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Looking for sentences with "Antitussive"? Here are some examples.

1. Objective : To compare the antitussive action of Thunb
2. Conclusion: CDCA has antitussive antiasthmatic expectorant actions
3. The anti - inflammatory and antitussive action of ethanol Abstract from OrthoslPhon wufenioiide has been studied
4. Objective To investigate the antitussive and expectorant fractions of Chuanmingshen violaceum
5. antitussive test expectorant test and antiasthmatic test were made with sodium cholate CANa and TCANa
6. Conclusion:Kechuan oral liquid has an obvious effect on antitussive expectotating phlegm panting-calming and anti-inflammation
7. METHODS: antitussive test expectorant test and antiasthmatic test were made with sodium taurocholate prepared by conjugating starting compound cholic acid with taurine
8. Aim To study antitussive expectorant and antiasthmatic effects of Qingfeixiaoke granule
9. antitussive effect of Asverin is equal to or more powerful than that of codeine
10. Objective : To investigate the antitussive expectorant and antiasthmatic effects and antiasthmatic mechanism of Kechuanping granules
11. Has bronchial smooth muscles relaxation antitussive expectorant and antiasthmatic activities with very low toxicity
12. Objective : To Study the antitussive effects of phenylalanine extract of Staphylococcus albus
13. Objective To study the antitussive expectorant and anti-asthmatic effects of triterpene acids of loquat leaf TAL
14. antitussive experiments in mice with cough induced by ammonia water
15. Objective : To investigate antitussive antispasmodic expectorant and antiinflammatory effects of Qinrezhike granules QZ through pharmacodynamic experiments
16. Objective: In this paper antitussive antiasthmatic and expectorant action of chenodeoxycholine acid CDCA were studied
17. Objective : To evaluate antitussive and expectorant effects of Juchen Zhike Granule JZG
18. Both genkwanin and its vinegar processed imitation have antitussive and expectorant actions without marked difference in efficacy
19. Objective To study the antitussive expectorant and antiasthetic action on pharmacology of Lingxing Kechuan Capsule
20. Noscapine has been primarily used as antitussive agent for several decades
21. Objective To study the antitussive eliminating phlegm and antiasthmatic effects of Souning oral liquid
22. ObjectiveTo investigate the antitussive and expectorant effect of Mango leaves extract on mice with cough
23. Methods Ammonia water steaming test was performed to prove the antitussive effects of OIV and the expectorant effects of OIV was confirmed by phenol red secretion test
24. Objective To observe the effects of Fufang Yeju Ganmao granule on antipyretic and anti - inflammation and antitussive
25. To compare some pharmacological effects between Zhisousan and that when added with some Chinese drugs antitussive experiments in mice with cough induced by ammonia water
26. Conclusion : GS has evident effects of antifebrile antitussive expectorant and antiasthmatic
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28. Further more Ursolic acid and the total triterpene acids also displayed antitussive activity
29. Conclusion The study suggests that Souning oral liquid has antitussive eliminating phlegm and antiasthmatic effects
30. Antitussives are medicines that suppress coughing, also known as cough suppressants. Antitussives are thought to work by inhibiting a coordinating region for coughing located in the brain stem, disrupting the cough reflex arc; although the exact mechanism of action is unknown.
31. Diphenhydramine is clinically used as antihistaminic, antitussive and sedative–hypnotic drug. The main metabolites are demethyl, bis-demethyl diphenhydramine and diphenylmethoxyacetic acid (DPMA). In addition, one- and two-fold hydroxylation of one of the phenyl moieties followed by methylation of one of the hydroxy groups was described.
32. Antitussives are drugs that suppress the cough reflex. Persistent coughing can be exhausting and can cause muscle strain and further irritation of the respiratory tract. Many disorders of the respiratory tract are accompanied by an uncomfortable, unproductive cough.
33. An antitussive is also known as a cough suppressant, which is often used for the treatment of cough and cold symptoms. A cough that is caused by a cold or flu may go away on its own. However, antitussives may be taken if a cough is keeping a person awake all night or is causing discomfort.
34. Last Modified Date: January 20, 2021 "Antitussive" is both a noun and a verb, and each definition relates to the ability to suppress or calm coughing. These medicines are thought to reduce amount of coughing, and are distinct from expectorants, which are also cough medicines.
35. antitussive therapy is symptomatic and is primarily for the comfort of the animal and the owner. Most antitussive drugs are opiates or opioids that directly suppress the cough center in the medulla oblongata (see Table: antitussive Drugs).
36. "By the same standard, we find that the widely used antitussive dextromethorphan harbors proviral activity and therefore its use should merit caution and further study in the context of COVID-19
37. The treatment of cough can be divided into two main categories: (a) therapy that controls, prevents or eliminates cough (i.e. antitussive); and (b) therapy that makes cough more effective (i.e. protussive). antitussive therapy can be either specific or nonspecific.
38. TUZISTRA XR is a combination of codeine, an opiate agonist antitussive, and chlorpheniramine, a histamine-1 (H1) receptor antagonist indicated for relief of cough and symptoms associated with upper respiratory allergies or a common cold. (1.1) Limitation of Use: Not indicated for pediatric patients under 18 years of age.
39. antitussive definition is - a cough suppressant. How to use antitussive in a sentence.
40. Use of antitussive Medications in the Pediatric Population Originally approved February 2020 As an adjunct to this policy statement, ACEP has prepared a Policy Resource and Education Paper (PREP) entitled, “Use of antitussive Medications in the Pediatric Population”
41. Antitussives 1.   Antitussives are drugs that suppress coughing, possibly by reducing the activity of the cough center in the brain. antitussive agents are used to relieve dry cough. 2.  Cough is protective reflex, its purpose being expulsion of respiratory secretions or foreign particles from the lungs and upper airway passages.
42. How to use antitussive in a sentence. 41. How to use antitussive in a sentence. 42. An antitussive is a A. cough medication used for drying up secretions. B. cough medication that increases and liquefies the mucus secretions. C. cough-suppressant medication. D. non-productive cough. 43. antitussive with Expectorants Oral syrup drug summary
43. Background on the Use of Opioids as Antitussives Pediatric Advisory Committee Meeting September 11, 2017 Peter Starke, MD, FAAP Medical Officer / Associate Director for Labeling
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