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1. Chef Aprons with an extra-long strap to warp around the neck and waist

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2. Aprons are made from 100% cotton fabric and are machine washable

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3. Aprons have a huge center pocket, perfect for storing spoons, spatulas, herbs, spices, towels, recipes, or any other accessories you need close at hand while baking, cooking, grilling, gardening, or crafting.

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4. Shop for Aprons at Bed Bath & Beyond

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5. Shop Target for Aprons you will love at great low prices

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6. Aprons The Essential Apron - Cedar

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7. Williams Sonoma's kitchen Aprons are made of sturdy cotton twill and are a necessity in any busy kitchen

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8. Find chef Aprons for men and women at Williams Sonoma.

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9. I've been writing healthy, family-friendly recipes at 40 Aprons for over 10 years

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 · Kitchen Aprons : Cook all your favorites without ruining your outfit with a kitchen apron

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11. Aprons .com for all your apron needs, especially for the hospitality industry including chef Aprons, kitchen Aprons, restaurant and waiter Aprons.

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12. Shop half-Aprons if you're not a fan of having things around your neck, or go to the other end of the apron spectrum and shop for a smock

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13. Whether you’re searching for Aprons for chefs/cooking, kitchen uses, hostess, or waitress/waiters, you can search by any collection to find what you’re looking for

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14. Began in 1946 as a manufacturer and screen printer of reusable vinyl Aprons for national grocery store chains like Safeway and Kroger

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15. We continue to manufacture these Aprons that are used by many supermarket chains across the county.

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16. Personalized Aprons with chef name


17. Restaurant Aprons with pockets provide an essential service for anyone in the food service industry

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18. From servers on the floor to bar backs behind the counter, these Aprons keep their personal attire or work uniform safe from unsightly spills and stains.

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19. Publix Aprons® Cooking School Eat


20. Personalized Apron, Funny Apron with pocket, Personalized Gift for her, Custom Aprons for Women , Hostess Gift Ideas valentine gifts for her Totallybrides

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21. Personalized Aprons for Women with Pockets Vintage Floral Ruffled Apron Housewarming Hostess Gift Kitchen Baking Cooking Wedding Mom Gift TwinsDesignStudio

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22. Kitchen Aprons "In the kitchen or at the grill, these Aprons are perfect for cooks, chefs, grill masters and hostesses alike

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23. Superfunctional Aprons and gear for people who love to cook

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24. Work Aprons have become quite popular, as they provide effective protection for your clothing while working

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 · DII Aprons are made with high quality woven 100% cotton to prevent grease spot spill and protect your clothes from getting dirty

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26. Chef Aprons are perfect for home kitchen, cafe_, working shop and more

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27. Aprons are machine washable, the simple yarn dyed fabric has been treated with a soil release finish to keep it looking crisp and professional.

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28. Aprons provide a handy way to keep certain accessories or tools at hand, and can even make a fashion statement or complete a professional appearance

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29. Aprons are for food and restaurant workers, carpenters, shop workers, florists, childcare workers, educators, artists and more

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30. If that sounds like something you'd like more of in your life, Publix Aprons is the place to start


31. Aprons for every obsession, designed by independent artists

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32. Unique chef Aprons, kitchen Aprons, BBQ Aprons, art smocks, and more.

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33. Be fashionable while cooking in kitchen Aprons


34. Keep cooking tools close at hand in Aprons with pockets or ensure Aprons remain securely in place with tie-back and adjustable straps

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35. Find Aprons by Martha Stewart, Waverly and others

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36. Keep holiday outfits clean by wearing kitchen Aprons


37. These Aprons are great quality with an excellent price

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38. Aprons are back! Entirely made in the USA Aprons from Enviro-Tote are simple, convenient, and comfortable

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39. Aprons are necessities for restaurants and bakeries, artists, farmers and farmers markets - with the option to add FUZE anti-microbial finish and a

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40. Masonic Past Master Aprons 23 Blue Lodge Officer & Grand Lodge Aprons 15 Masonic Aprons Candidate & Cloth 37 Masonic Apron Cases & Presentation Tubes 16 Prince Hall Masonic Aprons & Masonic State Aprons 29 RAM / R & SM / OES / SR / H of J Aprons 34 Masonic Hats, Fezzes & Fez Cases 35 Masonic Collars & Masonic Jewels 89 Funeral and specialty

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41. Restaurant Aprons are essential for any commercial chef or cook because they protect their clothes from spills, splashes, and other stains

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42. Choose from standard Aprons, pocketed Aprons, and long waist Aprons to suit your servers' needs

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43. Aprons for Men If your husband, partner, brother or friend is a keen cook or baker, one of our many cooking and baking Aprons can make for a fun and thoughtful gift

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44. We have a range of styles available, including simple and modest designs such as our linen indigo blue apron, to Aprons with bolder prints and colours that pop.

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45. Aprons are versatile and flexible to meet any need

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46. Aprons from Chef Works provide the durability and reliability you need in the back of the house, while providing comfort and style you need at the front of the house

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47. Personalized Aprons Make Cooking Fun Again

Aprons, Again

48. Spreadshirt makes it easy to customize your own Aprons or create beautiful personalized gifts


49. Use the T-Shirt Designer tool to create customized Aprons with a monogram, personalized text, designs and even photos

Aprons, And

50. Great for working in the garden or grilling a T-bone, our novelty Aprons are personalized with designs ranging from food themes to funny sayings

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51. Choose from several styles and colors of classic style wholesale Aprons, wholesale waist Aprons, cobbler Aprons, server Aprons, and wholesale bistro Aprons

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52. These Aprons in bulk are available in 100% cotton, blended fabrics and spun polyester.

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53. Kids Aprons and Aprons for adults from Oriental Trading

Aprons, And, Adults

54. Try holiday Aprons at home or art Aprons for school

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55. Aprons for women, chef Aprons, waist Aprons, or kids' personalized Aprons in bright colors


56. All the wholesale Aprons you'll love.

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 · Shop Aprons also provide a convenient spot to store hand tools and measuring devices

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58. Basic Aprons feature large slip pockets for stashing smaller items like rulers, hammers and accessories

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59. Utility Aprons add additional pockets and loops for hands-free storage space on the go

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60. Enjoy the comfort and utility of durable tool Aprons from Sears.

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61. Choose from a great range of Aprons


62. From full-length kitchen Aprons to novelty cooking Aprons, Sears has cooking apparel for every occasion.

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APRONS [ˈāprən]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does apron stand for?

apron(noun) (golf) the part of the fairway leading onto the green. proscenium, apron, forestage(noun) the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i.e., in front of the curtain) apron(noun) a paved surface where aircraft stand while not being used.

What does apron mean in construction?

Definition of Apron in Construction. The decorative piece of trim located under the window sill on the interior of the structure. This could reference a piece of architectural trim at the bottom of the window on the exterior also, but normally referenced to interior trim.

What is the definition of an apron?

Definition of apron. 1 : a garment usually of cloth, plastic, or leather usually tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume. 2 : something that suggests or resembles an apron in shape, position, or use: such as. a : the lower member under the sill of the interior casing of a window.

What is the definition of apron in literature?

The definition of an apron is something that is worn to protect the front part of the body or to keep clothes from getting soiled.

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