En el Argot de los negocios, "de nueve a cinco" se refiere a la jornada laboral

52. Argot From the English "jargon" nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural

53. Argot is a secret language used by various groups—including, but not limited to, thieves and other criminals—to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations

54. L’Argot français et le verlan Aujourd’hui on parle de l’Argot français et du verlan today we are talking about French slang and verlan.C’est parti! Argot, as in any language, is an ever-changing and important part of the French language and culture.The more formal French you learn in school will be perfect for les restaurants, les hôtels, les musées, or for faire du shopping.

55. Argot definition: An Argot is a special language used by a particular group of people, which other people Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

56. Argot also vouched for Deet's honesty about a talking tree, advising her parents to allow her to depart, fight the Darkening, and warn All-Maudra Mayrin

57. Argot later received the windsifter with a seventh of the Living Crown, but rather than attend the coronation ceremony, she sent it back with her blessing as was typical of Grottan Maudras.

58. As nouns the difference between Argot and cant is that Argot is a secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps and vagabonds while cant is (countable) an Argot, the jargon of a particular class or subgroup or cant can be (obsolete) corner, niche

59. The Argot family name was found in the USA, and Canada between 1911 and 1920

60. The most Argot families were found in the USA in 1920

61. In 1920 there was 1 Argot family living in Pennsylvania

62. This was about 50% of all the recorded Argot's in the USA

63. Pennsylvania and 1 other state had the highest population of Argot families in 1920.

64. Argot From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Linguistics Argot ar‧got / ˈɑːɡəʊ $ ˈɑːrɡət / noun [ countable, uncountable ] written SL expressions used by a particular group of people SYN jargon teenage Argot Examples from the Corpus Argot • The jargon of the criminal underworld is often referred to as Argot .

65. Definition of Argot noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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