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ARBITRARY [ˈärbəˌtrerē]

arbitrary (adjective)

  • based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
  • (of power or a ruling body) unrestrained and autocratic in the use of authority.
Synonyms: capricious . whimsical . random . chance . erratic . unpredictable . inconsistent . wild . haphazard . casual . unmotivated . motiveless . unreasoned . unreasonable . unsupported . irrational . illogical . groundless . unjustifiable . unjustified . wanton . discretionary . personal . subjective . discretional . rational . reasoned . despotic . tyrannical . tyrannous . peremptory . summary . autocratic . dictatorial . authoritarian . draconian . autarchic . antidemocratic . oppressive . repressive . undemocratic . illiberal . imperious . domineering . high-handed . absolute . uncontrolled . unlimited . unrestrained . democratic . accountable .

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1. Arbitrary: [adjective] existing or coming about seemingly at random or by chance or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will

2. Arbitrary definition, subject to individual will or judgment without restriction; contingent solely upon one's discretion: an Arbitrary decision

3. Arbitrary synonyms, Arbitrary pronunciation, Arbitrary translation, English dictionary definition of Arbitrary

4. Determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle: stopped at the first motel we passed, an Arbitrary choice.

5. Arbitrary: having or showing a tendency to force one's will on others without any regard to fairness or necessity

6. Find 62 ways to say Arbitrary, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

7. What does Arbitrary mean? Arbitrary is defined as something that is determined by judgment or whim and not for any specific reason or rule

8. The term Arbitrary describes a course of action or a decision that is not based on reason or judgment but on personal will or discretion without regard to rules or standards.

9. An Arbitrary decision is one made without regard for the facts and circumstances presented, and it connotes a disregard of the evidence.

10. Arbitrary definition: If you describe an action, rule, or decision as Arbitrary , you think that it is not Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

11. Verbs for Arbitrary include arbiter, arbitered, arbitering, arbitrage, arbitraged, arbitrages, arbitraging, arbitrate, arbitrated, arbitrates and arbitrating

12. Arbitrary is a related term of arbitration

13. Arbitration is a related term of Arbitrary

14. As a adjective Arbitrary is (usuallyof a decision) based on individual discretion or judgment; not based on any objective distinction, perhaps even made at random.

15. Anything Arbitrary, such as an arithmetical value or a fee

16. Examples of Arbitrary in a sentence

17. In spite of the cold weather, we made an Arbitrary trip to the beach

18. 🔊 He made an Arbitrary decision to take the car

19. 🔊 Because the group could not come to a decision on lunch, Katherine made an Arbitrary choice and ordered pizza

20. 🔊 Although the rule was Arbitrary and ridiculous, Jack was punished

21. Something that's Arbitrary seems like it's chosen at random instead of following a consistent rule

22. Team members would dislike their coach using a totally Arbitrary method to pick starting players.

23. Arbitrary meaning, definition, what is Arbitrary: decided or arranged without any reason o: Learn more.

24. Meanings of "Arbitrary" with other terms in English Turkish Dictionary : 48 result(s)

25. Category English Turkish; General: 1: General: Arbitrary constant n.: keyfi sabit: 2: General

26. Arbitrary means "undetermined; not assigned a specific value." For example, the statement x+x=2x[math]x+x=2x[/math] is true for Arbitrary values of x∈R[math]x∈R[/math], but the statement x+x=2[math]x+x=2[/math] is not true for Arbitrary values of

27. The Arbitrary crate lets you construct Arbitrary instances of a type.

28. However, Arbitrary polarization generation, except that of common linear and circular polarization, relies heavily on bulky optical components such as …

29. Historically, Arbitrary has also been used to describe the actions of the executive and legislative branches

30. The concern of arbitrariness arose in part because chancellors’ broad discretionary powers were often accused of being Arbitrary

31. An Arbitrary number has been assigned to each district

32. Arbitrary: a decision based on random choice or personal whim

33. Arbitrary values in contrast say "we're sending you something in this array, but we can't really tell you in advance what exactly that is." If you're told that you can send Arbitrary data yourself, it means you can send anything you want, it doesn't have to follow any particular format.

34. 17 hours ago · Arbitrary detention is when a person is arrested and detained by a government without due process and without the legal protections of a fair trial

35. Arbitrary adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (ruler: autocratic in use of power) autoritario agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata" - "Con un cacciavite piccolo" - "Questioni controverse"

36. As adjectives the difference between subjective and Arbitrary is that subjective is pertaining to subjects as opposed to objects (a subject'' is one who perceives or is aware; an ''object is the thing perceived or the thing that the subject is aware of) while Arbitrary is (usuallyof a decision) based on individual discretion or judgment; not based on any objective distinction, perhaps even

37. Synonyms for Arbitrary in Free Thesaurus

38. 49 synonyms for Arbitrary: random, chance, optional, subjective, unreasonable, inconsistent, erratic

39. Arbitrary arrests and detentions violate Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was signed, ratified and accession by the …

40. I recently stated that language is Arbitrary on Twitter in response to the erroneous claim that language is a code

41. Language is not a code because language is Arbitrary

42. When I state that language is Arbitrary, I often receive bewildered and sometimes disdainful replies such as (1) English is 80% predictable, (2) written language codifies spoken language, and (3

43. `Arbitrary` chooses one value out of a set of values

44. `Arbitrary` is useful for silencing warnings about values neither grouped by or aggregated over.

45. Arbitrary codes are by definition socially constructed

46. In this sense, words are Arbitrary; they could be swapped and it would make no difference, as long as they are used …

47. Arbitrary Waveform Generator adopts large scale FPGA integrated circuit and high-speed MCU microprocessor

48. Arbitrary detention is the violation of the right to liberty

49. A Vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution MS-ISAC ADVISORY NUMBER: 2021-026 DATE ISSUED: 03/22/2021 OVERVIEW: A vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe ColdFusion, which could allow for Arbitrary code execution

50. The decision to use 18 years as the legal age of adulthood was Arbitrary, as both age 17 and 19 were reasonable alternatives

51. Like most people in the West, I believed these show trials to be the Arbitrary acts of a cruel dictator." (Max Born, Letters to

52. How to say Arbitrary in English? Pronunciation of Arbitrary with 5 audio pronunciations, 23 synonyms, 7 meanings, 2 antonyms, 14 translations, 5 sentences and more for Arbitrary.

53. Arbitrary COVID-19 Control Measures Will Not Make Americans More Likely To 'Hang in There' Until Vaccines Are Available Legal responses to …

54. Keysight’s high-performance Arbitrary waveform generators use low noise clocks which provide unmatched performance and high-quality signal generation to achieve superior fidelity

55. Keysight’s high-performance Arbitrary waveform generators offer clean, complex, and real-world signals with benchtop, system ready AXIe, LXI, or PXI form factors.

56. The Arbitrary powers of officials Word Origin late Middle English (in the sense ‘dependent on one's will or pleasure, discretionary’): from Latin arbitrarius , from arbiter ‘judge, supreme ruler’, perhaps influenced by French arbitraire .

57. The Arbitrary-or-capricious test is a legal standard of review used by judges to assess the actions of administrative agencies

58. It was originally defined in a provision of the 1946 Administrative Procedure Act (APA), which instructs courts reviewing agency actions to invalidate any that they find to be "Arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law."

59. What is an Arbitrary assessment? The CRA has wide-reaching powers when it comes to assessing, reassessing and collecting tax debt

60. An Arbitrary assessment is an assessment where the CRA can assess you if you haven't filed your tax returns

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