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1. Approbation meant "proof" when it first appeared in English in the 14th century, and by the early 1500s it had come to mean "formal or official approval," a sense it still retains in certain ecclesiastical …

Approbation, Appeared, And, Approval

2. 5 synonyms of Approbation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 24 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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3. Find another word for Approbation

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4. Approbation: an acceptance of something as satisfactory

Approbation, An, Acceptance, As

5. Synonyms: approval, blessing, favor… Antonyms: disApprobation, disapproval, disfavor… Find the right word.

Approval, Antonyms

6. / ˌæp.rəˈbeɪ.ʃ ə n / approval or agreement, often given by an official group: The council has finally indicated its Approbation of the plans.

Approval, Agreement, An, Approbation

7. The definition of Approbation is warm approval or praise. An example of Approbation is the speech given by the college president after the football team earned the state championship.

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8. Find 27 ways to say Approbation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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9. Approbation is, in Catholic canon law, an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry.

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

10. Définitions Action d'approuver quelqu'un, quelque chose ; consentement donné : Donner son Approbation à un projet

Action, Approuver, Approbation

11. 8 janvier 1961 Approbation de l'autodétermination en Algérie Le référendum proposé par le Général de Gaulle visant à statuer sur l'autodétermination des populations algériennes est organisé simultanément en France et en Algérie

Approbation, Autod, Alg

12. Approbation is a formal word for approval or praise. Approbation is like getting the nod in a big way

Approbation, Approval

13. Politicians rely on the public’s Approbation to get elected


14. How is it possible that Approbation means approval when probation is a form of being in trouble?

Approbation, Approval

15. Examples of Approbation in a sentence I need to write a powerful resume to gain Approbation from an employer

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16. 🔊 The crowd was filled with approbation when #56 scored a touchdown


17. 🔊 With my mother's Approbation, I can sleep over at your house

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18. We found 5 answers for the crossword clue Approbation

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19. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Approbation yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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20. Approbation and approval have the same general meaning, assenting to or declaring as good, sanction, commendation; but Approbation is stronger and more positive

Approbation, And, Approval, Assenting, As

21. We may be anxious for the Approbation of our friends; but we should be still more …

Anxious, Approbation

22. Approbation is an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

23. Approbation is an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

24. Approbation is approval of something or agreement to it.

Approbation, Approval, Agreement

25. His ambition for Approbation sets bounds and limits to his ambition, so to speak

Ambition, Approbation, And

26. Unlike those who were angling for jobs or social Approbation or credibility among the beltway elites, we just said what we thought

Angling, Approbation, Among

27. Upon completion of the reference to the Master, her determination and approval, shall require Approbation by this court.

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28. Definition of Approbation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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29. The Approbation is a license that is valid in all German Federal states or Landers, and following 3 years of work experience in Germany as a Licensed Medical Doctor the license holder can work also in other European Union countries as well.

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30. Approbation is a mass noun that means praise or approval

Approbation, Approval

31. Approbation is much more formal than approval, rarer, and less likely to be understood.Interestingly, as widely known as approval is now, that is how popular Approbation was at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Approbation, Approval, And, As, At

32. Approbation: An expression of warm approval; praise

Approbation, An, Approval

33. Late Middle English approbacioun, from Old French approbacion (French Approbation), from Latin approbatio, from approbare ("to assent to as good, approve, also show to be good, confirm"), from ad ("to") + …

Approbacioun, Approbacion, Approbation, Approbatio, Approbare, Assent, As, Approve, Also, Ad

34. Hypernyms ("Approbation" is a kind of): approval (a feeling of liking something or someone good)

Approbation, Approval

35. Approbation, in Catholic canon law, is an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

36. The necessity of Approbation, especially for administering the sacrament of penance , was expressly decreed by the Council of Trent so, except in the case of imminent death, the absolution

Approbation, Administering, Absolution

37. “The Approbation he received when he took off in an amazingly cool style was the loudest heard that afternoon.” Noun A shout of encouragement, praise, or joy

Approbation, An, Amazingly, Afternoon

38. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Approbation ap‧pro‧ba‧tion / ˌæprəˈbeɪʃ ə n / noun [uncountable] formal PRAISE official praise or approval Examples from the Corpus Approbation • His words came out in a seemingly endless flow of support and Approbation

Approbation, Ap, Approval, And

39. Le vote d'Approbation du Parlement aura lieu jeudi 11 février à midi

Approbation, Aura

40. Approbation translation in English-French dictionary


41. Approbation is, in Catholic canon law, an act by which a bishop or other legitimate superior grants to an ecclesiastic the actual exercise of his ministry.

