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ANTHOLOGY [anˈTHäləjē]

anthology (noun) · anthologies (plural noun)

  • a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.
  • a published collection of songs or musical compositions issued in one album.
Synonyms: collection . compilation . treasury . digest . summary . synopsis . precis . résumé . outline . summarization . roundup . summing-up . companion . handbook . manual . vade mecum . conspectus . summa . epitome . collection . selection . compendium . treasury . compilation . miscellany . pot-pourri . garland . analects . collectanea . florilegium .

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1. Anthology’s core solution areas provide you with distinct products to unite data, experiences and insights across campus

2. Anthology definition is - a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music

3. How to use Anthology in a sentence.

4. Anthology definition, a book or other collection of selected writings by various authors, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject: an Anthology of Elizabethan drama; an Anthology of modern philosophy

5. Anthology Group Studies for Life & Faith® is powered by North Point Ministries with a network of churches in the Atlanta area and around the globe

6. Anthology is a full-featured point of sale/inventory management system that is loaded with power and features you won't find anywhere else

7. Anthology senior living communities receive priority access to covid-19 vaccines learn more Featuring a unique blend of historic charm and progressive character, Farmington shines as one of the best places to live in Connecticut.

8. Anthology Apartments is a pet friendly community

9. Experience boutique-inspired senior living at Anthology of Charlottesville

10. Anthology Salon & Style Bar is an Eco-friendly boutique salon located in downtown Lancaster in one of the oldest historical buildings in the city

11. Anthology offers a warm comfortable atmosphere surrounded by greenery to make for a relaxing tranquil experience.

12. Explore the Anthology new homes for sale in Parker, CO featuring beautiful single-family ranch and 2-story designs with 3–7 bedrooms and up to 4,349 sq

13. Anthology exists to help higher education advance and thrive and that includes our employees

14. Anthology is a primary Hip System that is an improvement on the designs of other clinically successful Mueller "flat" tapered stem designs

15. With optimal stem geometry and the widest range of sizes, the Anthology system offers the ability to match all femur types.

16. A miscellany, assortment, or catalog, as of complaints, comments, or ideas: "The Irish love their constitution for what it is: an Anthology of the clerical-nationalist ideas of 1936" (Economist)

17. Anthology Architecture and Design Festival is an annual three-day event that showcases architecture and design within the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region

18. What does Anthology mean? A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays

19. Anthology Marketing Group 1003 Bishop Street, 9th Floor Honolulu, HI 96813 808.544.3000

20. Upcoming events at Anthology Live in Rochester, New York

21. Anthology is more than luxury apartment living, it is a community that truly reflects the culture and vibe of H Street

22. Anthology is in the center of the H Street neighborhood experience and even better, it’s an amazing place

23. Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Anthology

24. The Anthology is quite simply in a class of its own' – ShingDig! 'This mighty volume is an artistically triumphant companion to his musical achievements' – The Beat Magazine 'What he reveals in Jimmy Page:The Anthology are the secrets of his art, the inner working of Led Zeppelin… how he chose and modified the guitars with which he

25.Anthology is harnessing the collective power of three industry leaders encompassing data-driven technology, decades of higher education expertise, and …

26. Anthology film from three European directors based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe: a cruel princess haunted by a ghostly horse, a sadistic young man haunted by his double, and an …

27. While .38 Special's "Anthology" contains all of their biggest hits, it has so much more in store for the listener

28. Anthology kept us informed every step of the way

29. To cite the complete Anthology or list of references, start with the editors followed by a quotation "ed" and "a" or for several editors, "eds;" (for edited by)

30. For an Anthology or group of references, to cite a specific piece, refer to a collection or Anthology as below:

31. Search for "Anthology Studies" by North Point Ministries (at the App Store and Google Play)

32. Search for "Anthology" under Streaming Channels

33. Search for "Anthology Studies" by North Point Ministries

34. Anthology is the first greatest hits album for the Steve Miller Band, covering material from their first seven albums (though there are no selections from either Children of the Future or Rock Love).It has been certified Gold in the United States.

35. Anthology will not refuse to rent to any applicant because rent will be paid, in whole or in part, through a voucher for rental housing assistance provided by the District or federal government

36. The "Norton Anthology," a mammoth book collecting stories, essays, poetry, and other writings from a wide range of authors (coming in many editions covering specific regions [e.g., "The Norton Anthology of American Literature"]), launched in 1962 and quickly became a staple of classrooms around the world

37. The Anthology offers a wide if somewhat

38. Variety is the spice of life, and that's what keeps viewers tuned into compelling television Anthology series

39. The best Anthology TV shows feature changing plots and characters while keeping a consistent tone throughout each episode and season

40. This is a list of the greatest Anthology shows

41. Introducing VMP Anthology: a reinvented, immersive box set experience for music fans willing to journey beyond the liner notes

42. Each Anthology features expert storytelling, a private fan community and a collectors-edition vinyl box set.

43. This Anthology - the first in a series of three from poetry press Bloodaxe - deserves its years as a bestseller, a lucky dip of work by poets from all over the world, themed around the needs that

44. Anthology (n.) 1630s, "collection of poetry," from Latin anthologia, from Greek anthologia "collection of small poems and epigrams by several authors," literally "flower-gathering," from anthos "a flower" (see anther) + logia "collection, collecting," from legein "gather," from PIE root *leg-(1) "to collect, gather," with derivatives meaning "to speak (to 'pick out words')."

45. Anthology is San Diego's acclaimed new live music venue & fine dining restaurant

46. Examples of Anthology in a sentence

47. The band’s Anthology was set to release in a few days

48. 🔊 The poetry club published an Anthology of their favorite poems

49. 🔊 My homework included reading the entire Anthology by the end of the semester

50. 🔊 Before the Anthology was published, she had to find several more stories to add to it

51. What is the opposite of Anthology? Antonyms for Anthology (opposite of Anthology).

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