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APOGEE [ˈapəjē]

apogee (noun) · apogees (plural noun)

  • the highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination:
Synonyms: climax . pinnacle . peak . high point . height . top . summit . crest . zenith . apotheosis . apex . vertex . finale . denouement . consummation . completion . finish . conclusion . close . termination . nadir .
  • the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth. The opposite of perigee.
Synonyms: perigee . top . peak . mountaintop . crest . crown . apex . vertex . tip . cap . ridge . brink . brow . needle . crag . tor . mountain top . hilltop . aiguille . serac . bottom . base .

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1. Apogee is often used in its figurative sense, signifying the high point of a career, endeavor, or state (“she was at the Apogee of her profession”)

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33. Apogee The point at which a missile trajectory or a satellite orbit is farthest from the center of the gravitational field of the controlling body or bodies

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44. Another manifestation, significantly reaching its Apogee in the midst of Antonine virtues, was the growing popularity of adoxographical exercises

45. 23 synonyms of Apogee from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 17 related words, definitions, and antonyms

46. Apogee: the highest part or point.

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What does apogee stand for?

The word apogee comes from the Greek prefix apo- meaning 'away' and the word gaia meaning 'earth'. Apogee is a French derivation of the Latin term apogaeum from the Ptolemaic Greek apogaion. When a body is at apogee, it is also at its minimal orbital velocity.

What does the name apogee mean?

Apogee is often used in its figurative sense, signifying the high point of a career, endeavor, or state ("she was at the apogee of her profession"). This meaning developed as a metaphorical extension of the word's astronomical sense, denoting the farthest distance from earth of an object orbiting the planet.

What is the difference between apogee and perigee?

The point of the orbit closest to Earth is called perigee, while the point farthest from Earth is known as apogee. The difference between apogee and perigee.

How do you use the word apogee in a sentence?

Apogee in a sentence

  • His political career reached its apogee in the 1960s.
  • At their apogee, the novels of Spillane claimed worldwide sales of over 180 million.
  • The orbit of the artificial satellite has an apogee of 200 miles from the earth.
  • At apogee its radial velocity reaches zero, so it once again has a purely horizontal velocity.
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