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1. Aperture definition is - an opening or open space : hole

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2. How to use Aperture in a sentence.


3.Aperture is at the top of its game, cementing its position as a true thought-leader.”—Guardian Where does Aperture go next?

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4. Aperture can be defined as the opening in a lens through which light passes to enter the camera. It is an easy concept to understand if you just think about how your eyes work

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5. The word Aperture simply means an opening, and that’s exactly what the Aperture of a lens is

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6. By changing the Aperture setting, you increase or …


7. Marking the one-year anniversary of New York’s shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aperture magazine’s “New York” issue honors the city through photographs and essays by visionary artists and writers.

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8. Aperture provides software that simplifies, streamlines and automates credentialing and enrollment processes. Our proven, easily implemented and cost-effective software enables credentialing teams to quickly gain control of their credentialing and and enrollment — and automates manual, time-consuming credentialing activities.

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9. Why Aperture Health? Our teams have been providing credentialing, network management, directory, and data quality services to the healthcare industry for over 20 years

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10. Aperture is a Discord Bot cloned from the bot known as Rowboat, made by the Discord Staff Member b1nzy. "Rowboat is a multi-purpose moderation and utility bot for Discord

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11. Aperture Cellars champions a range of expressive Bordeaux style wines from Sonoma County’s premier cool-climate Bordeaux varietal vineyard sites


12. VISITING Aperture It took over two years of planning, design meetings, and occasional setbacks, and a decade plus of dreaming, but our new Hospitality space was worth all of the wait.

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13. Put most simply – Aperture is ‘the opening in the lens.’ When you hit the shutter release button of your camera a hole opens up that allows your cameras image sensor to catch a glimpse of the scene you’re capturing

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14. The Aperture you set impacts the size of that hole.


15. In optics, an Aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels. More specifically, the Aperture and focal length of an optical system determine the cone angle of a bundle of rays that come to a focus in the image plane.

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16. Another is as an opening or Aperture in an object, like a tunnel through a mountain or the punches in three-ring binder paper

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17. Aperture is an adjustable opening inside your lens that allows light to pass through to the imaging sensor in the camera body

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18. An easy way to visualize Aperture is to think of it in terms of the human eye

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19. A Reston focal point, Aperture is an unexpected haven, overflowing with natural light, forward-thinking amenities, and a sense of community that radiates warmth and a gracious ease

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20. WHY Aperture? Largest and most reliable CVO in the nation

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21. Aperture refers to the opening of a lens's diaphragm through which light passes


22. An Aperture is an opening, usually a small one

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23. “If you can thread the silk through that Aperture and pull it out the other side, we can knot it and create a loop.” The most common place you’ll find Aperture is when you’re talking about cameras or photography.

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24. 4 synonyms of Aperture from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 41 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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25. Also called Aperture stop.Optics

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26. Aperture provides streamlined access to services through a wide variety of contract vehicles and agency-specific IDIQs

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27. See also relative Aperture [C15: from Late Latin apertūra opening, from Latin aperīre to open]

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28. Aperture is the opening of the lens through which light passes


29. When you hit the shutter release button to take the picture, the camera Aperture opens to the predetermined width, letting a specific amount of light through

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30. A large Aperture lets more light in, and vice versa

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31. Aperture is calibrated in f/stops, written in numbers like 1.4, 2, 2.8


32. Aperture is measured in f-stops, such as f/16 and f/4, but here’s the thing: The smaller the f-stop number, the larger the opening, and vice versa

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33. Aperture controls both depth of field and exposure — widening the Aperture to blur out the background will also brighten the photo

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34. Advanced photographers will use shutter speed and ISO to balance out the exposure, but there is a way to control Aperture and still properly expose the photo even if you have no idea what ISO and shutter speed are.

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35. The Aperture is a small set of blades in the lens that controls how much light will enter the camera


36. The good: Apple Aperture 3 is a powerful, modern photo editor

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37. Aperture is defined by the size of the opening through which light can enter the camera


38. Aperture - YouTube Bringing the universe down to Earth


39. Camera Aperture and Depth of Field

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40. Aperture now generates full-size previews for every photo in your library


41. Quit Aperture when processing is complete


42. Open the Photos app, then choose your Aperture library when prompted, as pictured above.

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43. From the spectacular sculpture outside the building to our art gallery inside, Aperture is overflowing with creative energy

Art, Aperture

44. Aperture is a discontinued image organizer that was developed by Apple for the macOS operating system

Aperture, Apple

45. What does Aperture mean? The definition of an Aperture is a crevice, hole, or separation

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46. (noun) An example of an Aperture is the opening in a ca

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47. Aperture, in optics, the maximum diameter of a light beam that can pass through an optical system

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48. The size of an Aperture is limited by the size of the mount holding the optical component, or the size of the diaphragm placed in the bundle of light rays

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49. Aperture is definitely different from similar leading program(s) however, author Dion had laid out this course sequentially and is less confusing and gets from interesting to engaging half way through the book

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50. On the whole this is a book that every new Aperture user must get their hands on.


51. An Aperture stop is the opening which limits the amount of light which passes through an optical system

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52. For example, the adjustable diaphragm near the front of a compound camera lens is the Aperture

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53. The numerical Aperture of a microscope objective is a measure of its ability to gather light and resolve fine specimen detail at a fixed object distance

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54. Aperture is the opening in the lens which lets light through to the camera’s sensor; A large Aperture lets in more light than a small Aperture; Aperture is one of the three component parts of the Exposure Triangle; In Aperture Priority mode you take direct control of Aperture


55. Aperture is a cloud-delivered service, without the need for any proxies or agents

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56. Because Aperture communicates directly with SaaS applications, it will look at data from any source, regardless of the device or location from which the data originates.

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57. Aperture Spring 2021 View Latest Issue


58. Aperture [ap´er-chur] opening

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59. Inferior Aperture of minor pelvis (inferior Aperture of pelvis) pelvic outlet


60. Numerical Aperture an expression of the measure of efficiency of a microscope objective

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61. Superior Aperture of minor pelvis (superior Aperture of pelvis) pelvic inlet


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