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1. Aptitude definition is - inclination, tendency


2. How to use Aptitude in a sentence


3. Synonym Discussion of Aptitude.


4. Aptitude definition, capability; ability; innate or acquired capacity for something; talent: She has a special Aptitude for mathematics

Aptitude, Ability, Acquired

5. Aptitude: noun ability , applicability , bent , endowment , faculty , fitness , flair , gift , inclination , innate ability , intelligence , learning , propensity

Aptitude, Ability, Applicability

6. How does the noun Aptitude differ from other similar words? Some common synonyms of Aptitude are bent, faculty, genius, gift, knack, and talent

Aptitude, Are, And

7. While all these words mean "a special ability for doing something," Aptitude implies a natural liking for some activity and the likelihood of success in it.

All, Ability, Aptitude, Activity, And

8. Aptitude is your natural ability to learn or excel in a certain area

Aptitude, Ability, Area

9. It is often the case that a person has a group of Aptitudes that fit together and helps them succeed at specific tasks

Aptitudes, And, At

10. For example, you could have an Aptitude for math and logic

An, Aptitude, And

11. The definition of Aptitude is a natural skill or talent


12. An example of someone with Aptitude is a highly skilled young gymnast.

An, Aptitude

13. An Aptitude for mentally stringing together related items, often cited as a hallmark of human language, may have deep roots in primate evolution, a new study suggests

An, Aptitude, As

14. All activities that were certified by the Aptitude system will retain their certification status through the expiration date of their current certification period

All, Activities, Aptitude

15. Aptitude Test Preparation for Pre-employment Assessments Practice with our online Aptitude tests and pass your employee Aptitude test or school entrance exam with ease

Aptitude, Assessments, And

16. Choose a test category above or try a mixed Aptitude test for free.

Above, Aptitude

17. A natural ability or skill: Aptitude for sth Discovering that he had an Aptitude for finance, he got a job as a commercial-credit analyst

Ability, Aptitude, An, As, Analyst

18. Display/have/show an Aptitude He has been studying for A-levels and has …

An, Aptitude, And

19. An Aptitude is a component of a competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level

An, Aptitude, At

20. Outstanding Aptitude can be considered "talent." An Aptitude may be physical or mental

Aptitude, An

21. Aptitude is inborn potential to do certain kinds of work whether developed or undeveloped.


22. An Aptitude is something you're good at

An, Aptitude, At

23. A rock star might have an Aptitude for energizing an audience, or for trashing his hotel room.

An, Aptitude, Audience

24. Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers

Aptitude, And, Answers

25. Here you can find Aptitude interview questions with answers and explanation

Aptitude, Answers, And

26. Why Aptitude? In this section you can learn and practice Aptitude (Questions with Answers) to improve your skills in order to face the interview, competitive examination and various entrance test (CAT, GATE, GRE, MAT, Bank Exam, Railway Exam etc.) with full confidence.

Aptitude, And, Answers

27. What is an Aptitude Test? An Aptitude test represents a systematic way to judge a candidate's mental capability as how he/she performs certain tasks and reacts to different scenarios

An, Aptitude, As, And

28. Each Aptitude test uses a standard method of administration and scoring so that results can be computed and compared with the other candidates.

Aptitude, Administration, And

29. An Aptitude test or a cognitive ability test is a general word for a pre-employment exam

An, Aptitude, Ability

30. Aptitude unlocks the potential of aptamers to overcome the fundamental limitations of antibodies

Aptitude, Aptamers, Antibodies

31. Introducing Aptitude IFRS 17 Comply, a simplified, pre-configured version of the existing Aptitude IFRS 17 Solution, it is designed for insurers that are looking for …

Aptitude, Are

32. An Aptitude test is designed to assess what a person is capable of doing or to predict what a person is able to learn or do given the right education and instruction

An, Aptitude, Assess, Able, And

33. The Crossword Solver found 81 answers to the Aptitude crossword clue

Answers, Aptitude

34. Puzzles(1) Probability(39) Arithmetic Aptitude(8) Arithmetic Aptitude 3(6) Arithmetic Aptitude 5(5) English(42) General Aptitude(57) Arithmetic Aptitude 2(8) Arithmetic Aptitude 4(7) Arithmetic Aptitude 6(7) Please do Like/Share if you find the above useful

Arithmetic, Aptitude, Above

35. Aptitude is front-end to advanced packaging tool which adds a user interface to the functionality, thus allowing a user to interactively search for a package and install or remove it

Aptitude, Advanced, Adds, Allowing, And

36. Initially created for Debain, Aptitude extends its functionality to RPM based distributions as well.

Aptitude, As

37. Aptitude (countable and uncountable, plural Aptitudes) Natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill

Aptitude, And, Aptitudes, Ability, Acquire

38. Prepare for any Aptitude test you have coming up by taking some of our free Aptitude tests

Any, Aptitude

39. We’ve included a full spectrum of free Aptitude tests including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement many more


40. All our Aptitude tests are written by accredited industry experts and designed to prepare you for the real thing.

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41. But I did take an Aptitude test in seventh grade - and this is 100 percent true - I took an Aptitude test in seventh grade, and it said in my best profession was a clown or a mime

An, Aptitude, And

42. The natural capacity of an individual to acquire competence or skill through training.Individuals who have the ability to learn to play the piano are frequently said to have a natural Aptitude for this activity

An, Acquire, Ability, Are, Aptitude, Activity

43. Specific Aptitude refers to potential in a particular area (e.g., artistic or mathematical Aptitude)- whereas general Aptitude refers to potential in several fields.

