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1. The Aporias (or literary seams) are the foremost clue to seeing an editorial history to the Gospel. The Gospel and Letters Of John Pero Johnson se concentra, …

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4. Derrida has recently become more and more preoccupied with what has come to be termed "possible-impossible Aporias" - aporia was originally a Greek term meaning a philosophical puzzle or state of puzzlement and in rhetoric a rhetorically useful expression of doubt, but it has come to mean something more like an impasse or paradox.

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5. Aporias: Requia for Piano and Orchestra is an album of contemporary classical music by American composer and saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist John Zorn performed by Stephen Drury, the …

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6. ‘Sublimity is a complex of undecidables and Aporias of which Levi-narrator is only partially aware and which is often in an adversarial relation to his stated intentions.’ ‘Hence the book is embroiled in a number of Aporias: between seeing and telling, between self and other, and between event and discourse.’

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7. Aporias is a great step forward in this respect


8. Order 25+ copies of Aporias by Jacques Derrida and Thomas Dutoit at wholesale pricing

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9. Reflexiones en tiempos caóticos APORÍAS Suscríbete ÚLTIMAS PUBLICACIONES… EXPLORA NUESTRAS COLUMNAS El río del tiempo Horizontes internacionales Mente sana en cuerpo sano Ser y pensar VOCES Y ECOS ¿Quieres publicar con nosotros? Para colaboraciones envía tu documento para revisión al correo:

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10. Synonyms for Aporias include contradiction, impasses, paradoxes, incongruousness, challenges, oxymorons, ambiguity, discrepancies, contraventions and contradictions

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11. What does Aporias mean? Plural form of aporia

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12. John Zorn dedicated this "requia for piano and orchestra" to all artists, explaining that he named this composition Aporias ("aporia" meaning an impossible passage), in reference to those passages that separate life from death

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14. In his " Aporias against Ptolemy ", Ibn al-Haytham further wrote the following comments on truth: 2

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15. After defeat in 1945, however, he knew that the declared aims of the war were deceptive and he tried to explain its Aporias of both the liberation of colonies and anti-imperialism

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17. The Aporias in Plato's early dialogues.1 In this paper, I wish to present a few specimen resolutions based on the assumption that the fallacies, omissions, and apparent contradictions producing the Aporias are fully intentional on Plato's part.2 The evidence for Plato's deliberateness falls into two main cate-

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18. Aporias: dying--awaiting (one another at) the "limits of truth" (mourir--s'attendre aux "limites de la vérité") User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict

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19. The author analyzes Balibar’s reading by attending to its formal protocols and substantive arguments, especially the transposition of the Aporias in Althusser’s theoretical formulations, moving from a politics of theater to a theatrical politics.

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21. Aporias is a group exhibition of international artists whose work revolves around the absence of narrative or a representational subject

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22. Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Aporias - Requia For Piano and Orchestra, including "Prelude," "Impetuoso," "Con Mistero," and many more

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APORIAS [əˈpôrēə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aporia mean?

Here’s a quick and simple definition: Aporia is a rhetorical device in which a speaker expresses uncertainty or doubt—often pretended uncertainty or doubt—about something, usually as a way of proving a point.

What does aporia mean in Latin?

APORIA Meaning: "professed doubt as to where to begin," from Latin, from Greek aporia "difficulty, perplexity, want of... See definitions of aporia. Advertisement

What is the plural of Aporia?

aporia (plural aporias) (rhetoric) An expression of deliberation with oneself regarding uncertainty or doubt as to how to proceed.

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