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ARCHITECTED [ˈärkəˌtekt]


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1. Architected synonyms, Architected pronunciation, Architected translation, English dictionary definition of Architected

2. In the world of digital design “Architected” has become a popular term

3. The example given by the Oxford Dictionaries Website is “an Architected information interface.” Various uses of “architect” as a verb have been around for a long time, but technical writers should be aware when writing for general audiences that many readers

4. What does Architected mean? Simple past tense and past participle of architect

5. Definition of Architected in the dictionary

6. What does Architected mean? Information and translations of Architected in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

7. Synonyms for Architected include planned, designed, built, created, engineered, constructed, developed, erected, established and formed

8. Synonyms for Architected in Free Thesaurus

9. Architected: faux verb often employed by IT professional, created by co-opting a noun from another industry.

10. The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework provides technical guidance specifically at the workload level across five pillars - cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency and operational excellence

11. Architected is a modern landing page template with minimal design, smooth animations and clean typography for small or big agency who provide design and architecture service.

12. AWS Well-Architected helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads

13. Based on five pillars — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization — AWS Well-Architected provides a consistent approach for customers and

14. Barnett's case, he is quick to seize on undervalued assets that have potential for beautifully Architected communities

15. Like you say, faces are already Architected young and are still recognized 30 odd years later (in my case anyway) only to be touched by time.

16. Well-Architected Framework is a scalable mechanism that lets you take advantage of these learnings

17. By following the approach of a principal engineering community with distributed ownership of architecture, we believe that a Well-Architected enterprise architecture can emerge that is driven by

18. A well-Architected review looks at a workload from a general technology perspective, which means it can’t provide workload-specific advice

19. The folding operation is achieved through elastic hinges of carbon fiber that separate the different Architected stiffened regions of the composite

20. Architected is a small Architecture & Interiors Studio based in Melbourne, Australia

21. The Well-Architected Framework is a scalable mecha-nism that lets you take advantage of these learnings

22. By following the approach of a principal engineering community with distributed ownership of architecture, we believe that a Well-Architected enterprise architecture can emerge that is driven by customer need.

23. The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you understand the pros and cons of decisions you make while building systems on AWS

24. Learn how to use the cost optimization pillar of the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to design a cloud-based architecture that is efficient, eliminates waste, and gives you full visibility into where your money is spent on cloud resources.

25. This blog series on Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework for Azure will equip you with the foundational knowledge and resources you need to become an expert in cloud migration best practices.

26. Welcome back to Azure’s Well-Architected Framework blog series

27. The goal of this series is to provide you with an overview of the Well-Architected Framework and its pillars.

28. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is based on five pillars — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization

29. Architected rapid application development (ARAD) refers to software that uses frameworks and patterns as main elements to aid in the development of common functions of an application

30. In Architected material, stress concentration promotes the initiation and propagation of fatigue damage

31. Balancing fatigue life specifications with strength, stiffness and other desirable material properties is a serious challenge for the use of Architected materials in applications where durability and reliability are crucial.

32. The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps customers understand the pros and cons of decisions they make while building systems on AWS

33. Aws well Architected framework è la base da conoscere per poter sviluppare su cloud sfruttando i 5 pilastri per una corretta implementazione, secondo ottimizzazione dei costi, eccellenza operativa, efficenza prestazioni, sicurezza ed affidabilità

34. The AWS Well-Architected Review, often called the “AWS WAR”, is a key factor in having a successful AWS Well-Architected Framework

35. Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD) replaces the proprietary infrastructure of the traditional central office with open software and commoditized hardware building blocks

36. AWS Well-Architected Framework Abstract

37. This whitepaper describes the AWS Well-Architected Framework

38. We address general design principles as well as specific best practices and guidance in five conceptual areas that we define as the pillars of the Well-Architected

39. The Well-Architected Framework is the most complete and thorough collection of best-practices and guidance that is available for organizations undergoing a cloud transformation on top of AWS

40. Well-Architected framework life-cycle from all three major cloud service providers: Several years back, all major cloud service providers (such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google) has released their well-Architected framework or architecture framework, they are revisiting and improving these on a …

41. Architected materials can actively respond to external stimuli-such as mechanical forces, hydration and magnetic fields-by changing their geometries and thereby achieve novel functionalities

42. April 2020 The focus of this paper is the operational excellence pillar of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework

43. Another way to say Architected? 49 synonyms for Architected (other words and phrases for Architected).

44. Architected metamaterials are materials that obtain their properties not from the parent (bulk) materials but from tailored geometry and material composition

45. The five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework The five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework are already well documented, but here’s a brief summary:

46. The Well-Architected Framework is battle-tested, based on best practices AWS has observed over its 14-year history

47. The pillars of the Well-Architected Framework are: Operational Excellence: Under this pillar, operations teams need to understand their business and customer needs so they can support business outcomes

48. AWS Well-Architected Framework: pillars of success AWS solutions architects have identified best practices for architecting systems in the cloud based on their many years of experience in designing and reviewing thousands of customers’ architectures on AWS, across virtually all …

49. Use the AWS Well-Architected tool to evaluate and assess your current solutions, and then we’ll help you architect new innovative products and services

50. Why choose Connectria to lead your Well-Architected Review? As an audited AWS Advanced Partner with over 2,000 cloud engagements, and thousands of mission critical workloads under management, our team is uniquely qualified to assess your cloud architecture and help deploy a scalable and secure solution based on the latest and greatest best practices.

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What does architected mean?

One that plans, devises, or organizes something: a country that was the war's chief architect. tr.v. ar·chi·tect·ed, ar·chi·tect·ing, ar·chi·tects Informal. To plan, organize, and bring to fruition: architected a web-based application.

What is the definition of Architects?

Definition of architect. 1 : a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction. 2 : a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking the architect of American foreign policy.

What is the etymology of the word architect?

Architect. "Architect" comes from the latin word architectus which comes from the Greek ἀρχιτέκτων ( architéktōn ). Architéktōn is composed of two parts: ἀρχι ( archi: to be the first, who commands) and τέκτων ( tecton: mason, builder). That is, the boss who sends the masons.

What is the definition of architecture and construction?

Architecture and construction is a complex cluster that deals with all aspects of planning, building, and maintaining a structure, whether it is a skyscraper or a highway. Jobs in this field range from designing an entire community to installing security and fire alarms in individual buildings.

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