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APPLAUSE [əˈplôz]

applause (noun)

  • approval or praise expressed by clapping.
Synonyms: clapping . handclapping . cheering . whistling . (standing) ovation . acclamation . cheers . whistles . bravos . curtain calls . encores . booing . hissing .

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1. Applause definition is - marked commendation : acclaim

2. How to use Applause in a sentence.

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4. Applause synonyms, Applause pronunciation, Applause translation, English dictionary definition of Applause

5. Praise; commendation: a scientific discovery that won critical Applause

6. Applause definition, hand clapping as a demonstration of approval, appreciation, acclamation, or the like

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9. 21 synonyms of Applause from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 48 related words, definitions, and antonyms

10. Applause: enthusiastic and usually public expression of approval

11. Applause is an Emmy award-winning locally produced TV show that celebrates artists and cultural groups around Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

12.Applause” is an EDM/electro-pop celebration of sticking it to the haters, doing what one loves, and embracing the thrill of the crowd

13. Applause is a musical with a book by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, lyrics by Lee Adams, and music by Charles Strouse.The musical is based on the 1950 film All About Eve and the short story on which the movie is based, Mary Orr's "The Wisdom of Eve".The story centers on aging star Margo Channing, who innocently takes a fledgling actress under her wing, unaware that the ruthless Eve is plotting

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29. Applause is the Emmy award-winning TV show that celebrates artists and cultural groups around Northeast Ohio and beyond

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49. The Applause Data Release 1 (DR1) contains digitized phtographic plates from the Bamberg, Hamburg and Potsdam observatories

50. Applause You May Also Like Ellie Goulding - "Anything Could Happen" Stripped to the waist We fall into the river Cover your eyes So you don't know the secret I've been trying to hide We held our breath To see our names are written On the wreck of '86 That was the year

51. And if there are some who look to science as a way of acquiring gold instead of Applause from the learned, and the personal satisfaction associated with the very act of discovery, they have chosen the wrong profession.” ― Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Advice for a Young Investigator.

52. Gaga sings on the song of living for her fans' Applause - the way they cheer and scream for her

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What is the origin and meaning of applause?

applause (n.) early 15c., "commendation, praise," from Latin applausus, past participle of applaudere "approve by clapping hands" (see applaud). English in 16c.-17c. had applausible "worthy to be applauded."

What does applause mean?

applause - a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together. clapping, hand clapping. commendation, approval - a message expressing a favorable opinion; "words of approval seldom passed his lips".

What is difference between applause and applaud?

As nouns the difference between applause and applaud is that applause is the act of applauding; approbation and praise publicly expressed by the clapping of hands, stamping or tapping of the feet, acclamation, huzzas, or other means; marked commendation while applaud is (obsolete) applause; applauding.

What is the difference between a clap and applause?

As nouns the difference between applause and clap is that applause is the act of applauding; approbation and praise publicly expressed by the clapping of hands, stamping or tapping of the feet, acclamation, huzzas, or other means; marked commendation while clap is the act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces, together or clap can be gonorrhea.

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