Aptitude, Area, Artistic

44. Aptitude Preparation:Here you can find Aptitude Questions and Answers with explanations for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability & Data Interpretation so that candidate can learn,practice & improve their skills to crack all types of interviews, placements, entrance test, competitive examination,objective type, multiple choice & Computers sections in government/private

Aptitude, And, Answers, Ability, Amp, All

45. Quick Aptitude Test, try a free 40 question Aptitude test at

Aptitude, At

46. An Aptitude test is an exam used to determine an individual's skill or propensity to succeed in a given activity

An, Aptitude, Activity

47. Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and

Aptitude, Assume, And

48. ‘An Aptitude for dealing in stock and runs, and in accumulating capital and assets, soon became apparent.’ ‘I am asked for my view on the Olympic Games, which is that they affirm the British Aptitude for sports that involve sitting down.’

An, Aptitude, And, Accumulating, Assets, Apparent, Am, Asked, Affirm

49. An Aptitude is an innate inborn ability to do a certain kind of work

An, Aptitude, Ability

50. Aptitudes may be physical or mental


51. Aptitude and intelligence quotient are related, and in some ways opposite, views of human

Aptitude, And, Are

52. The Aptitude Accounting Hub provides complete financial control of accounting process and reporting, enabling the agility to serve fast-moving global businesses, and exploit data to …

Aptitude, Accounting, And, Agility

53. Aptitude is an acquired talent or skill with an ability to perform well in any specific area

Aptitude, An, Acquired, Ability, Any, Area

54. General Aptitude and reasoning solved questions with explanation for competitive exams, interviews and placements to be a topper

Aptitude, And

55. Get free online practice on five thousand plus frequently asked test questions of basic quantitative Aptitude, logical reasoning with tricks and tips.

Asked, Aptitude, And

56. The Aptitude test will identify your strongest areas in math

Aptitude, Areas

57. To be a chemist, one needs more than just an Aptitude for conducting scientific experiments

An, Aptitude

58. The mother must realize her child’s grade is not based on his Aptitude but rather on the fact he rarely turns in assignments.

Aptitude, Assignments

59. Quantitative Aptitude is the most important requisite for clearing the Phase - I or the Preliminary stages of the bank PO, SO and Clerk exams

Aptitude, And

60. Quantitative Aptitude forms bulk of the paper in IBPS PO and SBI PO preliminary exams

Aptitude, And

61. The most complete study material of Quantitative Aptitude is here!


62. Aptitude tests are used to assess applicants’ cognitive abilities, technical skills, behavioral patterns, and personality traits

Aptitude, Are, Assess, Applicants, Abilities, And

63. Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions: Learn & practice latest Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions for each topic

Aptitude, And, Answers, Amp

64. Now, all those Freshers who are preparing for different exams or recruitment tests can get the Aptitude Preparation Stuff from FreshersNow.Com Aptitude page

All, Are, Aptitude

65. In this particular page, you can all find Aptitude Questions and Answers for Freshers, […]

All, Aptitude, And, Answers

66. Aptitude skill test and assessment is an important parameter for selection /placement in top IT companies and Banks and also plays a major aspect in entrance and competitive exams like CAT, TANCET GMAT, GRE, IBPS etc

Aptitude, And, Assessment, An, Also, Aspect

67. Aptitude test is the first and mandatory stage for short listing the candidates for IT companies during campus Interviews

Aptitude, And

68. Also Aptitude questions forms the major part …

Also, Aptitude

69. Aptitude definition: Someone's Aptitude for a particular kind of work or activity is their ability to learn it Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Aptitude, Activity, Ability, And

70. • A natural Aptitude for the work


71. From Longman Business Dictionary Aptitude ap‧ti‧tude / ˈæptətjuːd-tuːd / noun [countable, uncountable] the natural ability to do a particular activity or job Aptitude for He had a remarkable Aptitude for accountancy

Aptitude, Ap, Ability, Activity, Accountancy

72. Staff who show Aptitude for managerial responsibility


73. An Aptitude test (= one designed to show whether somebody has the natural ability for a particular job or course of education) Aptitude for something She showed a natural Aptitude for the work

An, Aptitude, Ability

74. Aptitude for doing something His Aptitude for dealing with children got him the job.


75. Aptitude is also an advanced packaging tool

Aptitude, Also, An, Advanced

76. This means that you can use Aptitude to install and remove packages using it

Aptitude, And

77. The recruiters conduct the Aptitude test to check your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), through 2 types of questions


78. Following are the two types of Aptitude exams that are conducted for any government job exam: To check your Numerical Aptitude or Quantitative Aptitude; To check your Logical Reasoning Aptitude

Are, Aptitude, Any

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