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AQUILINE [ˈakwəˌlīn, ˈakwəˌlin]

aquiline (adjective)

  • like an eagle.
  • (of a person's nose) hooked or curved like an eagle's beak.
Synonyms: hooked . curved . hook-shaped . bent . bowed . angular . falcate . falciform . straight .

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1. Aquiline provides private capital to innovative leaders in financial services and technology. We look for teams that have cracked complex end markets, entrepreneurs who have commercialized their expertise, and companies that are indispensable to their clients

2. Aquiline, from the Latin word meaning "eagle", is most often used to describe a nose that has a broad curve and is slightly hooked, like a beak. The Aquiline figure on the U.S

3. 1. Relating to or having the characteristics of an eagle. 2. Curved or hooked like an eagle's beak: an Aquiline nose.

4. Aquiline branded tracking experience Give customers the best post-purchase experience with proactive delivery updates.

5. Aquiline – Solutions powered by AI and IoT Redefining drones with AI and a specialized cloud Deploy autonomous drones with real-time control using the AD Cloud to reduce costs, maximize ROI and create new business value

6. Aquiline International Corporation Ltd

7. Aquiline ® Tire Chains provide traction solutions for truck, tractor, grader, and loader applications

8. Aquiline ® MPC, Talon Tractor, Talon Grader/Loader, and Talon Truck tire chains feature cross chains manufactured from specially designed alloy steel, which has been case hardened for added durability.

9. - Meaning - from Latin Aquiline means - Eagle like or like Eagle.

10. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB His nose was large and Aquiline, his mouth from his lips thin, and his chin well formed and powerful

11. SKIPPER WORSE ALEXANDER LANGE KIELLAND The nose was Aquiline; the lips, a trifle full, were nevertheless beautifully shaped.

12. Aquiline He is tall and slender, with black hair, dark blue eyes, and an Aquiline nose.

13. About Aquiline Capital Partners LLC Aquiline Capital Partners, founded in 2005, is a private investment firm based in New York and London investing in businesses across the financial services sector in financial technology, insurance, investment management, business services, credit and healthcare

14. What does Aquiline mean? Relating to or having the characteristics of an eagle

15. Definition of Aquiline in the dictionary

16. What does Aquiline mean? Information and translations of Aquiline in the most comprehensive …

17. Aquiline noses have also been linked to strong jaws

18. If you have a strong jaw, an Aquiline nose would complement it well, as Aquiline noses balance the aesthetics of your face

19. Aquiline means like an eagle, so if someone tells you you have an Aquiline nose, it means your nose looks like an eagle’s beak

20. Carmichael was a tall man, well over six feet, and slender, with Aquiline features and dark hair perfectly oiled and combed into sleek lines rising from his high, strong forehead.’

21. Aquiline Capital Partners Financial Services New York, NY Durland Scout Ctr Durland Scout Ctr Entertainment Rye, New York Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea

22. Aquiline Web develops the best mobile app with the latest niche technologies and user-friendly features

23. The Aquiline visage of our figure is not that of an old man, while the richness of his dress seems to indicate that, if he is a peasant or servant, he is no ordinary one.: With his Aquiline profile, unfashionable dress, strange accent and flowing locks of chestnut-brown hair, John James Audubon must have drawn curious stares from onlookers.: All you see are his twinkling eyes and the top of an

24. Adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If someone has an Aquiline nose or profile, their nose is large, thin, and usually curved.

25. His dark, handsome, Aquiline features were convulsed into a spasm of vindictive hatred, which had set his dead face in a terribly fiendish expression

26. (The Return of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) She bore upon her Aquiline and emaciated face the traces of some recent tragedy

27. Aquiline Drones has a number of ground and aerial drones in use, and has already been hired to sterilize public environments in a number of places, …

28. Aquiline® Talon Tire Chains feature robotically fused studs for the ultimate in off-road traction

29. Aquiline® Talon Chains offer strong, easy to use boomer style end fasteners that ensure that the chains are tight and secure

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31. Aquiline Two Font English Français Español Deutsch Italiano Português

32. Size Aquiline Two à by Manfred Klein

33. Aquiline (comparative more Aquiline, superlative most Aquiline)

34. Aquiline Drones is a progressive American drone company founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers and IT gurus

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36. Aquiline was a small drone, meant to be kept as close to bird-like size as possible—five feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and a takeoff weight of 83 pounds—under the constraints of the technology of

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41. Project Aquiline was a secret 1960s CIA program to develop an unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle.

42. Aquiline Capital Partners LLC operates as a private equity firm

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45. Aquiline MPC Tractor Tire Chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires

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48. Pronunciation of Aquiline with and more for Aquiline

49. Aquiline is a private equity firm based in New York investing in middle-market businesses across the financial services sector in banking and credit, insurance, investment management and markets, and financial technology

50. Aquiline targets specialized businesses that have potential for improved performance and growth in conjunction with Aquiline

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53. Aquiline is located right across the street from the Main Bus Stand in Arusha, a bevy of activity for people-watching

54. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Aquiline aq‧ui‧line / ˈækwəlaɪn $ -laɪn, -lən / adjective → Aquiline nose Examples from the Corpus Aquiline • Her Dose is slender, Aquiline, her long neck elegant, chin delicate

55. • The older woman had a lean face, a long neck, and an Aquiline nose.

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What is the meaning of aquiline?

Definition of aquiline. 1 : curving like an eagle's beak an aquiline nose. 2 : of, relating to, or resembling an eagle.

What does aquiline nose mean?

An aquiline nose has a high protruding bridge with a slight to pronounced downward curve when viewed in profile. It's also known as a Roman nose, hooked nose, or a beak or eagle nose because of its resemblance to the curved beak of an eagle. The term aquiline only refers to the shape of the nose and not the size, which is highly variable.

What is the meaning of an aquiline nose?

An aquiline nose (also called a Roman nose or hook nose) is a human nose with a prominent bridge , giving it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. The word aquiline comes from the Latin word aquilinus ("eagle-like"), an allusion to the curved beak of an eagle.

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