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  • declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result).
  • declare (a marriage) to have had no legal existence.
Synonyms: nullify . invalidate . void . repeal . reverse . rescind . revoke . set aside . cancel . abolish . undo . abrogate . countermand . dissolve . withdraw . cast aside . quash . vacate . negate . recall . restore . enact .

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1. Present participle of annul Synonyms & Antonyms of Annulling 1 to balance with an equal force so as to make ineffective unfortunately, his arrogant attitude annuls the many generous favors he does for people

2. The government contracted to buy the company's plant in 1911, thus in effect Annulling the act of 1899 which had failed to accomplish its object of establishing all-round competition.

3. Annulling the legislative power with an arbitrary decision is unacceptable, this clearly destroys the most important column of any democracy: representation of the people.

4. Prayers Annulling Ungodly Covenants: I break and disannul all ungodly covenants, oaths, and pledges I have made with my lips in the name of Jesus

5. As long as neither spouse succeeds in Annulling the marriage, the court will recognize a voidable marriage as valid

6. The act of Annulling, especially the formal declaration that annuls a marriage

7. The EU General Court thus ruled in favour of Aragonesas, Annulling, on 25 October, the 9.9 million fine it had been ordered to pay jointly and severally with its parent company

8. Annulling definition: to make (something, esp a law or marriage ) void ; cancel the validity of; abolish Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

9. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's overnight decree Annulling Turkey's ratification of the Istanbul Convention is a blow to women's …

10. CAIRO, Dec 10 (KUNA) -- Al-Azhar, the world's oldest Sunni institute of Islamic learning, called on Sunday for enforcement of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Annulling US recogntion of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to strengthen foundations of peace.

11. Annulling Oaths and Vows, by Annette Capps, is available in: Audio Teaching CD Audio Teaching MP3 Single CD teaching by Annette Capps recorded in 2018

12. Method 2: Annulling a Voidable Marriage 1

13. Sudan will soon discuss Annulling a law that prohibits establishing relations with Israel, according to a source at the Justice Ministry

14. A Bill Annulling Marriages Prohibited by the Levitical Law, and Appointing the Mode of Solemnizing Lawful Marriage Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that marriages prohibited by the Levitical law shall be null; and persons marrying contrary to that prohibition, and cohabiting as man and wife, convicted thereof in the General Court, shall

15. What does annulment mean? An act of Annulling

16. Self-Annulling - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

17. Amid ongoing federal investigations into the extent of Russian meddling and possible collusion by the Trump campaign, some have suggested there may be grounds for Annulling

18. "It is a fantasy to talk as though a process for retrospectively Annulling a national presidential election and either installing the loser in office or rerunning the election altogether might be

19. Wisconsin has the following legal grounds for Annulling a marriage: Underage – a spouse was too young to legally marry in Wisconsin; Mental Incapacity – a spouse was mentally impaired to the degree that the spouse didn’t understand the marriage, including intoxication

20. Annulling definition: to make (something, esp a law or marriage ) void ; cancel the validity of; abolish Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

21. There are several grounds for Annulling a voidable marriage

22. The system found 10 answers for Annulling crossword clue

23. For there is an Annulling of a foregoing commandment because of its weakness and uselessness

24. Sheila Kennedy's fight to prevent the Local Catholic Tribunal from Annulling her valid marriage is admirable, brave and inspiring for other women like me, whose husbands (of many years) have decided to annul their marriages, opt out, and marry someone else in the Catholic Church

25. What is the Process for Annulling a Marriage in Singapore? Annulment in Singapore is a two-step process

26. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s overnight decree Annulling Turkey’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention is a blow to women’s rights advocates, who say the agreement is crucial to

27. Annulling a dangerous liaison: vaccination strategies against AIDS and tuberculosis

28. Annulling husband’s paternity

29. 2 days ago · Datafolha: Majority sees Lula guilty and thinks Fachin acted badly in Annulling convictions – 3/21/2021 – Power; Gold Coast woman who plotted hit on ex-husband found guilty for second time, but says she’s innocent; In the Kaluga region, they named who has the highest salary

30. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's overnight decree Annulling Turkey's ratification of the Istanbul Convention is a

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What does annulled mean?

(ə-nŭl′) tr.v. an·nulled, an·nul·ling, an·nuls. 1. To make or declare void or invalid, as a marriage or a law; nullify. 2. To bring to an end the effect or existence of; cancel out: "That task would be easier to perform now that his personal stake in it was annulled" (Edith Wharton).

What is the meaning of an annulled marriage?

Meaning of Annulled Marriage. When a marriage in annulled, it means that the union is declared void and invalid. Essentially, the marriage is deemed to have never existed in the first place. This differs from a divorce in that a divorce marks the end of a valid union, but the marriage is still recognized as having existed.

How is a marriage annulled?

A marriage annulment may occur if one of the parties is found to be underage. Infidelity may be the cause of a marriage annulment. A marriage might be annulled if one partners is emotionally or mentally abused. A certificate of matrimony. An annulment is a legal procedure that voids a marriage under certain conditions.

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