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What does anxiety-ridden Mean?

Anxiety-ridden means “full of anxiety” or “overwhelmed with anxiety.” Ridden can be used with other words in this same way. To quote a combining form meaning “obsessed with,” “overwhelmed by” ( torment-ridden) or “full of,” “burdened with” ( debt-ridden ). Note that the phrase should be hyphenated.

Is it anxiety-riddled or -riddled?

Is it Anxiety-Ridden or -Riddled? When people talk about the problem of anxiety (or guilt, or debt, or mistakes) both ridden and riddled show up. The words are close enough to each other in both meaning and form to suggest that at some point in their histories, one of them got confused for the other. So what are those histories? Which is correct?

What is another word for anxietyridden?

Synonyms for anxiety-ridden include hag-ridden, tormented, angst-ridden, agonised, agonized, anguished, careworn, distressed, harassed and harrowed. Find more similar words at!

Are some singers anxiety-ridden?

Filled with worry or concerns. ‘Members are not anxiety-ridden about impending social upheaval.’ ‘He is another of those talented and emotive singer-songwriters who seem to specialise in anxiety-ridden pieces.’

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