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ANTIHERO [ˈan(t)ēˌhirō, ˈanˌtīˌhirō]

anti-hero (noun) · anti-heroes (plural noun) · antihero (noun) · antiheroes (plural noun)

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1. English Language Learners Definition of Antihero : a main character in a book, play, movie, etc., who does not have the usual good qualities that are expected in a hero See the full definition for Antihero in …

2. 62 rows · This list is for characters in fictional works who exemplify the qualities of an Antihero – a …

3. An Antihero is a main character in a literary work who does not exhibit traditional heroic qualities such as bravery or honesty, but instead, can be described as ordinary …

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6. What makes an Antihero cool? Well, they’re usually pretty multi-dimensional

7. Antihero, a protagonist of a drama or narrative who is notably lacking in heroic qualities. This type of character has appeared in literature since the time of the Greek dramatists and can be found in the literary works of all nations.

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9. / ˈæn.tiˌhɪə.rəʊ / us / ˈæn.t̬iˌhɪr.oʊ / plural Antiheroes the central character in a play, book, or film who does not have traditionally heroic qualities, such as courage, and is admired instead for what society generally considers to be a weakness of

10. An Antihero (sometimes Antiheroine as the feminine) is generally considered to be a protagonist whose personality can be perceived as being villainous and heroic at the same time, in contrast to the more perpetually noble characteristics of an archetypal hero or the perpetually immoral characteristics of an archetypal villain.

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13. “‘Antihero’ is about shaking off the shackles of guilt

14. Antihero synonyms, Antihero pronunciation, Antihero translation, English dictionary definition of Antihero

15. Definition of Antihero the main character in a book, film, or other work who lacks typical hero qualities Examples of Antihero in a sentence Because he is aggressive and curses, Wolverine is more of a comic book Antihero than an actual savior

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17. An Antihero is the main character of a story, but one who doesn't act like a typical hero

18. Antiheroes are often a little villainous.

19. Antihero (plural Antiheroes) ( literature , role-playing games ) A protagonist who proceeds in an unheroic manner, such as by criminal means, via …

20. So, what is an Antihero and why are they so compelling? As the 20 th century progressed, protagonists—reflecting the increasing complexity of modern life— became increasingly morally ambiguous

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23. An Antihero is the antithesis of what you'd expect in a 'normal' hero

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26. Antihero definition: a central character in a novel , play, etc, who lacks the traditional heroic virtues Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

27. Even Belfort, the man on whom the Antihero is based, seems to miss that the movie is as much a tragedy as it is a hero's journey.

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What is the difference between a hero and an antihero?

A hero is somehow extraordinary. An anti-hero can be ordinary. A hero is always proactive and striving. An anti-hero can be passive. A hero is often decisive. An anti-hero can be indecisive or pushed into action against his will. A hero is a modern version of a knight in shining armor.

What is an example of an anti hero?

A good example of an Anti-Hero in modern media and pop culture: Sherlock Holmes, from Sherlock, is a great example of an Anti-Hero. As a consulting detective, he obviously does ‘good’ things since he helps the police catch criminals.

What does antihero mean?

Definition of Antihero. An antihero is a main character in a story who lacks the typical heroic qualities of bravery, courage, morality, and the special ability and desire to achieve for the greater good.

What does the literary term antihero mean?

An antihero is a main character in a literary work who does not exhibit traditional heroic qualities such as bravery or honesty, but instead, can be described as ordinary or even display unappealing qualities such as dishonesty.

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