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annihilation (noun)

  • complete destruction or obliteration.
  • total defeat.
Synonyms: destruction . extermination . extirpation . elimination . eradication . killing . decimation . liquidation . demolition . zapping . defeat . beating . conquering . vanquishment . vanquishing . trouncing . overpowering . overthrow . subduing . subjugation . rout . mastery . crushing . hammering . clobbering . thrashing . drubbing . caning . murder . massacre . victory .
  • the conversion of matter into energy, especially the mutual conversion of a particle and an antiparticle into electromagnetic radiation.

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1. Annihilation definition is - the state or fact of being completely destroyed or obliterated : the act of annihilating something or the state of being annihilated

2. How to use Annihilation in a sentence.

3. A thought-provoking science fiction drama, Annihilation is full of suspense and intrigue. After her husband returns from a secret mission in critical condition Lena volunteers to continue it by

4. Annihilation definition, an act or instance of annihilating, or of completely destroying or defeating someone or something: the brutal Annihilation of millions of people

5. Annihilation (4,102) IMDb 6.8 1h 55min 2018 X-Ray R A biologist and former soldier (Natalie Portman) must lead a mission into a mysterious quarantine zone known as The Shimmer, a beautiful but deadly world of mutated landscapes and creatures that threatens all life on Earth

6. 16 synonyms of Annihilation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms

7. Find another word for Annihilation

8. Annihilation: the state or fact of being rendered nonexistent, physically unsound, or useless

9. Annihilation is a 2014 novel by Jeff VanderMeer. It is the first in a series of three books called the Southern Reach Trilogy

10. Annihilation changed the stakes for the entire Marvel Universe, and pulled in characters from all corners of outer-space

11. Annihilation is out there in a beautiful and fearsome way that makes the viewer aware of something else besides escapism or the present moment, a thoughtful science fiction film that is illogical in a frightful way because it’s based on something mystical in our biology

12. Watch the official trailer for #Annihilation starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, and Oscar Isaac

13. (General Physics) physics the destruction of a particle and its antiparticle when they collide. The Annihilation of an electron with a positron generates two or, very rarely, three photons of Annihilation radiation.

14. Spoilers for Annihilation below.

15. In the feverish crescendo of Annihilation’s wordless climax, the name Bobbi Jene crept into my otherwise paralyzed brain

16. A gripping fantasy thriller, Annihilation is thoroughly suspenseful. In a manner similar to H

17. "Annihilation" is from filmmaker Alex Garland, previously the writer and director of "Ex Machina."

18. A 48-page one-shot issue, Annihilation: Prologue, was released on March 15, 2006.It was followed by four concurrent 4-issue mini-series, Silver Surfer (April 1, 2006), Super-Skrull (April 12, 2006), Nova (April 19, 2006), and Ronan the Accuser (April 26, 2006)

19. Annihilation was published as a six issue mini series beginning in August 2006.

20. Annihilation is an intelligent and frightening cinematic experience. It's also bound to be polarizing in that way that only smart science fiction can.

21. Annihilation is a portentous movie, and a cerebral one

22. Annihilation is the third downloadable content (DLC) pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.It was released on June 28, 2011 for Xbox 360 and costs 1200 Microsoft Points

23. Annihilation is a degradable tier 87 two-handed melee weapon, available as a reward from Bounty Hunter

24. Annihilation degrades to a broken state over 60,000 charges of combat

25. Annihilation is a sci-fi novel that follows a team of four women as they explore a mysterious region known as Area X

26. Annihilation - The Humanoid: The Humanoid (Sonoya Mizuno) becomes Lena (Natalie Portman).BUY THE MOVIE:

27. Annihilation (2018) Parents Guide Add to guide

28. Annihilation is Character Based 5v5 and 60 Players against each other Battle Royale game

29. 1:37 Annihilation (Clean Trailer)

30. Annihilation (2006 - 2007) Annihilus has decided the Negative Zone can't contain his thirst for conquest and brings his Annihilation Wave to bear on our galaxy! Nova, …

31. Annihilation does encourage a second viewing to spot symbols and clues that provide additional layers of meaning to the movie, such as an arm-hopping tattoo of a snake eating its own tail

32. Annihilation launches the Guardians as we know them today, but the Omnibus had a very limited print run and was quickly sold out and OOP

33. "Annihilation" is from filmmaker Alex Garland, previously the writer and director of "Ex Machina." Videos Annihilation

34. Annihilation (Trailer) More Details

35. Annihilation is a strong independent read, definitely one of those exciting and rare species that you race through and want more

36. Question: "Is Annihilationism biblical?" Answer: Annihilationism is the belief that unbelievers will not experience an eternity of suffering in hell, but will instead be “extinguished” after death

37. For many, Annihilationism is an attractive belief because of the awfulness of the idea of people spending eternity in hell.

38. Annihilation - The Fungal Horror: The expedition finds the mutilated body of the disemboweled soldier.BUY THE MOVIE:

39. Annihilation has a 20% chance to refund 20 Fury

40. Annihilation Heralds of Galactus joined covers (art by Gabriele Dell'Otto)

41. Annihilation (6 instances) Destruction (816 instances) 30 Bible Verses about Annihilation

42. Annihilation Conquest - Starting in June 2007, Annihilation: Conquest is the sequel to the Annihilation story-arc

43. Annihilation, Book One; Annihilation, Book Two; Annihilation

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What does the word annihilate means?

Annihilate(verb) to destroy or eradicate, as a property or attribute of a thing; to make of no effect; to destroy the force, etc., of; as, to annihilate an argument, law, rights, goodness. Annihilate(adj) annihilated.

What does the name annihilation mean?

Definition of annihilation 1 : the state or fact of being completely destroyed or obliterated : the act of annihilating something or the state of being annihilated The late 1940s and '50s were so pervaded by a general fear of nuclear annihilation that the era was known as the Age of Anxiety.

What exactly does annihilation of matter mean?

Annihilation, in physics, reaction in which a particle and its antiparticle collide and disappear, releasing energy. The most common annihilation on Earth occurs between an electron and its antiparticle, a positron. A positron, which may originate in radioactive decay or, more commonly, in the interactions of cosmic rays in matter, usually combines briefly with an electron to form a quasi-atom called positronium.

What is an example sentence for annihilation?

Sentence Examples It was the only way I knew to rage against the threat of annihilation and to name that which was unnamable. Two world wars, a depression, and a cold war that threatened global annihilation ushered in a darker vision of human potentiality. The massive use of nuclear weapons holds out the potential for global annihilation.

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