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1. Antipathy definition is - a strong feeling of dislike


2. How to use Antipathy in a sentence


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4. Antipathy noun hostility, opposition, disgust, dislike, hatred, loathing, distaste, animosity, aversion, antagonism, enmity, rancour, bad blood, incompatibility, ill will, animus, repulsion, abhorrence, repugnance, odium, contrariety She'd often spoken of her Antipathy towards London.

Antipathy, Animosity, Aversion, Antagonism, Animus, Abhorrence

5. Declarations of racial Antipathy against ethnic …

Antipathy, Against

6. An Antipathy is a deep-seated dislike of something or someone. Usually it's a condition that is long-term, innate, and pretty unlikely to change — like your Antipathy for the Red Sox

An, Antipathy, And

7. If you look at the Greek roots of this word — anti- ("against") and pathos ("feeling") — you can see that Antipathy is a feeling against someone or something.

At, Anti, Against, And, Antipathy

8. While all these words mean "deep-seated dislike or ill will," Antipathy and antagonism imply a natural or logical basis for one's hatred or dislike, Antipathy suggesting repugnance, a desire to avoid or reject, and antagonism suggesting a clash of temperaments leading readily to hostility

All, Antipathy, And, Antagonism, Avoid

9. Antipathy is defined as a strong feeling of opposition or dislike. An example of Antipathy is how a staunch Republican might feel about a Democrat.

Antipathy, As, An, About

10. Find 44 ways to say Antipathy, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Antipathy, Along, Antonyms, And, At

11. Antipathy. The Enchantment causes creatures of the kind you designated to feel an intense urge to leave the area and avoid the target. When such a creature can see the target or comes within 60 feet of it, the creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become Frightened.

Antipathy, An, Area, And, Avoid

12. Synonyms: Antipathy; aversion; distaste Hypernyms ("Antipathy" is a kind of): dislike (a feeling of aversion or Antipathy)

Antipathy, Aversion

13. Derivation: antipathetic (characterized by antagonism or Antipathy)

Antipathetic, Antagonism, Antipathy

14. Antipathetical (characterized by antagonism or Antipathy)

Antipathetical, Antagonism, Antipathy

15. Verbs for Antipathy include antipathise, antipathised, antipathises, antipathising, antipathize, antipathized, antipathizes and antipathizing

Antipathy, Antipathise, Antipathised, Antipathises, Antipathising, Antipathize, Antipathized, Antipathizes, And, Antipathizing

16. The salient reality was the depth of popular Antipathy to the political establishment as a whole. As a Yorkshire born Aussie, the question of Scottish Antipathy to the English has vexed me often

Antipathy, As, Aussie

17. The bad news is that French Antipathy towards him is so obvious that it sours the whole occasion.


18. Noun Antipathy expresses most of constitutional feeling and least of volition: the turkey-cock has an Antipathy to the color red; many people have an intense Antipathy to snakes, rats, toads

Antipathy, And, An

19. In figurative use, Antipathy is a dislike that seems constitutional toward persons, things, conduct, etc.; hence it involves a dislike for which sometimes


20. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English an‧tip‧a‧thy /ænˈtɪpəθi/ noun [ uncountable] formal a feeling of strong dislike towards someone or something SYN hostility Antipathy to/towards a growing Antipathy towards the government Antipathy between There’s always been a certain amount of Antipathy between the two doctors.

An, Antipathy, Always, Amount

21. The teenagers expressed their Antipathy for the school by vandalizing the gym


22. 🔊 Her Antipathy towards her teacher was obvious to everyone in the classroom


23. 🔊 Is your Antipathy for me so great that you no longer care about my feelings? 🔊 After serving in the war, he developed an Antipathy to guns

Antipathy, About, After, An

24. 🔊 The source of my Antipathy is my


25. Antipathy Early astrologers claimed that the dislike one feels for another person or thing is caused by the stars

Antipathy, Astrologers, Another

26. Inherent incompatibility or inability to mix: the Antipathy between faith and reason; the Antipathy of hydrocarbons and water

Antipathy, And

27. His Antipathy towards/ toward swimming dates back to childhood


28. There was a lot of Antipathy between the two doctors


29. A natural Antipathy for people in authority; his Antipathy for his boss; I feel a profound Antipathy to using any weapon.

