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1. Enjoy this slow cooked Apple butter made with apple and spices

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2. What distinguishes Apple butter is that the apple mixture is cooked much longer than apple sauce, which helps to cook off some extra moisture and create caramelization throughout

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3. Apple butter is one of my favorite edible gifts to make during the holiday season


4. In contrast to what the name implies, there is no "butter" in Apple butter


5. Apple butter is delicious on buttered toast


6. Homemade Apple butter couldn't be easier to make—it just takes a little patience! The result is a sweet, aromatic, and versatile condiment

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7. Think of Apple butter as applesauce's spicier, creamier, more flavorful cousin.

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8. Apple butter is a concentrated, flavorful spread that can be used in many ways


9. Of course, enjoying it with a spoon straight out of the jar is good enough too! What are the best apples for Apple butter?

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10. Apple butter is a delicious alternative to peanut butter, and a great way to use fresh apples

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11. The Apple butter will taste MUCH better than anything you've ever had from a store

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12. Green Jay Gourmet Low Sugar Apple butter - All-Natural, Gluten-Free Fruit Spread - Apple Spread with Apples, Cinnamon & Spices - Gourmet Fruit Butter - No Added Sugar or Corn Syrup - 19 Ounces

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13. What is Apple butter – First of all, Apple butter is cooked down apples for a longer period, so it’s a little thicker and almost has a caramelized consistency

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14. Apple butter is a sweet velvety concentrated apple spread that you’ll want to put on everything


15. Homemade Apple butter is the equivalent of fall in a jar


16. A great answer to that eternal question — “What do I do with all these apples?” — Apple butter is a sweetened, concentrated, lightly spiced spread that’s smoother than jam …

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17. What you’ll need for easy one-hour Apple butter: 24 ounce jar of applesauce ~ you can use your favorite brand, sweetened or unsweetened.; Spices ~ feel free to use this as a guide and adjust according to …

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18. What is the difference between applesauce and Apple butter? Both Apple butter and apple sauce are slow cooked apples and spices

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19. Apple butter is cooked longer than applesauce which creates a thick, smooth, intense apple flavored spread

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20. Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of apple sauce produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider or water to a point where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, …

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21. Apple butter is essentially concentrated applesauce

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22. Apple butter is a luscious fruit spread made by slow-cooking apples until their sugars naturally carmelize

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23. Historically, Apple butter was cooked over a very low fire, sometimes for days at a time, until the apples transformed into a deep brown and took on a thick consistency.

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24. WHAT IS Apple butter? Apple butter is a simple, home-y topping that tastes great spread on biscuits, scones, or toast


25. This Apple butter is delicious in the end, but it was a two day process


26. If you've always wanted to try canning, this Apple butter Recipe is a great place to start

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27. Apple butter offers a quick and easy way to enhance menu items with the delectably sweet and subtly tart taste of wholesome fruit! It's the perfect complement to toast, biscuits, bagels, pancakes, and waffles

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28. Rather than buying Apple butter in bulk jars, these portion cups are easy to serve in caddies on your tabletop or hotel breakfast bar.

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29. Apple butter can be cooked in a slow-cooker, in a pot on the stovetop or roasted in the oven—there's a method for any cook! Generally, on the stovetop, …

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30. Our slow cooker Apple butter couldn't be easier


31. Apple butter made with just apples, cinnamon, and sugar is rich, silky and incredibly easy to make

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32. Prepare it in the slow cooker or instant pot! Apple butter was one of the first recipes I posted on my …


33. Apple butter is versatile and can be used as an ingredient in recipes, ranging from breakfast and dinner to dessert and snacks

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34. Homemade Apple butter is a cinch to prepare and is delicious when spread on toast, bagels, and more

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35. Apple butter is the perfect thing to slather over toast, dip graham crackers in, or eat by the spoonful when no one is looking


36. Apple butter is essentially a further …



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38. Apple butter has no fat, cholesterol, sodium or preservatives just like the natural goodness of apples

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39. Apple butter; America's favorite

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41. In honor of the ascendance of apple season, here are uncommonly delicious ways to eat Apple butter.

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42. Apple butter is the unofficial condiment of fall, and it’s good for so much more than simply spreading on toast (and biscuits, and muffins, and scones).The deeply concentrated fruit flavor of plain Apple butter is both sweet and acidic, and even with a flourish of warm spices, it works

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43. Test Kitchen Tip: Use a wooden spoon to draw a line through the Apple butter on the bottom of the pot; if the line holds for 5 seconds before the Apple butter merges back together, it's …


44. This Homemade Apple butter recipe is velvety, rich, and tastes like apple pie!

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45. Apple butter is one of those magical condiments that crosses the line between sweet and savory, and I can think of a million different ways to use it

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46. This particular batch of Apple butter was made as to accompany a batch of sharp cheddar gougères (cheese puffs), apples and cheese being an entirely under-appreciated combination.

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47. Ladle the hot Apple butter into clean, sterilized half pint or pint jars, leaving a ¼ inch headspace at the top.Remove air bubbles and wipe the rim, to …

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48. Apple butter is high in natural sugar so if you want don’t want to add sugar, then use sweet apples

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49. The thing about sugar is that helps thicken your Apple butter

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50. I used about 5 tablespoons of coconut sugar so my Apple butter was satisfyingly sweet.

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51. This crockpot Apple butter is a simple apple recipe that allows all of your senses to celebrate the glory of autumn

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52. Apple butter is traditionally made over many hours on the stove top or …


53. If you’re new to Apple butter, or perhaps found yourself here accidentally, you may be wondering what the difference is between Apple butter and …

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54. Apple butter is a thicker and spicier version of applesauce

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55. It is great on toast, crackers, cornbread, pancakes, or even over ice cream.This tasty Apple butter recipe is just one of many apple recipes that you can make this fall when apples are plentiful.

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APPLE BUTTER [ˈapəl ˈbədər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does apple butter taste like?

Apple butter has a hint of warm cinnamon spice, but mostly it just tastes like apples. It's a very intense apple flavor, because it is essentially just apples cooked down and concentrated to their essence.

What are the best apples for making apple butter?

Soft apples are best for making homemade apple butter because they break down easier and create a better texture in the end. Combining different types of apples - both sweet and tart - enhance the flavor of the end product. Try a combination of McIntosh, Cortland, Red Delicious, Braeburn,...

What do I do with apple butter?

You can use apple butter as a replacement for oil, eggs, and butter in any baked good recipe you choose. Just like applesauce, apple butter will help create a sweet, moist flavor and also offer binding power to your recipes. It’s especially tasty in muffins, cookies, pancakes, breads, waffles, and cakes.

What are some substitutes for apple butter?

Applesauce : Often used to replace oil in recipes, applesauce can also be used as a butter alternative, and it works best in cake-like recipes (like this vegan banana apple chunk bread). Replace half the amount of butter in your recipe with applesauce; if the recipe calls for one cup of butter, use half a cup of butter and half a cup of applesauce.

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