Use Anticipating in a sentence


ANTICIPATING [anˈtisəˌpāt]


  • regard as probable; expect or predict:
  • guess or be aware of (what will happen) and take action in order to be prepared:
Synonyms: expect . foresee . predict . forecast . prophesy . foretell . count on . bank on . look for . apprehend . preempt . forestall . intercept . second-guess .

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1. We had one or two difficulties along the way that we didn't anticipate. Are you Anticipating a lot of people at the party …

2. Find 60 ways to say Anticipating, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3. 9 synonyms of Anticipating from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 40 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Find another word for Anticipating

5. Anticipating: to believe in …

6. Anticipating is defined as thinking and/or talking about something ahead of time, and either taking action in order to be prepared or being ready to respond at the time of the unforeseen circumstance

7. An example of Anticipating is bringing rain gear on a hike in case clouds roll in.

8. Synonyms for Anticipating include large, expectant, pregnant, enceinte, with child, expecting, heavy, weighty, gravid and gestating

9. Provided to YouTube by Sony Music EntertainmentAnticipating · Britney SpearsBritney (Digital Deluxe Version)℗ 2001 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Ente

10. If you have panic disorder, you may find yourself Anticipating many life events

11. And, Anticipating the defection of the supposed hero to the dark side, there is a preponderance of broodily low-key numbers

12. I was Anticipating a marvelous story with a princess waiting for her prince in her royal castle

13. But in the next breath he's Anticipating aloud the virgin forest and spectacular cabbage palm a caller has invited him to see.

14. "Anticipating" is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears

15. Your dog might be waiting by the door, Anticipating his next walk or squirrel chase

16. " Anticipating something" also often implies that you are preparing to take some action because of your expectations — like when you anticipate your chess opponent's next move and plan a counterattack.

17. " Anticipating " is a song recorded by American singer Britney Spears for her self-titled third studio album, Britney (2001)

18. 2 days ago · Anticipating increased regulation from the Biden administration, power producers are asking the state Legislature to allow expedited recovery for the cost of …

19. Anticipating And Managing Change

20. Anticipating synonyms, Anticipating pronunciation, Anticipating translation, English dictionary definition of Anticipating

21.Anticipating” is Track #6 on Britney’s self-titled third studio album, Britney (2001)

22. Synonyms for Anticipating in Free Thesaurus

23. What are synonyms for Anticipating?

24. BACKYARD AND BEYOND: Anticipating the awakening of spring Todd McLeish 10 mins ago GoFundMe efforts for Atlanta spa victims raise $3.5M just days after rampage

25. Anticipating Surprise, originally written as a manual for training intelligence analysts during the Cold War, has been declassified and condensed to provide wider audiences with an inside look at intelligence gathering and analysis for strategic warning.Cynthia Grabo defines the essential steps in the warning process, examines distinctive ingredients of the analytic method of intelligence

26. Anticipating 2025: A guide to the radical changes that may lie ahead, whether or not we’re ready, Wood, David, Stevenson, Mark, Talwar, Rohit, Chace, Calum, Pearce, David, Contera, Sonia, Vita-More, Natasha, Sandberg, Anders, McLeish, Ben, Twyman, Amon -

27. I'll be Anticipating This is our song, they're playin' I wanna rock with you (Rock with you) You're feelin' this way Let's do this tonight

28. Are your groupings low and all over the target? You might be Anticipating the recoil or flinching

29. For many, travel — and Anticipating travel — is a type of self-care

30. I'll be Anticipating This is our song They're playing I wanna ride with you You're feeling this right Let's do this tonight Gotta really let me know If you want me You gotta turn me on and Make me feel sexy Gotta show me You got everything That I need Gotta really let me know If …

31. Our study of over 160 senior executives found that a vigilant attitude is the most important trait of strategic leaders who are good at Anticipating and exploiting change.

32. Williamson is among other physicians Anticipating another surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations stemming from the Christmas and New Year …

33. ‘Beyond Anticipating elements of the modern theory, George's writings added to the moral foundation of the free trade argument.’ ‘Back in the 19th century, Dilthey appears to have come closest to Anticipating Buhler's classification of theories.’

34. Anticipative definition, Anticipating or tending to anticipate; expressing, revealing, or containing anticipation: an anticipative action; an anticipative look

35. Anticipating Lyrics: Conversation thickens / As we become old friends / And your pretty fingers fidget / With a glass that's close at hand / I sat there and watched you / She sat there and watched you

36. Anticipating Pain Is Worse Than Feeling It The study: Giles Story attached electrodes that would deliver electric shocks to the hands of 35 subjects, inflicting minor pain that ranged from a

37. Anticipating needs is the best way to let your customer know that their success is your priority

38. Anticipating a New Hymnal During a Pandemic Worship looks different in a pandemic

39. ‘Beyond Anticipating elements of the modern theory, George's writings added to the moral foundation of the free trade argument.’ ‘Back in the 19th century, Dilthey appears to have come closest to Anticipating Buhler's classification of theories.’

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What does anticipating mean?

anticipating › present participle of anticipate C1 to imagine or expect that something will happen: C1 to take action in preparation for something that you think will happen:

Is anticipating a verb?

verb The definition of anticipating is getting something done ahead of schedule. An example of anticipating is filing taxes before the deadline. Anticipating is using up something before one possess it. An example of anticipating is getting money ahead of time by taking a full advance on a paycheck.

Is anticipate and expect synonyms?

Usage: The Bank of English reveals that the use of anticipate and expect as synonyms is well established. However, although both words relate to a person's knowledge of something that will happen in the future, there are subtle differences in meaning that should be understood when choosing which word to use.

What is another word for anticipating?

Synonyms for anticipating. awaiting, expecting, hoping (for), watching (for)

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