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1. Apt definition is - unusually fitted or qualified : ready


2. Find the latest Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (Apt) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.

Alpha, Apt, And

3. Apt Complete Alpha Pro Tech Ltd

Apt, Alpha

4. Alabama Public Television encourages children in kindergarten through third grade to get creative and take part in the 2021 Apt Young Writers Contest

Alabama, And, Apt

5. Apt’s mission is to be the leader in caregiver education by delivering exceptional training, inspiring excellence, positively impacting our community, and transforming …

Apt, And

6. (Analysis, Planning, Test Research, or "Apt") is a 100% employee-owned, small business based in Cummings Research Park, Huntsville, Alabama

Analysis, Apt, Alabama

7. Apt provides professional engineering and programmatic services in a variety of disciplines including systems engineering, risk assessment and analysis, test planning, range safety

Apt, And, Assessment, Analysis

8. Apt stands for "AstroPhotography Tool" and it is like Swiss army knife for your astro imaging sessions.

Apt, Astrophotography, And, Army, Astro

9. Apt is a collection of tools distributed in a package named Apt. A significant part of Apt is defined in a C++ library of functions; Apt also includes command-line programs for dealing with packages, which use the library

Apt, Also

10. Three such programs are Apt, Apt-get and Apt-cache

Are, Apt, And

11. An advanced persistent threat (Apt) is a type of cyberattack in which the attacker gains and maintains unauthorized access to a targeted network

An, Advanced, Apt, Attacker, And, Access

12. Apts use social engineering tactics or exploit vulnerabilities to infect a system, and can remain unnoticed for a significant time period.

Apts, And

13. Apt adjective (LIKELY) be Apt to do sth/be Apt to be sth to be likely to do something or to often do something: The kitchen roof is Apt to (= likely to) leak when it rains.

Apt, Adjective

14. An advanced persistent threat (Apt) is a broad term used to describe an attack campaign in which an intruder, or team of intruders, establishes an illicit, long-term presence on a network in order to mine highly sensitive data.

An, Advanced, Apt, Attack

15. Apt definition, inclined; disposed; given; prone: too Apt to slander others


16. This Apt group compiles malware samples with Russian language settings during working hours (8 a.m


17. This suggests that Apt28 receives direct ongoing financial and other resources from a well-established organization, most likely the


18. Apt: 1 adj being of striking appropriateness and pertinence “an Apt reply” Synonyms: apposite , pertinent apropos of an appropriate or pertinent nature adj (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward “he is Apt to ignore matters he considers unimportant” Synonyms: disposed , given , minded , tending inclined (often followed by `to')

Apt, Adj, Appropriateness, And, An, Apposite, Apropos, Appropriate

19. Apt synonyms, Apt pronunciation, Apt translation, English dictionary definition of Apt


20. Exactly suitable; appropriate: an Apt reply

Appropriate, An, Apt

21. Having a natural tendency; inclined: She is Apt to take offense easily


22. Some common synonyms of Apt are appropriate, felicitous, fitting, fit, happy, meet, proper, and suitable

Apt, Are, Appropriate, And

23. While all these words mean "right with respect to some end, need, use, or circumstance," Apt connotes a fitness marked by nicety and discrimination.

All, Apt, And

24. Looking for online definition of Apt or what Apt stands for? Apt is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

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25. Discover the world and live fully with an Apt tour or cruise

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26. Apt is a command-line utility for installing, updating, removing, and otherwise managing deb packages on Ubuntu, Debian, and related Linux distributions

Apt, And

27. It combines the most frequently used commands from the Apt-get and Apt-cache tools with different default values of some options.

Apt, And

28. Apt is designed for interactive use


29. Prefer using Apt-get and Apt-cache in your shell scripts as they are

Apt, And, As, Are

30. Apt is a method of attack that should be on the radar for businesses everywhere

Apt, Attack

31. However, this doesn’t mean that small- and medium-sized businesses can ignore this type of attack. Apt attackers are increasingly using smaller companies that make up the supply-chain of their ultimate target as a way of gaining access to large organizations.

