Use Antidote in a sentence


ANTIDOTE [ˈan(t)iˌdōt]

antidote (noun) · antidotes (plural noun)

  • a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison:
  • something that counteracts or neutralizes an unpleasant feeling or situation:
Synonyms: antitoxin . antiserum . cure . remedy . neutralizer . antivenin . antivenene . theriac . remedy . cure . corrective . nostrum . countermeasure . solution .

antidote (verb) · antidotes (third person present) · antidoting (present participle) · antidoted (past tense) · antidoted (past participle)

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1. Antidote definition is - a remedy to counteract the effects of poison

2. How to use Antidote in a sentence

3. Included with Antidote, the Anti-Oops! technology can be installed in the main email clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

4. Antidote is a one-stop, multi-resource platform sure to be useful to anyone writing in English.

5. An Antidote is a drug, chelating substance, or a chemical that counteracts (neutralizes) the effects of another drug or a poison

6. There are dozens of different Antidotes; however, some may only counteract one particular drug, whereas others (such as charcoal) may help reduce the toxicity of numerous drugs.

7. Antidote is defined as something that works against an unwanted condition to make it better

8. An example of an Antidote is going on vacation somewhere warm when the winter blues start to kick in.

9. Learn about clinical trial patient recruitment at Antidote, where we connect volunteers to the right clinical trials through our unique technology and robust partner network.

10. At Antidote, we bring together talented people with pharmaceutical, technology, business, and public health backgrounds to achieve an important mission

11. 42 rows · An Antidote is a substance that can counteract a form of poisoning

12. The Antidote+ is made by mixing a toadflax and a yew root in a vial of coconut milk, giving 155 Herblore experience

13. Creating Antidote+ requires level 68 Herblore

14. Antidote+ cures poison, and provides immunity to poison for 9 minutes, longer than that of super antipoisons.However, it is often recommended to use an Antidote++ as it is far

15. Antidote can manage player rewards for you

16. Antidote++ (or Antipoison++) are made by mixing irit and magic roots in a vial of coconut milk, requiring 79 Herblore and giving 177.5 Herblore experience

17. Antidote++ potions cure poison and provide the second longest possible immunity to poison, which is 12 minutes (anti-venom+ provides immunity to poison for 15 minutes).

18. An Antidote is a substance that can counteract a form of poisoning

19. Antidotes for anticoagulants are sometimes referred to as reversal agents.

20. 7 synonyms of Antidote from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

21. Antidote: something that corrects or …

22. Music video by Travi$ Scott performing Antidote

23. (C) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music EntertainmentTravis Scott - Antidote (Lyrics On Screen)Tra

24. Something that prevents or counteracts injurious or unwanted effects: Good jobs are the best Antidote to teenage crime

25. Remedy, cure, preventive, corrective, neutralizer, nostrum, countermeasure, antitoxin, antivenin, counteragent He noticed their sickness and prepared an Antidote

26. Cure, remedy, corrective, nostrum, countermeasure Massage is a wonderful Antidote to stress.

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31. Antidote Lyrics: Don't you open up that window / Don't you let out that Antidote (Yeah) / Poppin' pills is all we know (Ooh) / In the hills is all we know (Hollywood) / Don't go through the front

32. Made in response to the times we are living in, The Antidote weaves together stories of kindness, decency, and the power of community in America

33. Made in response to the times we are living in, THE Antidote is a feature documentary that weaves together stories of kindness, decency, and the power of community in America

34. Antidote Chart (PDF, 7 pages, 286 KB) For medical centers choosing to stock Antidotes, the suggested stocking level is based on the dose needed to treat a single 100 kg patient for 8 hours and for 24 hours [Adapted from Dart RC, et al., Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2009; 54(3):386-394]

35. Antidote administration is appropriate when there is a poisoning for which an Antidote exists, when the actual or predicted severity of the poisoning warrants its use, when expected benefits of therapy outweigh its associated risk, and when there are no contraindications

36. Antidotes dramatically reduce morbidity and mortality in certain

37. An Antidote is also a way of preventing or acting against something bad: Exercise can be an Antidote to depression

38. (Definition of Antidote from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge …

39. Antidote [an´tĭ-dōt] an agent that counteracts a poison

40. Chemical Antidote one that interacts with a poison and changes its chemical nature to form a harmless substance

41. Mechanical Antidote one that prevents absorption of the poison

42. Physiologic Antidote one that counteracts the effects of the poison by producing opposing

43. Antidote Lyrics: Finding refuge in my own lies / "How are you" / "I'm doing alright" / Small talk is a great disguise / Just let me be just let me be / Empty thoughts start to crowd my mind / Am I

44. The Antidote is an item that can be used to cure Kharaa

45. The Antidote can be used to decontaminate the Frozen Leviathan by using the injection machine found near the creature's head.

46. The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood [Peterson, Jesse Lee, Prager, Dennis] on

47. The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood

48. An Antidote is a remedy that relieves

49. So if you get headaches from long bus rides, it's best to travel equipped with the key pain alleviating Antidotes: Tylenol, lots …

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51. An Antidote is a special pharmacological or toxicological antagonist that can favorably alter the toxic effects of a poison

52. Some Antidotes are toxic themselves and therefore should be used with caution

53. 19 Antidotes are available for only a limited number of drugs and poisons.

54. Antidote is a festival of ideas, action and change, with a potentially life-changing lineup of remarkable speakers, thinkers and creators.

55. The Antidote is about everyday people who make the intentional choice to lift others up, despite the fundamentally unkind ways of our society, which are at once facts of life in America and yet deeply antithetical to our founding ideals

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58. Antidote definition: An Antidote is a chemical substance that stops or controls the effect of a poison

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60. ‘The Antidote to genetics as a driver of medicalisation lies in remaining sceptical and level headed.’ ‘This book is an Antidote to fatalism and provides up to date clinical, microbiological, and public health guidance on responding to possible bioterrorist attacks.’

61. Antidote (band), punk band from the Netherlands formed in 1996 Antidote, a 1980's New York hardcore punk band that featured Drew Stone and Arthur Googy.; Antidote Records, UK independent record label; Antidote Shanghai, group of music producers and DJs in China; Antidote, a collaboration of Dutch band The Ex and UK band Chumbawamba for their 1987 7" EP Destroy …

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