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Looking for sentences with "Apricots"? Here are some examples.

1. Fresh, ripe apricots are juicy and taste both sweet and a bit tart. With a tender texture that's not to be missed, they're miles apart from the dried variety. Try these lush little beauties in pies, tarts, cobblers, and more. 1 of 21
2. Dried Apricot Recipes Dried fruit is a pantry staple, especially handy during winter months. Our top recipes with dried apricots are perfect for baking (think dried apricot muffins and cookies) and canning (dried apricot jam and more). Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Orange Dressing
3. apricots are a juicy summer fruit perfect for desserts like puddings and cobblers. Find more than 270 apricot recipes including canned, fresh or dried varieties.
4. The recipe for these rich, buttery cookies originally called for dates. apricots have long been my favorite fruit, so using them as a substitute seemed natural. —Bonnie Waliezer, Brush Prairie, Washington
5. Grilled apricots with Brie, Prosciutto and Honey This easy app is a must for your summer cookouts. Get the recipe from Recipe Runner. Courtesy of Natasha's Kitchen. 10 of 13. Carrot Salad with
6. Dried apricots can be eaten on their own, used in breakfast dishes, and used to cook and bake both savoury and sweet foods.
7. Sweet, perfectly snack-sized, and amazing in everything from crumbles and crisps to DIY jam, we love apricots. They're in season in early to mid-summer, but dried apricots are tasty and available
8. Fresh apricots serve as both a garnish and a sweetener in an easy almond-based batter that comes together in minutes in a food processor. It's a piece of, well, you know what.
9. Poach them in a tea-infused syrup. apricots are pretty meh raw, but AWESOME when you cook them gently, and they go fantastically well with almost any tea or edible flower. They also make beautiful sorbet. lakesq 11:26 PM on 8/9/2010
10. Yes you can use dried apricots to make jam! This has beautiful color and flavor. I have dried California Blenheim apricots from Apricot King shipped to me in Washington and they are wonderful. By Cookin4Six!
11. Bottling apricots in a simple homemade syrup is a wonderful way to preserve fresh summer fruit to enjoy all year round. Have them on their own or use in baked desserts and yogurt parfaits. 23 of 23 Orange Juice and Dried Apricot Smoothie
12. Use apricots are used as a dietary source of vitamins and minerals, and in confectionery. Apricot kernels have been used for cancer treatment; however, there is no clinical evidence to support this use.
13. This easy energy ball uses natural ingredients to give you a quick bite of energy when you need it. Dried apricots and honey hold together the coconut and oats, while ginger and tahini deepen the sweet flavors. Ready in just 25 minutes, you can have these as a grab-and-go breakfast, afternoon snack or sweet treat after dinner.
14. Dried apricots are so flavorful, so nutritious and bright & colorful. apricots are a rarely used ingredient so add a little flash to your entertaining recipes. Enjoy these amazing dried apricot recipes.
15. We’ve made up for that here using three variations of the fruit – fresh, dried and all-natural preserved apricots for an out-of-this-world sweet, fruity taste. The addition of ginger and cayenne creates a phenomenal flavor profile, and the open baking yields a caramelized, crispy chicken that will keep your guests coming back for more.
16. Use apricots with apricot juice, plum juice with plums; when using apricots, use an orange gelatine flavor. Makes 10 servings. Ingredients: 5 (apricots .. flavor .. juice .. whites ) 4. PLUM APRICOT CHUTNEY. Place all the ingredients in a medium saucepan. Stir and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat, cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes.
17. apricots may promote gut health. One cup (165 grams) of sliced apricots provides 3.3 grams of fiber, which is 8.6% and 13.2% of the DV for men and women, respectively ().apricots contain both
18. Dried apricots contain les than 16% moisture and, when soaked, will absorb more liquid than semi-dried apricots. Use in stews, tagines and compôtes. If very dry, simmer gently before soaking to

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