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APOSTROPHE [əˈpästrəfē]

apostrophe (noun) · apostrophes (plural noun)

  • a punctuation mark ( ’ ) used to indicate either possession (e.g., Harry's book; boys' coats) or the omission of letters or numbers (e.g., can't; he's; class of ’99).
Synonyms: exclusion . exception . deletion . erasure . cut . excision . elimination . absence . aphesis . apheresis . apocope . asyndeton . elision . ellipsis . gapping . haplography . haplology . syncope . expunction . addition . inclusion .


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1. Apostrophe definition is - a mark ' used to indicate the omission of letters or figures, the possessive case (as in 'John's book'), or the plural of letters or figures (as in 'the 1960's')

2. Apostrophe Use: Contractions and Omissions

3. In a contraction, an Apostrophe represents missing letters

4. Apostrophe definition, the sign ('), as used: to indicate the omission of one or more letters in a word, whether unpronounced, as in o'er for over, or pronounced, as in gov't for government; to indicate the possessive case, as in man's; or to indicate plurals of abbreviations and symbols, as in several M.D.'s, 3's

5. The Apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to mark omissions and possessives of nouns and pronouns.

6. The Apostrophe ( ’ ) has three uses: contractions, plurals, and possessives

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10. Define Apostrophe: the definition of Apostrophe is the mark that indicates the possessive case or the omission of letters

11. In summary, an Apostrophe is: a punctuation mark; used to show when a noun possesses another noun; used to show omission of letters

12. Apostrophe rules can be broken into four main categories

13. Read on to discover all the Apostrophe rules you'll ever need to know!

14. Apostrophe synonyms, Apostrophe pronunciation, Apostrophe translation, English dictionary definition of Apostrophe

15. An Apostrophe is a punctuation mark that primarily serves to indicate either grammatical possession or the contraction of two words

16. Apostrophe (’) - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

17. Apostrophe Puzzles is a celebration of contemporary artists of color

18. The right way to use an Apostrophe (in illustrated form)

19. If something belongs to someone or something, then the Apostrophe is called for

20. Use an Apostrophe + s to show possession for singular nouns

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23. Large black A with the bottom left point turned into an Apostrophe

24. Large black A with the bottom left point turned into an Apostrophe

25. Some guides have their own rules for some very specific Apostrophe conundrums, like Mr

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27. An Apostrophe is a punctuation mark that primarily serves to indicate either grammatical possession or the contraction of two words

28. The word “Apostrophe” comes from the Greek meaning “turning back”

29. The Apostrophe-placement ruling seems quite straightforward, but there are exceptions

30. These words have the Apostrophe before the "s" (even though they're plural).

31. In addition to being a punctuation mark, an Apostrophe is a figure of speech in which some absent or nonexistent person or thing is addressed as if present and capable of understanding

32. Also known as a turne tale, aversio, and aversion, Apostrophes are more often found in …

33. The Apostrophe is used for two reasons: to show that certain letters in a contraction are missing, and to indicate ownership

34. The rules for Apostrophes vary with the type of word

35. Apostrophes help make your writing clear and short.


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37. Apostrophe (plural Apostrophes) ( orthography ) The text character ’ , which serves as a punctuation mark in various languages and as a diacritical mark in certain rare contexts

38. Little punctuation marks—like a comma, question mark, or an Apostrophe—can make or break the flow or meaning of a sentence

39. For most nouns you just need to add an Apostrophe and an s to show that something belongs to a person or thing

40. It's a handy tool because instead of saying the bedroom of Luca, the Apostrophe and

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42. So it seems reasonable to conclude that you don't use an Apostrophe because the word farmers is there to identify the type of market

43. Again, AP style is farmers market without an Apostrophe

44. The AP typically recommend leaving out the Apostrophe whenever the phrase is descriptive rather than showing possession.

45. An Apostrophe is the mark (') that shows that one or more letters have been removed from a word, as in `isn't'

46. American English: Apostrophe / əˈpɒstrəfi /

47. Apostrophes are tiny punctuation marks but are majorly misused every single day

48. We explain how it should be used and give examples of when NOT to use an Apostrophe in your writing.

49. Putting an Apostrophe in when it's completely unnecessary

50. Apostrophe, a rhetorical device by which a speaker turns from the audience as a whole to address a single person or thing

51. The Apostrophe has been partnered up with the letter s in a few different roles over the last 500 years, and as with many relationships the goalposts have shifted a little over time

52. If the Apostrophe appears before the letter s then it may denote that the possessive case is singular, i.e

53. When we want to show that a noun has possession of something, we use an Apostrophe

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