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Looking for sentences with "Antwerp"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Antwerpen 2. Anvers
1. Jacqueline lives simply in a small antwerp flat
2. Meanwhile the siege of antwerp was entered upon
3. The fireworks display that heralded the opening of antwerp went off like a damp squib
4. Vaughan eventually found Tyndale in antwerp and had several talks with him in a meadow outside the city walls
5. antwerp took the tie on the away goals rule the first leg having ended in a goal-less draw
6. Apart from the west end antwerp cathedral is exceptionally difficult to view
7. From this he emerged in antwerp in with plenty of money and a carefully prepared plan for Tyndale's destruction
8. antwerp Games proved that winter sports were too specialized
9. At the antwerp Olympic Games Belgium in
10. Nello and Patrasche were coming back from antwerp
11. Later Bruges Antwerp Amsterdam and London took the lead
12. But antwerp is much prettier right ?
13. The Olympic Motto first appeared officially in antwerp Games
14. At AntwerpwwwSentencedictcom he scored an impressive goals in games
15. The close cooperation between Kimberlite and its antwerp supplier perfectly combines the advantages resources knowledge and skill of from both side to better serve the market
16. Brussels fell to him on September and antwerp the next day
17. They began to walk to antwerp When they got to the city the clock struck ten
18. It was also at antwerp that the athlete oath was first taken
19. They sought out American experts in Antwerp others in Ghent
20. MAMMA MIA ! antwerp had performances and was seen by over people
21. She finished third in the world cross-country championships in antwerp
22. He became a haberdasher and Merchant Adventurer growing rich on the cloth export trade to antwerp
23. In all between and Vaughan borrowed ? in Antwerp of which was still outstanding when Henry died
24. Mr Antonis is having a hard time getting his message of openness across to all the citizens of antwerp
25. The allies arrived in Brussels on September rd and antwerp was freed the next day
26. Helping me in my mission is the convenience of central antwerp
27. This symbol of peace was used again at the opening ceremony in antwerp in
28. Eventually we reach antwerp and like the Tour de France riders cycle along the Scheldt River past antwerp Castle and the old docks
29. There were a lot of majestic old stone buildings in antwerp
30. antwerp is all about fashion, design, music jams, cocktails, record labels, and spending your money on a sunny terrace. Instead of drinks, you can also spend all your money on clothes first, and get free drinks later because you look so cool. PUBLISHED IN 2018. SITE: antwerp. .
31. The arrest unit of the antwerp police force has had the weapon for two years, but has never had to use it until last Sunday, it announced. During a car chase that started in the Netherlands but quickly continued on antwerp territory, Antwerp’s rapid response team joined the chase and managed to stop the car on the E313 motorway bridge above
32. Lively antwerp is a hidden gem. Its medieval streets, Renaissance monuments and vibrant nightlife tend to be overshadowed by its reputation as center of the diamond trade and as the world's fifth-largest port. Biking is a popular choice for getting around this stylish Flemish city. See thousands of Old Masters at the Royal Museum and Rubens House.
33. antwerp is situated on the Schelde (Scheldt) River, about 55 miles (88 km) from the North Sea.The Schelde, together with the Meuse and the Rhine, forms the biggest estuary in western Europe, and antwerp is an essential part of an enormous harbour complex, one of the greatest in the world.The harbour installations of antwerp grew especially after World War II.
34. USE-IT Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. 641 likes. USE-IT is no-nonsense tourist info for young people, made by locals.
35. When you book a day use room in Antwerp, you can use the room and hotel facilities during daytime hours (between 9 AM and 6 PM) in any which way you choose. Best rates Day use hotel rates are up to 70% off the overnight rates, so you’re sure you’re getting the best deal.
36. The Port Authority Building (Dutch: Havenhuis), or the Port House, is a government building located in Antwerp, Belgium, built between 2009 and 2016.It is located near the area of Eilandje, in the Port of Antwerp, and acts as the new headquarters of the antwerp Port Authority, housing various departments. Designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, the building opened in 2016, the year of
37. Used Cars, Trucks, & SUVs for Sale Near Baltimore, MD. At Antwerpen Toyota, we are proud to offer a large pre-owned inventory that includes used cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale near the Baltimore, Maryland, area.
38. The bourse of antwerp was the world's first purpose-built commodity exchange (it was founded before stocks and shares existed, so was not strictly a stock exchange). Falling into disuse in the 17th century, from 1872 until 1997 the restored building housed the antwerp Stock Exchange. After further restoration, the building is now part of an events venue that goes by the English name antwerp
39. What currency do they use? The euro. Interesting Facts about Antwerp: The name “Antwerp” is derived from an old legend where a brave soldier cut off the hand of a mean, old giant who guarded a river and demanded payment for crossing. The name means “ to throw a hand.” You can find a statue depicting this scene in the square just in
40. See where Belgium’s rich history and modern outlook meet, and discover Antwerp's major attractions with ease on this 3-hour bicycle tour. Hop into the saddle and follow your guide on an exciting city tour as you take in landmarks including Antwerp's Central Station, the Scheldt River, and the Museum of Fine Art.
41. antwerp container terminal (k730) beanr0172900730: 734-736: becomar (k734) beanr0172900734: 740 - 748: mexico natie (k742) beanr0172900742 755: combinant: combin 1205 - 1219: euroports leftbank (k1207) beanr0900501207 1223 - 1231: katoen natie terminals (k1227) beanr0900501231 1331 - 1347: antwerp euroterminal (aet k1333) beanr090060133
42. Port House is the new headquarters developed for the antwerp Port Authority (APA) in Belgium. antwerp is one of the busiest shipping ports in the world and the new building reflects the port’s worldwide importance in communication and transportation.
43. Our guide to using Antwerp's main station explains what to look out for when departing and arriving by train. It also includes info on how to travel between antwerp Central station and the city centre, which quality hotels are nearby - and why using Antwerpen Berchem station can be an option worth considering.
44. antwerp is the English rendering of the city known in Dutch as Antwerpen and in French as Anvers. The one-time industrial city has recast itself as a trendy and fashionable place to live or to visit. Antwerp’s wow factor starts as you arrive at the city’s beautiful central station. It sets the scene for a city that boasts many superb buildings.
45. The campaign to free up antwerp cost the Allies dear. They had lost 703 officers and 12,170 other ranks killed, wounded or lost in action, presumed dead. Over half of these casualties were Canadian men. However, the capture of antwerp and the ability to use its port facilities was vital for the Allies as they drove on to Germany.
46. antwerp to Use Digitization to Enhance Secure Release of Containers Containers in the Port of antwerp (file photo) By The Maritime Executive 09-24-2020 03:48:34

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