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See also: Approach Approachable Approaching Approached Approacheth Approachless Approachment Approachableness Approachability Apprehensive Apprehension Appropriate Apprehend Approbation Apprise Appraise Appreciate Appreciative Approximately Appreciable Apprentice Appreciated Appreciation Appropriation Appreciably Appropriacy Apprised Apprehended Apprehending Appraisal

1. Approach definition is - to draw closer to : near


2. How to use Approach in a sentence.


3. Approach definition, to come near or nearer to: The cars slowed down as they Approached the intersection

Approach, As, Approached

4. To come near or nearer, as in space or time: Spring Approaches. 2

As, Approaches

5. Sports To make an Approach, as in golf.

An, Approach, As

6. 34 synonyms of Approach from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 96 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Approach, And, Antonyms

7. Approach verb (COME NEAR) B1 [ I or T ] to come near or nearer to something or someone in space, time, quality, or amount: We could just see the train Approaching in the distance.

Approach, Amount, Approaching

8. Find 148 ways to say Approach, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Approach, Along, Antonyms, And, At

9. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Approach. Princeton's WordNet (3.60 / 5 votes) Rate this definition: Approach, attack, plan of attack (noun) ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation

Are, All, And, Approach, Attack, Actions

10. Synonyms for Approach in Free Thesaurus


11. 150 synonyms for Approach: move towards, come to, reach, near, advance, catch up, meet, come close, gain on, converge on, come near, push forward, draw near

Approach, Advance

12. What are synonyms for Approach?

Are, Approach

13. Synonyms for Approach include advance, come, near, close, come closer, draw close, draw closer, draw near, draw nearer and loom

Approach, Advance, And

14. The definition of Approach refers to the process of going towards something


15. A lion that slowly nears its prey is an example of a slow Approach.

An, Approach

16. Buy Weed Online at Herb Approach

At, Approach

17. Approach® CTO Microwire Guide Specifications Documents Images


18. An Approach to a place is a road, path, or other route that leads to it

An, Approach

19. The path serves as an Approach to the boat house

As, An, Approach

20. [ + to] Synonyms: access, way, drive, road More Synonyms of Approach

Access, Approach

21. Approach (n.) mid-15c., "act of drawing near, arrival," from Approach (v.)

Approach, Act, Arrival

22. Meaning "way or means by which something is Approached" is from 1630s


23. The Main Street Approach is a time-tested framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization


24. All ICD-10-PCS codes are seven characters long, with the fifth character from the medical and surgical section identifying the Approach. The Approach is defined as the technique used to reach the site of the procedure. Approaches may be through the skin or mucous membrane, through an orifice or external.

All, Are, And, Approach, As, Approaches, An

25. The Approach is a functional …


26. Approach your adventure with a light step

Approach, Adventure

27. Lightweight Approach shoes are good for scrambling, trail hiking or simply strolling around camp.

Approach, Are, Around

28. See 17 authoritative translations of Approach in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Authoritative, Approach, And, Audio

29. To Approach is to get near something


30. An airplane is cleared for a final Approach just as the wheels Approach the landing strip. Approach comes from the Latin word appropriare which means "go nearer to." You can physically Approach

An, Airplane, Approach, As, Appropriare

31. Definition of Approach written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Approach, Audio, And

32. Approach’s mission is to build digital trust for your business


33. The Approach S40 GPS golf smartwatch with color touchscreen looks great on your wrist and on the course

Approach, And

34. The shielding Approach is intended to alleviate stress on the healthcare system and circumvent the negative economic consequences of long-term containment measures and lockdowns by protecting the most vulnerable

Approach, Alleviate, And

35. 1, 24,25 Implementation of this Approach will involve careful planning, additional resources, strict adherence and strong multi

Approach, Additional, Adherence, And

36. ‘The Approach of the Himalayan winter is making a desperate situation even more urgent.’ ‘She looked up at the sky and began counting the faint stars that were fast appearing with the Approach of night.’ ‘At the Approach of the kidnapper's vessel, a door near the bottom slid open.’