Approbation, An, Act, Actual

42. The necessity of Approbation, especially for administering the Sacrament of Penance, was expressly decreed by the Council of Trent, so that, except in the case of imminent death, the absolution by a priest not approved would be invalid.

Approbation, Administering, Absolution, Approved

43. Definition of Approbation Origin : late 14c., "proven effectiveness, excellence," from Old French aprobacion or directly from Latin Approbationem (nominative approbatio) "an approval," noun of action from past participle stem of approbare (see approve)

Approbation, Aprobacion, Approbationem, Approbatio, An, Approval, Action, Approbare, Approve

44. In 1850, this Approbation was extended to the male branch


45. Cette Approbation a été étendue, en 1850, à la branche masculine


46. Mary Piancone, who was the superior General during the Approbation of our constitutions in 1984


47. Mary Piancone, supérieure générale lors de l' Approbation


48. Le Conseil a décidé de transmettre au Parlement européen, pour Approbation, un projet de règlement du Conseil fixant le cadre financier [] pluriannuel pour la période 2007-2013 (doc

Au, Approbation

49. The King received the official Approbation of the church


50. Your child really wants your Approbation


51. Her talk wasn’t vague Approbation or disapproval, some big show of emotion


52. Mr YANG Zhao received Approbation from the governor Mr


53. The new policy earned the Approbation of the people


54. Approbation is a synonym of approval

Approbation, Approval

55. As nouns the difference between Approbation and approval is that Approbation is the act of approving; an assenting to the propriety of a thing with some degree of pleasure or satisfaction; approval, sanction, commendation or official recognition while approval is an expression granting permission; an indication of agreement with a proposal; an

As, Approbation, And, Approval, Act, Approving, An, Assenting, Agreement

56. Answers for Approbation crossword clue

Answers, Approbation

57. Approbation (Thesaurus) approbate approbative

Approbation, Approbate, Approbative

58. Approbation means approval, endorsement, praise or commendation

Approbation, Approval

59. The word Approbation first appeared in the English language in the early 1400s, derived from the Old French word aprobacion which means approval.

Approbation, Appeared, Aprobacion, Approval

60. From Latin Approbation, from ad- (toward) + probatus, from probare (to test the goodness of)

Approbation, Ad

61. USAGE: “Whenever you commend, add your reasons for doing so; it is this which distinguishes the Approbation of a man of sense from the flattery of …

Add, Approbation

62. New requirements to receive an Approbation in Germany Please note that this information is subject to change! (status: February 20th 2013) Saudi physicians planning to do a traineeship in Germany for more than two years you

An, Approbation

63. Après Approbation, la procédure de ratification pourra être formellement engagée

Apr, Approbation

64. Les mesures seront réalisées dès Approbation par la Commission

Alis, Approbation

65. Approbative definition, approving; expressing Approbation

Approbative, Approving, Approbation

66. Approbation definition: Approbation is approval of something or agreement to it

Approbation, Approval, Agreement

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69. He tasted the wine of audience Approbation

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70. The manager surveyed her report with Approbation


71. The play received the Approbation of the mass media


72. The King received the official Approbation of the church


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does approbation vs approval mean?

Approval is a noun that means deeming something or someone as good, acceptable, or within one's requirements. It can also mean to give permission. Approbation is a mass noun that means praise or approval. It is a direct synonym for the first definition of approval.

What does approbation mean?

Definition of approbation. 1a : commendation, praise a plan that has won the approbation of the mayor. b : an act of approving formally or officially. 2 obsolete : proof.

What is the adjective for approbation?

Today, however, we mostly use "approbation" in the looser sense of "approval, admiration, or praise." The related verb approbate means "to approve or sanction," and the adjective approbatory means "expressing approval or commendation." Examples of approbation in a Sentence

What is the definition of approval?

Definition of approval : an act or instance of approving something : approbation The change is subject to the committee's approval. : subject to a prospective buyer's acceptance or refusal stamps sent to collectors on approval : the belief that something or someone is good or acceptable : a good opinion of someone or something

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