And, Attack, Apt, Attackers, Are, As, Access

32. What does Apt mean? Exactly suitable; appropriate

Apt, Appropriate

33. Your continuing support helps make Apt possible


34. Thank you! Donate Now to Apt Visit Official Site


35. Visit Apt Explore Apt's Schedule Apt Passport Follow Apt on Facebook Watch Now on Apt WHAT’S ON TONIGHT Full Schedule 2021-03-22T20:00:00-05:00


36. Apt has advanced sounds notification system that can play up to 36 different sounds

Apt, Advanced

37. More packages can be found in this Topic in the Apt forum


38. If you want to help to make Apt more popular, you can use one of these banners in your site or forum signatures:


39. Apt - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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40. The Apt App: The Alabama Public Television App allows you to easily access all national , acquired, and local productions available from Apt! The app provides On-Demand content of all your favorite shows, PBS Kids! content with parental controls, easy access to the TV program schedule plus the ability to explore additional content! • DVR-like controls (pause, rewind, and fast forward).

Apt, App, Alabama, Allows, Access, All, Acquired, And, Available, Ability, Additional

41. Find 77 ways to say Apt, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Apt, Along, Antonyms, And, At

42. ‘Delicious decadence dripped from the setting, giving a perfectly Apt description of the scene.’ ‘But in the context of the American culture wars in the political arena, it's an entirely Apt and appropriate choice.’

Apt, American, Arena, An, And, Appropriate

43. Apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a software package manager for installing and removing packages on Debian-based systems. Apt automates the process of retrieving, configuring, upgrading, installing, and removing packages. Apt is a front-end of Debian’s base …

Apt, Advanced, And, Automates

44. Apt-Accredited mental health training

Apt, Accredited

45. Apt (adj.) mid-14c., "inclined, disposed;" late 14c., "suited, fitted, adApted, possessing the necessary qualities for the purpose," from Old French ate "fitting, suitable, appropriate" (13c., Modern French Apte), or directly from Latin Aptus "fit, suited, proper, appropriate," adjectival use of past participle of *apere "to attach, join, tie to," from PIE root *ap-(1) "to grasp, take, reach

Apt, Adj, Adapted, Ate, Appropriate, Apte, Aptus, Adjectival, Apere, Attach, Ap

46. Apt-get is a command line program used to interact with the Apt (Advanced Package Tool) package management system

Apt, Advanced

47. However, this is just one of the tools used to communicate with the Apt system


48. Along with Apt-get, there are also Apt-cache, Apt-config, and (the newly added) Apt.

Along, Apt, Are, Also, And, Added

49. Apt: Attention Processing Training (cognitive rehabilitation) Apt: Advanced Photoscale Technology (Brother) Apt: A Practical Transit-Mapping Service: Apt: Advanced Pirate Technology: Apt: Advanced Predictive Technology: Apt: AdAptive Phase Tracking: Apt: American Portable Telecommunications: Apt: AT&T Pre-Paid Technology (pre-paid long distance

Apt, Attention, Advanced, Adaptive, American, At, Amp

50. Apt definition: An Apt remark , description , or choice is especially suitable

Apt, An

51. Explore Apt holidays and discover the best time and places to visit

Apt, And

52. The Luberonâ s principal town, Apt is edged on three sides by sharply rising plateaux surrounding a river that runs through town


53. Its Saturday-morning market is full of local colour (and produce), but otherwise Apt is a place you pass through to get somewhere else.

And, Apt

54. Apt Educational News in your Inbox


55. Stay in the loop by signing up for the Apt Education monthly newsletter


56. Apt (plural Apts) An apartment; a flat

Apt, Apts, An, Apartment

57. 2010, David Dondero, Just a Baby in Your Momma's Eyes Where our Apt used to be they built a fancy condominium high-rise


58. What does Apt stand for? List of 723 Apt definitions


59. Top Apt abbreviation meanings updated March 2021

Apt, Abbreviation

60. Difference Between Apt and Aptitude What is Apt

Apt, And, Aptitude

61. Apt or Advanced Packaging Tool is a free and open source software which gracefully handles software installation and removal

Apt, Advanced, And

62. Apt is whole command line with no GUI


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does apt means?

The definition of apt is something a person might have a tendency to do. An example of someone who is apt to lie is a politician. Apt means someone who is extraordinarily smart or is quick to learn or understand. An example of someone who is apt is an insightful student. Apt is defined as a response or result that is likely, expected or anticipated.

What does apt stand for in device?

APT stands for Advanced Persistent Threat (intelligence security)

What does the abbreviation apt stand for?

The APT format. APT stands for "Almost Plain Text". APT is a markup language that takes the hassle out of documentation writing by striving for simplicity.

What does aptly named Mean?

Aptly is defined as something done in a competent, appropriate or suitable way. An example of an aptly named landform is the Grand Canyon.

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