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1. 2 : of, relating to, or formed with the tip of the tongue n, l, and r are apical consonants Other Words from apical More Example Sentences Learn More about apical Other Words from apical Apically \ ˈā-​pi-​k …

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2. Definition of Apically in the dictionary


3. What does Apically mean? Information and translations of Apically in the most comprehensive …

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4. Apically definitions In an apical manner or direction; towards an apex.

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5. Synonyms for Apically include jaggedly, pointedly, keenly, acutely, finely, piercingly, pointily, gnawingly, saliently and spikily

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6. Yes, Apically is a Scrabble word!and is worth 15 points in Scrabble, and 18 points in Words with Friends

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7. Forewings long (7.4 mm), extending well past end of abdomen, and wide (3.8 mm), Apically rounded (Fig

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8. The Apically positioned flap is a commonly used surgical approach to achieve pocket elimination

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9. Break 'Apically' down into sounds : say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them

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10. Record yourself saying 'Apically' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen

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11. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'Apically'.


12. 5) Periosteal suture used to hold the Apically displaced partial-thickness flaps on the periosteum


13. FIG: Periosteal sutures for an Apically displaced flap

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14. Apically Extruded Sealers: Fate and Influence on Treatment Outcome Not all extruded sealers were predictably removed from the periradicular tissues

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15. Aedeagus with pair of long (2/3 aedeagal length) and narrow ventral hooks, Apically acuminate

Aedeagus, Aedeagal, And, Apically, Acuminate

16. Various flap surgeries include Modified Widman flap, Modified flap operation, Undisplaced flap, Apically displaced flap, and Flap for …

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17. An Apically positioned flap with collagen matrix was performed in both groups

An, Apically

18. Changes in the position of the MGJ from the day of an Apically positioned flap up to 1, 3, and 12 months thereafter were assessed on digital scans (primary endpoint)

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19. Apically - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Apically and much more

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20. The word Apically uses 8 letters: a, a, c, i, l, l, p, y


21. Apically is playable in: Words With Friends 18


22. Apically displaced flaps have the important advantage of preserving the outer portion of the pocket wall and transforming it into attached gingiva

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23. The Apically Repositioned Flap The term Apically repositioned flap was initially used in 1957 by Ariaudo and Tyrell, who suggested modifications on the technique first introduced by Nabers in 1954.9 The technique was primarily used by periodontologists and general dental practitioners to eliminate periodontal pockets

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24. Apically extruded debris with reciprocating single-file and full-sequence rotary instrumentation systems Under the condition of this study, all systems caused apical debris extrusion

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25. Understand the power of Apically displaced flap with the simple explanation..understand various flaps and incision with detailed easy explanation about apica

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26. Evaluation of Apically positioned dental implants with a sandblasted with large grit and acid-etched surface 1 day after initial placement using micro-CT images and nondecalcified tissue slide images in a rabbit model

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27. Apically Co-nanoparticles-wrapped nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes from a single-source MOF for efficient oxygen reduction† Lin Ma , ‡ a Rui Wang , ‡ a Ya-Hui Li , a Xiao-Fei Liu , a Qing-Qing Zhang , a Xi-Yan Dong ab and Shuang-Quan Zang * a

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28. In the vestibular and lingual area of the posterior region of the forth quadrant as well as in the region distal of the terminal tooth the gingiva is Apically positioned

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29. Apically extruded debris produced by engine‐driven reciprocational or continuous rotational single file glide path instruments was similar, whereas manual glide path preparation was associated with the greatest amount of extruded debris

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30. The Apically displaced flap can also be set laterally for buccally impacted canines that are lying across the roots of lateral incisors and could compromise the periodontal health of adjacent teeth

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31. Exposure of a buccaly impacted canine, Apically displaced flap


32. Description size: 3 - 5 mm shape: cylindrical colour: dark brown recognition: similar to Rhyzopertha, but elytra Apically flattened, steeply inclined, curved ridges at the sloping part; elytra look like cut off:

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33. Apically (adv.) klimaxalt; unikt: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

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34. Information on sealers' fate and influence on the outcome when Apically extruded is scarce in the literature

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35. The Apically positioned flap was first designed and described by Friedman in 1962

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36. Synonyms for Apically repositioned flap in mucogingival surgery in Free Thesaurus


37. Antonyms for Apically repositioned flap in mucogingival surgery

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38. What are synonyms for Apically repositioned flap in mucogingival surgery?

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39. Coronally and Apically positioned flaps, although technically not grafting procedures, are other forms of a pedicle grafts in that gingival tissue is freed up and moved either coronally or Apically

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40. Three different techniques (excision, Apically positioned flap, and closed eruption technique) may be used to uncover the impacted tooth

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41. Mucogingival Surgery: The Apically Repositioned Flap


42. The Apically positioned flap is a commonly used surgical approach, and is important for maintaining an adequate zone of keratinized tissue

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43. If there is a sufficient amount of keratinized tissue near the implants, Apically or laterally positioned flaps can be applied using the pre-existing keratinized mucosa [8, 9], or the combination

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44. The cell type in the olfactory epithelium whose nuclei are positioned most Apically is the: a

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45. Apically: at the apex, towards the apex; with the tip of the tongue (Phonetics) Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

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46. An Apically repositioned flap is a widely used procedure that involves flap elevation with subsequent osseous contouring

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47. - Apically positioned flap - open the flap, position the tissue more Apically than when we started, if we are concerned about pocket depth, this could be indicated because positioning more Apically results in less pocket - Coronally positioned flap - for some procedure that requires the tissue to be more coronal than where we opened

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