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1. Animalic definition is - of or relating to animals or animalism.

Animalic, Animals, Animalism

2. (66) That Animalic perfume, popular in India as of the Gupta period, (67) and thus well established in "classical" textual culture, from literature to medicine, most likely set the precedent for the use of other musk-like materials, and in particular those produced in civets native to the Indian subcontinent (and also Ethiopia and Southeast Asia).

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3. Donkey was the Animalic word for numeral "forty", while forty had the converse meaning


4. In general, Animalic was almost entirely constructed 'out of English animal, bird, anf fish names'

Animalic, Almost, Animal, Anf

5. Otter? Fimi and Higgins propose that Tolkien assumed (or was given) an Animalic name Otter for himself.

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6. Definition of Animalic in the dictionary


7. Information and translations of Animalic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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8.Animalic” is a style of perfume or descriptive word for something that incorporates certain odors that we associate with animals (human or other) into the composition

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9. Odor: powdery musk Animalic: FL: 2,6-dimethoxy-4-vinyl phenol : odor: phenolic animal leather: 1-(3,3-dimethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl) cyclohex-3-ene carbaldehyde : odor: woody, weak, and slightly Animalic notes: FR: 4-(3,3-dimethyl bicyclo(2.2.1)hept-2-yl)-1-methyl-2-oxabicyclo(2.2.2)octane

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10. Animalic definition: relating to animals Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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11. Another big-hitter from the 80s with seductive musky and Animalic overtones that’s still going strong almost 20 years later

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12. Animalic means "smells like an animal."-ic is a suffix that means 'like' or 'from.' Satanic (like satan), sophomoric (like a sophomore), metallic (that one could mean like metal, from metal or of metal)

Animalic, An, Animal

13. Some ouds can smell Animalic (think barnyard).


14. Odor Description: Musk, sweet, Animalic, powdery Powerful musky odor, very similar to that of Muscone (Methylcyclopentadecanone) and, in the opinion of many perfumers, superior in type and beauty

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15. Animalic fragrances, which are often rather pricey because they are more difficult to resource, can range in smell from sweet and woody to furry and leathery to stanky or dirty

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16. Odor profile: Different ingredients, synthetic and natural, can produce an Animalic dirty and deep sensual effect

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17. Animalic ingredients create allure within a fragrance

Animalic, Allure

18. Generally base note materials, Animalic nuances add subtle sensual tones

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19. Aromatic Animalic ingredients can be used to enhance spicy, woody, and sweet base notes

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20. This Animalic sampler pack is for you if you are wanting to try some of the best and most varied Animalic scents, using, musk, civet, castoreum or ambergris, Certain spices add a sweaty quality or meaty odor to scents such as cumin and coriander

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21. Zazie: I love many Animalic fragrances – I don’t perceive the ones I love as dirty; my adjectives of choice would be deep, velvety, warm, comfortable

Animalic, As, Adjectives

22. But I am not comfortable with all kinds of “Animalic”: I cannot manage notes that smell like “throwout”: ELDO’s Rien, Acampora’s Jasmin, and I would add many

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23. Top 25 Animalic Perfumes Ranked My Favorite Animalic Fragrances Civet, Musk, Castoreum, Ambergris

Animalic, Ambergris

24. This is Top 25 Animalic Perfumes Ranked video where Dalya ranks 25 of my favorite Animalic


25. What is the definition of Animalic? What is the meaning of Animalic? How do you use Animalic in a sentence? What are synonyms for Animalic?

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26. What Are Animalic Perfumes? What Do Animalic Perfumes Smell Like? Civet, Castoreum, Musk, Ambergris, Hyrax + Animalic Fragrances 🐋 Buy Ambergris Alert T-Shir

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27. Aldehydic, Almond, Amber, Anamilic, Animalic, Aquatic, Aromatic, Balsamic, Cacao, Caramel

Aldehydic, Almond, Amber, Anamilic, Animalic, Aquatic, Aromatic

28. From the leather comes sensual Animalic facets: musks and pelts that add a frisson of anticipation to the centrepiece

Animalic, And, Add, Anticipation

29. Aldehydic, Almond, Amber, Anamilic, Animalic, Aquatic, Aromatic, Balsamic, Cacao, Caramel

Aldehydic, Almond, Amber, Anamilic, Animalic, Aquatic, Aromatic

30.Animalic” is a buzzword floating around the industry, now that the minimalist, clean trend has given way (at least in high-fashion niche circles) to more feral fragrance clouds.

Animalic, Around, At

31. The Animalic notes are generally quite strong and often fecal, civet being the main material used which is extracted from the anal gland of the civet cat

Animalic, Are, And, Anal

32. I wouldn't dare say, Animalicbut certain purring, feline grace


33. Blended with vanilla and rose, the Animalic ingredient lends Ubar that ambiguous gourmand/erotic quality that makes one wonder whether one should crave to drink it or to lust after it

And, Animalic, Ambiguous, After

34. Animalic(brutal) flu, influenza matipid, mapag-impok the property passes at once pinukpok, dinikdik desenlazar strip cropping Tschadische Sprachen (u.E.) poranek الدين الوطني، الدين العام North Africa call in filtrer bewoner short, short movie oddany werkzaam âtre Jena …

Animalic, At, Africa

35. Its warm, Animalic, and even fruity scent is used in many leather perfumes—but mostly in synthetic form

Animalic, And

36. The first collection of three EdPs, La Belle Et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast) is a contemporary re-imagining of the striking and seductive floral Animalic perfumes of the past

And, Animalic

37. Neroli, Aldehydes, Nutmeg, Cypriol, Stypras, Jasmin Sambac, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Animalic Accord

Aldehydes, And, Animalic, Accord

38. Check out our Animalic fragrance selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.


39. Animalic - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Animalic and much more

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40. The word Animalic uses 8 letters: a, a, c, i, i, l, m, n


41. Animalic is playable in: Words With Friends 16


42. Vanilla, Leather, Animalic, Amber, Musky: Notes: Top Notes - White Flowers, Musk Middle Notes - Vanilla, Castoreum Base Notes - Amber, Leather: Concentration: Eau de Parfum: Absolute Aphrodisiac Eau de Parfum is a potent and musky fragrance from Initio

Animalic, Amber, Absolute, Aphrodisiac, And

43. Tag Archives: Animalic scents AbdesSalaam Perfume Course – Part I: The Pre-Course, Theories & Philosophy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does animalic mean?

Definition of animalic : of or relating to animals or animalism

What is an animalic note?

Re: What is an animalic note? The term "animalic" refers to both raw aroma materials and "fantasy" notes (derived from synthesis in the lab) which directly evoke a scent reminiscent of animals—either real ones, or more metaphorically, the libidinous nature of our own human animal instincts—and their primal force.

What does Animalia mean?

Definition of animalia. : that one of the basic groups of living things that comprises either all the animals or all the multicellular animals — compare animal kingdom, plantae, protista.

What does the name amblia mean?