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1. The Antideficiency Act prohibits federal employees from making or authorizing an expenditure from, or creating or authorizing an obligation under, any appropriation or fund in excess of the amount available in the appropriation or fund unless authorized by law. 31 U.S.C

Antideficiency, Act, Authorizing, An, Any, Appropriation, Amount, Available, Authorized

2. Agencies that violate the Antideficiency Act must report the violation to the President and Congress and transmit a copy of the report to the Comptroller General at the same time

Agencies, Antideficiency, Act, And, At

3. Title 31, Antideficiency Provisions and Limitations A

Antideficiency, And

4. The activities that exceeded their targets did not violate the Antideficiency Act because the holder of the allotment did not assign responsibility for violations of the Antideficiency

Activities, Antideficiency, Act, Allotment, Assign

5. The Antideficiency Act is a unique feature of U.S

Antideficiency, Act

6. The Antideficiency Act (ADA) (Pub.L

Antideficiency, Act, Ada

7. Antideficiency violations The incurring of obligations or the making of expenditure (outlays) in excess of amounts available in appropriations or funds. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

Antideficiency, Amounts, Available, Appropriations, And, Associated

8. The Antideficiency Act prohibits agencies from incurring obligations that are in advance of, or that exceed, an appropriation

Antideficiency, Act, Agencies, Are, Advance, An, Appropriation

9. The Antideficiency Act (ADA) is codified in Title 31, United States Code (U.S.C.), Sections 1341(a), 1342, and 1517(a)

Antideficiency, Act, Ada, And

10. The Antideficiency Act unequivocally states once an agency discovers funds have been spent in excess of a Congressional appropriation they, “shall report immediately to the President and Congress all relevant facts.” The new guidance tells agencies that, when considering responding to violations flagged by the Government Accountability

Antideficiency, Act, An, Agency, Appropriation, And, All, Agencies, Accountability

11. This exception to the Antideficiency Act allows an agency to accept voluntary services in emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property.

Antideficiency, Act, Allows, An, Agency, Accept

12. The Antideficiency Act, we conclude that Congress intended the apportionment requirements of the Antideficiency Act to apply to the nonadministrative funds of wholly or partly owned government corporations such as the FSLIC

Antideficiency, Act, Apportionment, Apply, As

13. As a result, in July 2011, HHS reported a department-wide Antideficiency Act violation totaling more than $1.4 billion

As, Antideficiency, Act

14. Departmentwide Antideficiency Act violation totaling more than $1.4 billion

Antideficiency, Act

15. Among other things, the Antideficiency Act prohibits all officers and employees of the Federal Government from entering into obligations in advance of appropriations (31 U.S.C

Among, Antideficiency, Act, All, And, Advance, Appropriations

16. The Antideficiency Act Answer Book is an easy-to-understand question-and-answer tool that guides you through all the rules associated with the Antideficiency Act and helps you detect and report violations in a timely manner

Antideficiency, Act, Answer, An, And, All, Associated

17. • Covers all aspects of the Antideficiency Act, from its history to common violations, penalties for violation, and

All, Aspects, Antideficiency, Act, And

18. Antideficiency ACT REPORT Name of Component/Agency and Case Number 1

Antideficiency, Act, Agency, And

19. Ex–145B Antideficiency Act Violation Sample Letter to the President

Antideficiency, Act

20. 145.1 What is the Antideficiency Act? The Antideficiency Act consists of provisions of law that were passed by the Congress (beginning in the nineteenth century and later codified inTitle 31 o f …

Antideficiency, Act, And

21. As the Antideficiency Act, in part) • 31 USC 1517, Prohibited Obligations and Expenditures (Antideficiency Act, in part) 1-4

As, Antideficiency, Act, And

22. The main one is the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits Executive Branch officials from obligating or spending money before it is given to them by the Congress

Antideficiency, Act

23. 6 before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Interior: “The Antideficiency Act is the only fiscal statute that

Appropriations, Antideficiency, Act

24. The law is the Antideficiency Act, passed by Congress in 1870 (and amended several times), which prohibits the government from incurring any monetary obligation for …

Antideficiency, Act, And, Amended, Any

25. The Antideficiency Act (the Act) generally forbids agencies from continued operation in the absence of appropriations by prohibiting an “officer or employee” of the U.S

Antideficiency, Act, Agencies, Absence, Appropriations, An

26. Antideficiency ACT VIOLATIONS Requirements For Reporting Antideficiency Act Violations 22.1

Antideficiency, Act

27. Antideficiency Act’s “in excess of” prong because no funds were available for that unauthorized purpose).3 (2) As far as amounts go, it could be some time before the Department of Housing and Urban Development is unseated 4

Antideficiency, Act, Available, As, Amounts, And

28. The Antideficiency Act (ADA), Pub.L

Antideficiency, Act, Ada

29. The Antideficiency Act prohibits an federal government or District of Columbia government employee from making or authorizing an expenditure or obligation that exceeds the amount available in an appropriation or involving the government in a contract or obligation for …

Antideficiency, Act, An, Authorizing, Amount, Available, Appropriation

30. The specific document is an exception to the Antideficiency Act (unfunded agencies) or; delaying publication until the end of the appropriations lapse would prevent or significantly damage the execution of funded functions at the agency (funded agencies)

An, Antideficiency, Act, Agencies, Appropriations, At, Agency

31. The Antideficiency Act prohibits executive branch officials from spending appropriated funds in ways not approved by Congress and tasks GAO with …

Antideficiency, Act, Appropriated, Approved, And

32. Antideficiency ACT AND TITLE 31

Antideficiency, Act, And


Appendix, Antideficiency, Act, And

34. In 1982, the Congress reworded and reorganized the language of the Antideficiency Act along with the rest of Title 31 of the United States Code.

And, Antideficiency, Act, Along

35. HHS OIG determined that ASPR had “violated the Purpose Statute" and “potentially violated the Antideficiency Act." While the report does not contain a specific estimate for total funds misappropriated, it contains evidence that as recently as FY 2019, approximately $25 million was taken from BARDA's Advanced Research and Development (ARD

Aspr, And, Antideficiency, Act, As, Approximately, Advanced, Ard

36. From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Antideficiency Act / Antideficiency Act Violation photo credit: .through my eyes

And, Antideficiency, Act

37. The Antideficiency Act is a federal law (Pub.L

Antideficiency, Act

38. Antideficiency Act (ADA) Violation Investigations; Mission

Antideficiency, Act, Ada

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anti-Deficiency mean?

Anti-deficiency is defined in the Anti-deficiency Act ( 31 USC § 1341) established by Congress in U.S. Code Title 31 Sections 1341 and 1517. The code states that executive agencies and their subordinates cannot:

What was the purpose of the Antideficiency Act?

The Antideficiency Act. The Antideficiency Act prohibits federal employees from: making or authorizing an expenditure from, or creating or authorizing an obligation under, any appropriation or fund in excess of the amount available in the appropriation or fund unless authorized by law.

What is a violation of the Antideficiency Act?

While this action corrected the funding of the obligation, a violation of the Antideficiency Act occurred because the fund holder did not have sufficient funds available to replace the other procurement funds improperly obligated. 2.

What is the Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA)?

The Antideficiency Act (ADA) (Pub.L. 97–258, 96 Stat. 923) is legislation enacted by the United States Congress to prevent the incurring of obligations or the making of expenditures (outlays) in excess of amounts available in appropriations or funds.

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