Use appraised in a sentence

Word suggestions (4): Appraised, Appraisal, Apprised, Appraise




  - assess the value or quality of.


assess, evaluate, estimate, judge, rate, gauge, review, consider, value, price,

"Appraised" in Example Sentences

1. How to use appraised in a sentence. Example sentences with the word appraised. appraised example sentences. appraised Sentence Examples. with it, appraised Jefferson's word in his first inaugural for those who, "in the full tide of successful experiment," were ready to abandon a government that had so far kept them "free and firm,
2. The teacher appraised my project and decided to award me a perfect score. 🔊 Because the stolen ring was appraised at over five million dollars, it probably will not be found in a local pawn shop. 🔊 The prosecutor appraised the evidence and said it was not substantial enough to go to trial. 🔊
3. Use appraisee in a sentence “ If there is an approval of an interview and the employee is being appraised by his employer in an appraisal interview the person is known as an appraisee 15. How to use humpy in a sentence.
4. They appraised me in their own minds, I saw, and were curious to ascertain what my full value was.: I was soon appraised of the subject of their conversation, as, calling to Sola, Tars Tarkas signed for her to send me to him.: Bulaki Ram feared the Hajji, because the Hajji had often gloatingly appraised his skill in figures at five thousand rupees upon any slave-block.
5. appraised in a sentence 🔊 Definition of appraised . simple past tense and past participle of appraise. Short Example Sentences for appraised . 1. Allen appraised again the comfortable room. 🔊 2. Miriam appraised the head speculatively. 🔊 3. He appraised her rising temper. 🔊 4.

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