Use Answered in a sentence


ANSWERED [ˈansər]


  • say or write something to deal with or as a reaction to someone or something.
  • provide the required responses to (a test or quiz).
Synonyms: reply . respond . rejoin . retort . come back . acknowledge . write back . riposte .

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1. Answered synonyms, Answered pronunciation, Answered translation, English dictionary definition of Answered

2. Answered: to speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction

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15. "The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be Answered"; - resolve ; Give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument) "The defendant Answered to all the charges of the prosecution" Be liable or accountable "She must answer for her actions" Be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity "A few words would answer

16. LPC Answered is a set of distinction-level notes for the Legal Practice Course

17. She Answered without hesitation that, as far as she was concerned, this would be a "privilege"

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31. 4 Wörter: Answered in the negative {adj} {past-p} negativ beantwortet: Answered in the positive {adj} {past-p} positiv beantwortet: question to be Answered: zu beantwortende Frage {f} 5+ Wörter: naut

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