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1. Area definition is - the surface included within a set of lines; specifically : the number of unit squares equal in measure to the surface


2. The rectangle has an Area of 15

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3. Example: When each square is 1 meter on a side, then the Area is 15 m 2 (15 square meters) Square Meter vs Meter Square


4. The basic unit of Area in the metric system is the square meter, which is a square that has 1 meter on each side: 1 square meter


5. Area definition, any particular extent of space or surface; part: the dark Areas in the painting; the dusty Area of the room

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6. 29 synonyms of Area from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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7. Area: a part or portion having no fixed boundaries.


8. What is Area? In geometry, the Area can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object

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9. The Area of a figure is the number of unit squares that cover the surface of a closed figure


10. Area is measured in square units such as square centimteres, square feet, square inches, etc.

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11. Find 45 ways to say Area, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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12. Area is measured in "square" units


13. The Area of a figure is the number of squares required to cover it completely, like tiles on a floor


14. Area of a square = side times side


15. Area = ½ × b × h = ½ × 20 × 12 = 120


16. A harder example: Example: Sam cuts grass at $0.10 per square meter How much does Sam earn cutting this Area: Let's break the Area into two parts: Part A is a square: Area of A = a 2 = 20m × 20m = 400m 2

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17. Hoping Area is the key to finally passing the exam!


18. The extent of a two-dimensional surface enclosed within a specified boundary or geometric figure: the Area of Ireland; the Area of a triangle.


19. Area is a bedding and accessories company led by Swedish designer Anki Spets

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20. A letter from Area about Covid-19

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21. Area is the space inside the perimeter/boundary of space, and its symbol is (A)

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22. Use our formulas to find the Area of many shapes.


23. Area is kind of a measure of how much space does this thing take up in two dimensions? And one way to think about Area is if I have a 1-by-1 square, so this is a 1-by-1 square-- and when I say 1-by-1, it means you only have to specify two dimensions for a square or …

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24. The Area of a circle is pi times the radius squared (A = π r²)


25. Learn how to use this formula to find the Area of a circle when given the diameter.


26. What does Area mean? (UK) An open space, below ground level, between the front of a house and the pavement

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27. Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.A remote detachment administered by Edwards Air Force Base, the facility is officially called Homey Airport (KXTA) or Groom Lake (after the salt flat situated next to its airfield)

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28. The Area is defined with the (required) shape and coords attributes

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29. The shape attribute defines the shape of the Area (rectangle, circle, or [polygon), and the coords indicates the size placement of the Area over the image

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30. The <Area> element also defines other attributes associated with anchor links, including href and target

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31. Math is fun! Learn about Area in this math video for kids! You will learn the difference between perimeter and Area, learn how Area works and even learn how

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32. The Area of a simple, closed, planar curve is the amount of space inside

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33. Introduce students to the concept of Area and explain how to calculate the Area of rectangles using the rule length x width.An Introduction to Perimeter http

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34. Area Appointees: Real Estate Council of Alberta; Area Appointees: Alberta Real Estate Foundation; Director Resources; Services Corp

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35. Wireless FAQs; Area Wireless Device Plan; Getting Started with Area Wireless; Commission Protection Program


36. Headquartered in Kansas City, Area Real Estate Advisors is a full-service firm with national brand recognition

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37. 328.5k Followers, 677 Following, 651 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Area (@Area)

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38. Attribute Value Description; alt: text: Specifies an alternate text for the Area

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39. Required if the href attribute is present: coords: coordinates: Specifies the coordinates of the Area

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40. The perimeter is the length of the entire outside boundary of a polygon, and the Area is the measure of the space that fills the polygon boundary

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41. The Area and perimeter are extremely useful measurements that can be used in household projects, construction, DIY projects, and in the estimation of materials you might use

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42. To work out the Area of a square or rectangle, multiply its height by its width


43. If the height and width are in cm, the Area is shown in cm².

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44. Area Rug Cleaning Tips Keep these helpful tips in mind when searching for Area rugs: No matter what material your rug is made from, regular vacuuming is the best way to maintain its beauty


45. It’s recommended that you vacuum at least once a week unless your rug is in a high-traffic Area

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46. Area of a square is defined as the number of square units needed to fill a square

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47. In general, the Area is defined as the region occupied inside the boundary of a flat object or 2d figure.The measurement is done in square units with the standard unit being square meters (m 2).

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48. For the computation of Area, there are pre-defined formulas for squares, rectangles, circle, triangles, etc.

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49. Area publishes concise high quality papers and commentaries that shape key debates within and beyond the discipline of geography.The journal awards an annual prize for excellent geographical research from new researchers.

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50. Area 51, officially named the Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake, is a high-security open training range for the U.S

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51. Area routes typically use conventional routing rather than attribute routing

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52. In general, routes with Areas should be placed earlier in the route table as they're more specific than routes without an Area.

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53. Area between curves Pre Algebra Order of Operations Factors & Primes Fractions Long Arithmetic Decimals Exponents & Radicals Ratios & Proportions Percent Modulo Mean, Median & Mode Scientific Notation Arithmetics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is defined area?

Area is the quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional figure or shape or planar lamina, in the plane. Surface area is its analog on the two-dimensional surface of a three-dimensional object.

What is the meaning of area?

Definition of area. 1 : the surface included within a set of lines specifically : the number of unit squares equal in measure to the surface — see Metric System Table, Weights and Measures Table.

What does area mean in math?

In geometry, the area can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object. The area of a figure is the number of unit squares that cover the surface of a closed figure. Area is measured in square units such as square centimteres, square feet, square inches, etc.

What is area (a)?

Area A is the space in which the PA has political and military jurisdiction over its residents - all of whom are Arab. This includes all of the major towns and their immediate environs - with the partial exception of Jewish Hebron, which came under exclusive Israeli control in the 1997 Hebron protocol between Israel and the PLO.

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