Use Anorectic in a sentence


ANORECTIC [ˌanəˈreksik]


  • relating to, characterized by, or affected with anorexia.
  • extremely thin.


  • a person affected with anorexia.
  • a medicine which produces a loss of appetite.

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1. Anorectic definition is - lacking appetite

2. How to use Anorectic in a sentence.

3. An Anorectic or anorexic is a drug which reduces appetite, resulting in lower food consumption, leading to weight loss

4. Anorectic [an″o-rek´tik] 1

5. Anorectic definition, having no appetite

6. Anorectic drugs produce many of the effects of the amphetamines, but are generally less potent

7. Otherwise I'm certain you would die before the 3 days are up, even with the Anorectic perk

8. Anorectic also called Anorectic drugs or appetite suppressants, are medicines which produces a loss of appetite for short-term use in the United States for weight management in obesity as an aid to weight loss and maintenance.

9. Definition of Anorectic in the dictionary

10. What does Anorectic mean? Information and translations of Anorectic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

11. Anorectic synonyms, Anorectic pronunciation, Anorectic translation, English dictionary definition of Anorectic

12. Affected animals are Anorectic and depressed, which may result from metabolic abnormalities, meningitis, and involvement of rostral brain regions

13. Anorectic definition: having no appetite Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

14. OXM is an Anorectic hormone co-secreted with PYY and GLP-1 from the intestinal L cells

15. Its Anorectic effect is mostly attributed to binding to GLP-1 and glucagon receptors (Choudhury et al., 2016)

16. Anorectic herbs also known as an appetite suppressant herbs help to reduce appetite

17. In some cases, these products are sold as natural medicines, but many of them are associated with allopathic Anorectics.The Porangaba (Cordia ecalyculata) and the Chapeu-de-Couro (Echinodorus grandiflorus) are two native plants whose raw extract are widely used for treatment of obesity, mainly in Brazil (da Silva and collaborators, 2010b).

18. The Anorectic effects of both drugs were blocked with i3vt pre-treatment of a GLP-1R competitive antagonist, exendin(9-39), indicating that both drugs required the GLP-1R for their effects

19. An Anorectic or anorexic is a drug which reduces appetite, resulting in lower food consumption, leading to weight loss

20. Tolerance to the Anorectic effect of Phendimetrazine develops within a few weeks

21. Synonyms for Anorectic in Free Thesaurus

22. 3 synonyms for Anorectic: anorexic, anorexic, anorexigenic

23. What are synonyms for Anorectic?

24. "Anorectic" (2006) is the band's third studio album and the second album to reach number one at the Finnish charts

25. Anorectic drugs produce many of the same effects as amphetamines

26. However, most of the time Anorectics are less potent

27. Anorectic drugs can be very habit forming and cause many serious physical health problems

28. Phentermine hydrochloride is a sympathomimetic amine Anorectic

29. Anorectic herbs are those herbs which are used to reduce appetite

30. Anorectic adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." formal (relating to anorexia) anoressico agg aggettivo: Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata" - "Con un cacciavite piccolo" - "Questioni controverse"

31. An Anorectic agent is one that suppresses or decreases a persons appetite

32. Stimulants in general have Anorectic properties but not all are approved by the FDA for that use

33. Anorectics stimulate both the beta and dopaminergic receptors in the CNS and we get appetite suppression

34. This progress report on the Anorectic effect of serotoninergic indirect antagonists compares the action of D-fenfluramine, fluoxetine and sertraline and their N-dealkylated metabolites

35. Brain levels of drugs and their metabolites were measured after equi-active Anorectic doses

36. Find 19 ways to say Anorectic, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

37. Occasionally, an Anorectic cat who has an underlying metabolic disorder must receive nutrients but is unwilling to eat

38. Anorectic individuals generally are bradycardic (heart rate <60 beats/minute)

39. Key Neurotransmitters aMSH and CART depress feeding behavior therefore called Anorectic peptides

40. Thus, we formulated our KAA diet by replacing part of the natural casein-derived protein with a KAA mixture that excluded the "Anorectic" methionine and histidine.PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

41. Anorectic Drug is also sometimes also called as appetite suppressant which is the science concerned that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity

42. Anorectic Drug conference offers excessive quality content to suit the diverse professional development of these medicines to treat people all over the globe

43. How to Repair Anorectic.sav (Free Download)

44. Last Updated: 05/13/2020 [Average Read Time: 4.5 minutes] Saved Game files, such as Anorectic.sav, are considered a type of Game file

45. The first version of Anorectic.sav was released for the Windows 10 Operating System on 10/09/2009 inside PASW …

46. Anorectic is an achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.It is the opposite achievement of Fatso.

47. We aimed to evaluate the effects of glutamine (Gln) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) supplementation during refeeding in activity-based Anorectic (ABA) mice.

48. We found 6 answers for the crossword clue Anorectic

49. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Anorectic yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

50. Anorectic is a synonym of anorexic

51. As adjectives the difference between Anorectic and anorexic is that Anorectic is characterised by a lack of appetite, especially as suffering from anorexia nervosa; anorexic while anorexic is pertaining to, or suffering from anorexia nervosa

52. As nouns the difference between Anorectic and anorexic is that Anorectic is a person suffering from anorexia nervosa

53. Anorectic and bulimic symptoms may be difficult to detect in the pediatric ambulatory care setting

54. Antonyms for Anorectic include heavy, hefty, leaden, overweight, ponderous, weighty, chubby, fat, plump and thick

55. Anorectic pills, better known as “diet pills”, are drugs that act directly on the central nervous system to create a stimulant effect and suppress the appetite

56. There are many different brands of Anorectic pills on the market, and these range from the traditional caffeine pill …

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What does anorectic mean?

1 : an anorectic agent 2 : anorexic First Known Use of anorectic

What does the name anorexic mean?

Origin: From Greek ἀνόρεκτος ‘without appetite’, from ἀν- ‘without’ + ὀρέγειν ‘to desire’. An anorectic or anorexic, also known as anorexigenic or appetite suppressant, is a dietary supplement and/or drug which reduces appetite and food consumption, and, as a result,...

What is the anorectic effect of NMU?

The anorectic effect of NmU might also be related to leptin, a hormone with similar effects on food intake. Besides, it can block the production of anorectic proinflammatory cytokines, including IL-1[beta], IL-6 and TNF-[alpha].

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