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1. Under the influence of archbishop Chicheley, who had himself founded two colleges in imitation of Wykeham, and Thomas Bekynton, king's secretary and privy seal, and other Wyke - hamists, Henry VI., on the 11th of October 1440, founded, in imitation of Winchester College, "a college in the parish church of Eton by Windsor not far from our
2. The lines of text below use archbishop in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for archbishop. 9. You can use the word of in a sentence when one person belongs to a certain place or country. EG. i am a native of egypt, he is the archbishop of Canterbury. 10. archbishop in a sentence - Use "archbishop" in a sentence 1. 4.
3. Archbishops in a sentence 🔊 Definition of archbishops. plural of archbishop.Short Example Sentence for archbishops.1. Or get both the archbishops to step in and lay it for you. 🔊 2. They were both cardinals and archbishops of Rouen. 🔊 3. Obituaries of archbishops aren't so bad. 🔊 4.: 2. How to use archbishops in a sentence. 4.
4. archbishop in a sentence - Use "archbishop" in a sentence 1. archbishop Aleksandr said he checked King's credentials before signing. 2. The elevation of the relatively young archbishop of Sarajevo, Msgr. click for more sentences of archbishop
5. How do you use the word archbishop in a sentence? Unanswered Questions. What are the different hardware that will be needed by producer of the voice mail the srvice provider and the beneficiary.
6. How can you use “Archbishop” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: George Carey, the archbishop of Canterbury, noted that "it hurts to be denied the Lord's Supper by a fellow disciple of Jesus Christ." The archbishop of New York, traditionally the most powerful American Catholic, is expected to
7. How to use the word archbishop in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word archbishop. Examples of archbishop in a sentence. 1. He thus served as archbishop during the German occupation.
8. archbishop definition: a bishop of the highest rank, who presides over an archbishopric or archdioceseOrigin of archbishopMiddle English archebishop from Old English arcebisceop from Ecclesiastical Late Latin archiepiscopus from Ecclesiastical Late Gr
9. It was, for the time, determined that the archbishop might himself, in virtue of his legatine authority, entertain complaints from other dioceses in first instance, but that this legatine jurisdiction was not included in the ordinary jurisdiction of his official principal, even if the archbishop had so willed it in his commission.
10. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "archbishop "In 1556, the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, was burned at the stake as a heretic.
11. How could you use archbishop in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User September 17, 2011 5:31PM. The archbishop helped me with my quest. Related Questions. Asked in Example Sentences, Bishops
12. archbishop definition is - a bishop at the head of an ecclesiastical province or one of equivalent honorary rank.
13. Translations of the word archbishop from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "ARCHBISHOP" in a sentence with their translations: Get rid of the fake archbishop and green-light the visit to
14. یادگیری لغت archbishop در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت archbishop. اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات زیر را از زبان‌آموزان می‌شنوند:
15. Archdiocese in a sentence In Christian denominations, the area administered by an archbishop. How to use Archdiocese in Sentence? 1. He was also given sundry prebendal and other appointments in connection with the chapter of the archdiocese of York. 🔊 About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a
16. Sentence Examples for archbishop. An archbishop controls and commands all the churches under him . How to use archbishop in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of archbishop.
17. Under the leadership of the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, a more radical reformation proceeded. Portugal had rebelled in 1640 under the leadership of John of Braganza, a pretender to the throne. After the capture of Richmond in April 1865, the state capital was briefly moved to Lynchburg, while the Confederate leadership fled to
18. archbishop quotes from YourDictionary: One person I do feel a little sorry for, though, is the archbishop of Canterbury, the most important clergyman in Britain and he's only got two lousy palaces to live in. What sort of life is that for a man of God?
19. 1. A king or an archbishop of Canterbury are the only persons with whom we are made much acquainted. 🔊 2. At dusk that same day they entered Canterbury Cathedral, again seeking for him. 🔊 3. Theodore of Tarsus had been consecrated archbishop of Canterbury in the year 669. 🔊 4. The archbishop of Canterbury was to visit the College and
20. How to use assist in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word assist? Here are some examples. In practice, diocesan assistant bishops have only been appointed within the diocese of the archbishop, in order to assist him with diocesan episcopal functions.
21. How to use elan in a sentence. Example sentences with the word elan . elan example sentences. He was born at St Germain, entered the priesthood and was successively cure of elan near Mezieres, vicar-general of Pontoise (1747), bishop of evreux (1753) and archbishop of Toulouse (1758), archbishop of Narbonne in 1763, and in that capacity : 2.
22. How to Address an archbishop. Bishops are leaders within the Catholic Church who oversee the churches in the specific geographic region, or diocese, that they are assigned to. Archbishops are the bishops who are assigned to historically
23. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word archbishop: . See archbishop used in context: 20 Shakespeare works, 1 quotation, 15 definitions
24. All too often the time needed to feed the soul takes a back seat, and we end up spiritually starved. The Sermon in a Sentence series is designed for just such a person. Imagine spending quality personal time with archbishop Fulton Sheen, certainly one of the most influential and effective preachers and spiritual writers of the 20th century.
25. How to use archbishop in a sentence? Todd Williamson:. He's the new archbishop and is knocking, wishing to enter his cathedral.. Sydney Smith:. I have, alas, only one illusion left, and that is the archbishop of Canterbury.. H. L. Mencken:
26. Home » Posts tagged bishop in a sentence. 83, made the admission after a failed bid to have the case thrown out on the word of former archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey. 4. ” Libby Lane was consecrated as bishop of Stockport in January The Rev Canon White said:
27. Foote besought the archbishop to take the manuscript and strike the exceptionable passages; he agreed on the condition that it should be published “Revised and Corrected by the archbishop of Canterbury.
28. Definition of archbishop in the D dictionary. Meaning of archbishop. What does archbishop mean? Information and translations of archbishop in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
29. archbishop Abbreviation: Abp.. archbishop is a 10 letter word, used as a noun, an SAT word a compound word, with the abbreviation Abp. - with Middle English origins, and has the letters abchhioprs (abchioprs). Starts with a, ends with p, seven consonants, three vowels and three syllables.
30. Learn the definition of the word "lurlei" and how to use lurlei in a sentence. Lurlei example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. both on the road and in the palace of the Archbishop, notably the famous one of hanging his cape upon a sunbeam, mistaking it for a peg.
31. Check out the deal on Sermon in a Sentence archbishop Fulton J. Sheen by John P. McClernon (3061) at Sunrise Marian Distribution
32. archbishop Oscar Romero facts: Until his assassination by right-wing gunmen, archbishop Oscar Romero (1917-1980) of San Salvador spoke out courageously in defense of human rights and social justice in strife-torn El Salvador. Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez wa
33. 34He will do what we tell him.34 - quote by Peter Jasper archbishop Akinola on YourDictionary.
34. March 12, 2011. A sentence of Scripture, a period of silent reflection. Repeat. This is a layered way of studying the Bible that archbishop Thomas Collins calls "spiritual lasagna," and for the
35. Buy Sermon in a Sentence - archbishop Fulton J. Sheen by (ISBN: 9781905574483) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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