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Synonyms: 1. Space 2. Chamber 3. Hollow 4. Hole 5. Pocket 6. Pouch 7. Orifice 8. Aperture 9. Socket 10. Gap 11. Crater 12. Pit 13. Cutting 14. Concavity 15. Lacuna 16. Sac 17. Alveolus 18. Ampulla 19. Antrum 20. Bulla ...21. Bursa 22. Lumen 23. Orbit 24. Sinus 25. Ventricle 26. Vesicle 27. Calyx 28. Cyst 29. Geode 30. Vug See more »
1. archenteron definition is - the cavity of a gastrula forming a primitive gut.
2. archenteron 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 months ago Oh yeah, definitely wear sunscreen then. I've become a fan of Asian suncreens, and this is the one I use currently. I've become a fan of Asian suncreens, and this is the one I use currently.
3. Similar formation process in other animals. The indentation that is actually formed is called the lip of the blastopore or the dorsal lip in amphibians and fish, and the primitive streak in birds and mammals.Each is controlled by the dorsal blastopore, and primitive node (also known as Hensen's node), respectively.. During gastrulation, the archenteron develops into the digestive tube, with
4. Archenteron: [ ahrk-en´ter-on ] the central cavity that is the provisional gut in the gastrula ; the primordial digestive cavity of the embryo.
5. archenteron definition, the primitive enteron or digestive cavity of a gastrula. See more.
6. Other articles where archenteron is discussed: human digestive system: Embryonic development: …entoderm), surrounds a cavity, the archenteron, which has an opening to the exterior at the point at which invagination occurred; this opening is called the blastopore. The archenteron eventually becomes the cavity of the digestive tract, and the blastopore becomes the anus; the mouth arises as a
7. How to use archenteron in a sentence. Example sentences with the word archenteron. archenteron example sentences.
8. archenteron - central cavity of the gastrula; becomes the intestinal or digestive cavity gastrula - double-walled stage of the embryo resulting from invagination of the blastula; the outer layer of cells is the ectoderm and the inner layer differentiates into the mesoderm and endoderm
9. Jamie A. Davies, in Mechanisms of Morphogenesis (Second Edition), 2013. Abstract. An advanced level chapter. Invagination is a local in-pushing of an epithelial surface. Axial invagination (e.g., sea urchin archenteron) occurs from one point and forms a tube along the axis of invagination.Orthogonal invagination (e.g., neurulation) occurs along a line and results in a valley at right angles to
10. Synonyms for archenteron include cavity, hole, hollow, pit, concavity, crater, dent, gap, pouch and aperture. Find more similar words at !
11. archenteron — The primitive gut that forms during gastrulation in the developing blastula is known as the archenteron. It develops into the digestive tract of an animal.Formation of the archenteron [See Gastrulation] As mesenchyme cells detach from the vegetal … Wikipedia
12. During reformation of the secondary pluteus, the epidermis covering the arms appears to be pulled towards the inner vee of the arms, presumably providing the cells for invagination and formation of the archenteron.The epidermis appears buckled along the length of the arms and is pulled away from the ends of the skeletal rods.
13. 8 people chose this as the best definition of archenteron: The central cavity of the See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
14. archenteron (gastrocoel) A cavity within an animal embryo at the gastrula stage of development. All or part of the archenteron eventually forms the cavity of the gut. It is connected to the outside by an opening (the blastopore), which becomes either the mouth, the mouth and anus, or the anal opening of the animal.
15. archenteron 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 months ago Oh yeah, definitely wear sunscreen then. I've become a fan of Asian suncreens, and this is the one I use currently.
16. archenteron [ahrk-en´ter-on] the central cavity that is the provisional gut in the gastrula; the primordial digestive cavity of the embryo. primordial gut a flat sheet of intraembryonic endoderm that will change into a tubular gut due to the folding of embryonic body-head, tail, and lateral body folds. Synonym(s): archenteron, celenteron, endodermal
17. Formation of archenteron and blastopore may, however, be deferred till a later stage (actinula or after). 0 The preconchylian invagination or shell-gland is formed in the embryo behind the velum, on the surface opposite the blastopore .
18. Synonyms for archenteron in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for archenteron. 5 words related to archenteron: gastrula, blastopore, bodily cavity, cavum, cavity. What are synonyms for archenteron?

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