Approach, At, And, Appearing

37. Approach - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Approach, And

38. Florida's experience of the coronavirus pandemic has confirmed "the lockdown Approach is a failed Approach," Republican Gov


39. ‘The Approach of the Himalayan winter is making a desperate situation even more urgent.’ ‘She looked up at the sky and began counting the faint stars that were fast appearing with the Approach of night.’ ‘At the Approach of the kidnapper's vessel, a door near the bottom slid open.’

Approach, At, And, Appearing

40. WestofEden 1 3264696 This is a new Approach


41. CK 1 2235979 Tom Approached timidly


42. CK 1 2235976 Tom Approached cautiously


43. CK 1 2007452 Let's try another Approach

Another, Approach

44. CK 1 275528 A big typhoon is Approaching


45. CK 1 62816 Christmas is fast Approaching


46. CM 1 2406822 I suggest a different Approach


47. CK 1 1868255 Tom heard footsteps Approaching.


48. Approach definition, to come near or nearer to: The cars slowed down as they Approached the intersection

Approach, As, Approached

49. Approach Z80 laser range finder with GPS is the most accurate laser range finder available

Approach, Accurate, Available

50. Approach concepts cover all segments of the instrument Approach, i.e

Approach, All

51. Initial, intermediate, final, and missed Approach

And, Approach

52. Positive Approach to Care is a woman-owned business.


53. Listen to all All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " Always Approach dogs slowly

All, Adverbs, Always, Approach

54. (slowly, carefully, cautiously) " If you want a date, you should Approach her directly


55. (directly, personally) Used with prepositions: " The police Approached the house from the back


56. (from, toward) " I Approached my teacher about my test score

Approached, About

57. To come near or nearer, as in space or time: Spring Approaches

As, Approaches

58. Sports To make an Approach, as in golf

An, Approach, As

59. To come or go near or nearer to: Approached the tunnel


60. Approach and method are two important concepts in performing any task

Approach, And, Are, Any

61. Approach is the way you are going to Approach the project

Approach, Are

62. This is the main difference between Approach and method

Approach, And

63. This active learning Approach to early education achieves powerful, positive results

Active, Approach, Achieves

64. The capability Approach (also referred to as the capabilities Approach) is a normative Approach to human welfare that concentrates on the actual capability of persons to achieve their well-being rather than on their mere right or freedom to do so

Approach, Also, As, Actual, Achieve

65. It was conceived in the 1980s as an alternative Approach to welfare economics

As, An, Alternative, Approach

66. In this Approach, Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum bring together a

Approach, Amartya, And

67. The cost Approach is a real estate valuation method that estimates the price a buyer should pay for a piece of property is equal the cost to build an equivalent building.

Approach, An

68. The market Approach is a method for determining the value of an asset

Approach, An, Asset

69. It is one of three popular Approaches, along with the cost Approach and discounted cash-flow analysis (DCF).

Approaches, Along, Approach, And, Analysis

70. Do Approach if you’ve noticed her sending several glances and/or smiles your way

Approach, And

71. Don’t Approach a girl if she looks upset


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approach (verb) · approaches (third person present) · approached (past tense) · approached (past participle) · approaching (present participle)

approach (noun) · approaches (plural noun)

  • a way of dealing with something.
Synonyms: attitude . slant . perspective . viewpoint . outlook . method . procedure . process . technique . mo . style . strategy . stratagem . way . manner . mode . tactic . tack . path . system . means . modus operandi .
  • an act of speaking to someone for the first time about something, typically a proposal or request.
  • behavior intended to propose personal or sexual relations with someone.
Synonyms: proposal . proposition . submission . motion . offer . application . appeal . plea . advances . overtures . suggestions . attentions . suit .
  • the action of coming near or nearer to someone or something in distance or time.
  • an approximation to something.
Synonyms: advance . coming . nearing . advent . arrival . entrance . appearance . approximation . likeness . semblance . correspondence . parallel .

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