Antipathy, Authority, Any

30. Antipathy is a strong feeling of dislike or hostility toward someone or something.


31. ‘This Antipathy towards fiction is a little difficult to understand.’ ‘This was unusual, given conventional medicine's Antipathy towards anything considered wacky or unprovable.’ ‘Might it not, however, be more accurate to call it Antipathy?’

Antipathy, Anything, Accurate

32. Aversion, and Antipathy in its true sense, depend more on the constitution; repugnancy may depend on reason or education

Aversion, And, Antipathy

33. Synonyms for Antipathy in Free Thesaurus


34. 43 synonyms for Antipathy: hostility, opposition, disgust, dislike, hatred, loathing, distaste


35. Antipathy was the first timeship child of Compassion


36. Before his birth, Antipathy lived within the internal architecture of his mother — an infinite womb

Antipathy, Architecture, An

37. Antipathy/Sympathy is a spell that's available as of level 8, with a castingtime of 1 Hour for D&D 5e - Read up on all the spells on DND-Spells Dungeons and Dragons 5e - …

Antipathy, Available, As, Amp, All, And

38. Suzanne Delehanty has described the "Technological Reliquaries" as "a protest against pop arts ready acceptance of mass production and minimalism's idealization of technology." One would agree that they subvert those dominant modes of the '60s, whether humorously or in outright Antipathy

As, Against, Arts, Acceptance, And, Agree, Antipathy

39. N Antipathy Antipathy is opposed primarily to sympathy, but often to mere liking


40. N Antipathy Disgust is the loathing, first of physical taste, then of esthetic taste, then of spiritual taste or moral feeling


41. N Antipathy Aversion is a fixed disposition to avoid something which displeases, disturbs, or annoys: as, quiet people have an aversion

Antipathy, Aversion, Avoid, Annoys, As, An

42. Antipathy is a bearer of the Red Lantern Ring and has all the powers that come with it

Antipathy, And, All

43. They have a mutual Antipathy to each other


44. She felt no Antipathy towards younger women


45. He showed a marked Antipathy to foreigners


46. I feel an Antipathy against their behaviour

An, Antipathy, Against

47. As nouns the difference between Antipathy and apathy is that Antipathy is contrariety or opposition in feeling; settled aversion or dislike; repugnance; distaste while apathy is complete lack of emotion or motivation about a person, activity, or object; depression; lack of interest or enthusiasm; disinterest.

As, Antipathy, And, Apathy, Aversion, About, Activity

48. Antipathy: [antip′əthē] Etymology: Gk, anti + pathos, suffering a strong feeling of aversion or antagonism to particular objects, situations, or individuals

Antipathy, Antip, Anti, Aversion, Antagonism

49. The level of Antipathy that Republicans and Democrats feel toward the opposing party has surged over the past two decades

Antipathy, And

50. Definition of Antipathy (noun): strong feeling of dislike


51. Definition and synonyms of Antipathy from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

And, Antipathy

52. This is the British English definition of Antipathy.View American English definition of Antipathy.

Antipathy, American

53. Antipathy: This Enchantment makes creatures of a certain kind get an intense and urgent feeling to leave the area to avoid the target with the aura

Antipathy, An, And, Area, Avoid, Aura

54. As nouns the difference between empathy and Antipathy is that empathy is the intellectual identification of the thoughts, feelings, or state of another person while Antipathy is contrariety or opposition in feeling; settled aversion or dislike; repugnance; distaste.

As, And, Antipathy, Another, Aversion

55. How to say Antipathy in English? Pronunciation of Antipathy with 3 audio pronunciations, 26 synonyms, 4 meanings, 1 antonym, 15 translations, 6 sentences and more for Antipathy.

Antipathy, Audio, Antonym, And

56. Antipathy was the first timeship child of Compassion


57. One of them seemed to describe Antipathy


58. Definition of Antipathy noun in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Antipathy, Advanced, American

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