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1. Mechanical Antiresonances cannot be discerned from impedance analysis, because they are masked by the parallel capacitance of the other LRC branches

Antiresonances, Analysis, Are

2. Antiresonances meaning Plural form of antiresonance.

Antiresonances, Antiresonance

3. Nance between these Antiresonances is a genuine free-free mode


4. Looking at these actions in reverse sequence, grounding the base DOF of this free-free structure results in a constrained structure with resonance frequencies matching the two Antiresonances of the free-free shake

At, Actions, Antiresonances

5. We report anomalous Antiresonances in the infrared spectra of doped and disordered single layer graphene

Anomalous, Antiresonances, And

6. The Antiresonances are caused by the interference between the upper and lower branches of the ring. So they are suppressed by the asymmetry of the ring

Antiresonances, Are, And, Asymmetry

7. When these conditions are met, we measured a series of quantum interference Antiresonances (AR) between the two types of excitations, namely the discrete IRAV and the polaron PA band

Are, Antiresonances, Ar, And

8. In general, you cannot avoid creating these higher order resonances/Antiresonances with an LC matching network, but you can carefully select components and design a network such that these undesired resonances/Antiresonances do not sit within the circuit element’s bandwidth.

Avoid, Antiresonances, An, And

9. Are the Antiresonances of h p q ω and are here denoted as ω a, i, with 0 ≤ i ≤ n − 1

Are, Antiresonances, And, As

10. Unlike resonances, the Antiresonances depend on the receptance h p q (ω) considered


11. In addition, we identify and discuss minima of the transmitted force ("Antiresonances") between these resonances

Addition, And, Antiresonances

12. Antiresonance (plural Antiresonances) (physics) the condition, in an electric circuit containing a capacitor and coil in parallel and in which the alternating current line voltage and the resultant current are in phase, in which the impedance approaches infinity.

Antiresonance, Antiresonances, An, And, Alternating, Are, Approaches



14. Antiresonances have become an attractive alternative in structural damage assessment

Antiresonances, An, Attractive, Alternative, Assessment

15. Antiresonances are derived from point frequency response functions (FRFs) or from transfer FRFs.

Antiresonances, Are

16. Nasals creat Antiresonances that attenuate higher formants relative to those of neighboring vowels

Antiresonances, Attenuate

17. These Antiresonances are frequency regions in which amplitudes of the source components are severely attenuated.

Antiresonances, Are, Amplitudes, Attenuated

18. The photoinduced Fano-type Antiresonances are well explained by extending the amplitude mode model beyond the adiabatic limit

Antiresonances, Are, Amplitude, Adiabatic

19. In this paper, an updating technique that includes Antiresonances in the definition of the output residual is considered

An, Antiresonances

20. Antiresonances are not a global system property, but are typical of each frequency response function (FRF), thus allowing the residual vector to be enlarged with data identified from additional FRFs

Antiresonances, Are, Allowing, Additional

21. Yannis Kominis, Kent D Choquette, Anastasios Bountis & Vassilios Kovanis, Antiresonances and Ultrafast Resonances in a Twin Photonic Oscillator, IEEE Photonics Journal, 11 1-9 (2019)

Anastasios, Amp, Antiresonances, And

22. Direct Observation of Infrared Plasmonic Fano Antiresonances by a Nanoscale Electron Probe Kevin C


23. They use an updating technique that includes Antiresonances in the definition of the output residual, showing that the use of Antiresonances extracted from point FRFs allows for robust model 6

An, Antiresonances, Allows

24. One of the main motivations on the use of Antiresonances in structural identification is that, unlike mode shapes, Antiresonances are easily and : 2

Antiresonances, Are, And

25. In addition, we identify and discuss minima of the transmitted force ("Antiresonances") between these resonances

Addition, And, Antiresonances

26. Accordingly, the addition of surplus charge carriers to chirality-mixed carbon nanotube samples has previously been found to give rise to a Drude-type plasmon feature as well as Fano-type Antiresonances in the far- to mid-infrared spectral range (FIR/MIR)

Accordingly, Addition, As, Antiresonances

27. We present analytic and numerical studies based on the Landauer theory of conductance Antiresonances of molecular wires

Analytic, And, Antiresonances

28. IEEE Photonics Journal Antiresonances and Ultrafast Resonances Antiresonances and Ultrafast Resonances in a Twin Photonic Oscillator Yannis Kominis ,1 Kent D

Antiresonances, And

29. For consonants, there are also Antiresonances in the vocal tract at one or more frequencies due to oral constrictions

Are, Also, Antiresonances, At

30. In this Letter, we exploit recent breakthroughs in monochromated aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to resolve infrared plasmonic Fano Antiresonances in individual nanofabricated disk-rod dimers

Aberration, Antiresonances

31. Nasal cavities are known to introduce Antiresonances (dips) in the sound spectrum reducing the acoustic power of the voice

Are, Antiresonances, Acoustic

32. We observed photoinduced quantum interference Antiresonances between several discrete infrared-active vibrations and the lower-polaron continuous absorption band in a series of pi-conjugated

Antiresonances, Active, And, Absorption

33. (b) Enlargement of one of the blockade Antiresonances


34. The other type of singularity, arising from the dissipative coupling of two Antiresonances, is an unconventional bound state in the continuum (BIC)

Arising, Antiresonances, An

35. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): We present analytic and numerical studies based on Landauer theory of conductance Antiresonances of molecular wires

Analytic, And, Antiresonances

36. Kondo resonances and Fano Antiresonances in transport through quantum dots M

And, Antiresonances

37. Indeed, there are two types of Antiresonances: 1

Are, Antiresonances

38. Furthermore, these Antiresonances are most effective in orbital positions that are not perturbed by Pandora, meaning that Pandora is not involved in shaping the F ring

Antiresonances, Are

39. The Antiresonances, like the resonances, are linear and stationary

Antiresonances, Are, And

40. The Antiresonances can be derived from the point frequency response functions (FRFs), in which the response coordinate is the same as the excitation coordinate, or from transfer FRFs in which the response coordinate differs from the excitation coordinate

Antiresonances, As

41. Point FRFs are preferred because matching problems arise when the Antiresonances from

Are, Arise, Antiresonances

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of antiresonance?

Antiresonances can occur in all types of coupled oscillator systems, including mechanical, acoustic, electromagnetic and quantum systems. They have important applications in the characterization of complex coupled systems.

When does antiresonance occur in an electrical circuit?

In electrical engineering, antiresonance is the condition for which the reactance vanishes and the impedance of an electrical circuit is very high, approaching infinity. In an electric circuit consisting of a capacitor and an inductor in parallel, antiresonance occurs when the alternating current line voltage and the resultant current are in phase.

Which is the simplest system in which antiresonance arises?

The simplest system in which antiresonance arises is a system of coupled harmonic oscillators, for example pendula or RLC circuits . Consider two harmonic oscillators coupled together with strength g and with one oscillator driven by an oscillating external force F.

Why are antiresonance frequencies important?

This result makes antiresonances useful in characterizing complex coupled systems which cannot be easily separated into their constituent components. The resonance frequencies of the system depend on the properties of all components and their couplings, and are independent of which is driven.

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