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ANOMALIES [əˈnäməlē]


  • something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
Synonyms: oddity . peculiarity . abnormality . irregularity . inconsistency . incongruity . deviation . aberration . quirk . freak . exception . departure . divergence . variation . rarity . eccentricity .
  • the angular distance of a planet or satellite from its last perihelion or perigee.

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1. Anomalies definition, the plural of anomaly

2. Find 21 ways to say Anomalies, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3. Some weird Anomalies in science are shrouded in mysticism, others just defy explanation - but all have captured the attention of the ever-curious public

4. Abandoned Aliens Ancient Mysteries Anomalies Bigfoot Bizarre Chupacabra Exorcism Freaks Ghost Stories Haunted Places Horror Monsters Mystery Ouija Phantoms Phenomenon Serial Killers Space Secrets UFO Phenomenon Unexplained Unsolved Mysteries Urban Legends

5. The definition of Anomalies are people or things that are abnormal or stray from the usual method or arrangement. Proteus Syndrome, skin overgrowth and unusual bone development, and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, the rapid appearance of aging in …

6. Anomalies are occurrences that deviate from the predictions of economic or financial models that undermine those models' core assumptions

7. Here we will look into various weird accounts of time Anomalies that serve to baffle, surprise, and suggest that time is perhaps far more malleable and more bizarre than we can possibly imagine

8. The circular Anomalies that can be seen off the coast of Florida, North Carolina, and Belize have been documented by enthusiasts and archaeologists alike

9. Anomalous, a species of moth in the Noctuid family Chromosome anomaly, a disorder caused by a structural error in a chromosome or an atypical number of chromosomes Genetic anomaly, a disorder caused by mutation Teratology, the study of developmental Anomalies

10. was first registered and created on 4th May 1999

11. What would look like if it was a universe? Add this widget to your website for free - it updates automatically!

12. Anomalies are locations in star systems that can be found by deploying scanner probes

13. Anomalies are also randomly re-shuffled, an anomaly you may find in a system may be gone the next day.

14. `Any system will have Anomalies, and there are always those who will pay well for a guide through whatever loopholes may exist

15. Anomalies are discrepancies significant to 3 sigma, which corresponds to a fluke that would occur in one-in-740 runs of the experiment

16. ‘Legal Anomalies and irresponsible GPs who over-prescribed forced a change in policy and a legal crackdown.’ ‘Field workers are currently investigating another anomaly that turned up in the survey.’ ‘It's odd to think of myself as an anomaly, a quirk, an oddity, but that's what I am at the moment.’

17. Skipper, both researchers into Martian Anomalies, call this image "the real smoking gun as to life on Mars." The image was discovered in June 2000 among the many images posted at Malin Space Science Systems, which has tens of thousands of Mars pictures available for online viewing and examination.At Richard Hoagland's

18. Major Anomalies are sometimes associated with minor Anomalies, which might be objective (e.g

19. Box 1.2 represents selected external minor congenital Anomalies frequently captured by different surveillance systems, but only when associated with any of the major Anomalies under surveillance.

20. Update Anomalies happen when the person charged with the task of keeping all the records current and accurate, is asked, for example, to change an employee’s title due to a promotion

21. SST Anomalies HotSpots Degree Heating Weeks Bleaching Alert Area Coral Bleaching Virtual Stations Satellite Bleaching Alerts: 1984-1998 SST monthly means 1984-1998 SST monthly mean Anomalies 1998/1999 seasonal DHWs: Ocean Surface Winds STAR Satellite Oceanography Division Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System National Climatic Data

22. There are twelve Anomalies on Edwards Island which can be found by tuning into Alex's radio next to small cairns (stacks of rocks)

23. Ten of the twelve Anomalies are preceded by callsigns , which were eventually used to discover a phone number relevant to the Alternate Reality

24. What are developmental venous Anomalies? A developmental venous anomaly (DVA) is an unusual or irregular arrangement of small veins that may look like the spokes of a wheel

25. Anomalies leaves you thinking about human nature and what makes us who we are

26. These Anomalies make up most of the conspiracies around Super Mario 64 and its development.

27. Chromosomal Anomalies cause various disorders

28. Anomalies that affect autosomes (the 22 paired chromosomes that are alike in males and females) are more common than those that affect sex chromosomes (X and Y)

29. Other Anomalies associated with development of the GI and urogenital systems accompany this condition

30. One of the most widely adopted of the seven patterns of AI is the Patterns and Anomalies pattern

31. Provides thorough descriptions of the many binocular vision Anomalies, describes the necessary testing procedures to correctly diagnose each disorder, and suggests the most appropriate management

32. * Every topic area in binocular vision Anomalies is included, from heterophoria and accommodative disorders to severe strabismic disorders.

33. What are congenital uterine Anomalies? Congenital uterine Anomalies are malformations of the uterus that develop during embryonic life

34. Congenital uterine Anomalies occur in less than 5% of all women, but have been noted in up to 25% of women who have had miscarriages and/or deliveries of premature babies

35. One of the most … Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses

36. These problems arise from relations that are generated directly from user views are called Anomalies.

37. The professor is obsessed with Anomalies that he wants to constantly explore them on any island.Since the Dino races, he loves going back there more and more, even without giving a usual quest! This page needs some information

38. Help us make this page more informative for fellow Chiefs by contributing! Below you will find the list of permanent structures which are called Anomalies in game: Note

39. Anomalies ** OLR data are averaged based on the season of the year

40. The clinicians in the Vascular Anomalies Center (VAC) at Boston Children’s Hospital diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing care for children with vascular Anomalies

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