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1. What is the definition of Animacy? What is the meaning of Animacy? How do you use Animacy in a sentence? What are synonyms for Animacy?

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2. Animacy is a grammatical and/or semantic category of nouns based on how sentient or alive the referent of the noun in a given taxonomic scheme is. Animacy can have various effects on the grammar of a language, such as choice of pronoun, case endings, word order, or the form a verb takes when it is associated with that noun.

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3. Animacy meaning (linguistics) The characteristic of a noun, in some languages, that is dependent on its living or sentient nature; this characteristic affects grammatical features (it can modify verbs used with the noun, affect the noun's declension etc).

Animacy, Affects, Affect

4. Similarly to Gender (and to the African noun classes), Animacy is usually a lexical feature of nouns and inflectional feature of other parts of speech (pronouns, adjectives, determiners, numerals, verbs) that mark agreement with nouns.

And, African, Animacy, Adjectives, Agreement

5. Animacy is the classification of nouns in an language based on the degree to which they are “alive” or animate

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6. Animacy hierarchy in particular is mainly relevant for languages with a richer morphology than English


7. In such languages Animacy distinctions can influence grammaticality of e.g


8. Animacy was a strong predictor of recall when the recall rates data from Rubin and Friendly (1986), who examined recall rates of 925 nouns, were reanalyzed with Animacy as a factor in a regression analysis (Nairne et al., 2013)

Animacy, And, As, Analysis, Al

9. The Animacy advantage was replicated using pronounce-able nonwords that were paired with properties of animate or

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10. Animacy (antonym: inAnimacy) is a grammatical and semantic feature, existing in some languages, expressing how sentient or alive the referent of a noun is

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11. Widely expressed, Animacy is one of the most elementary principles in languages around the globe and is a distinction acquired as early as six months of age

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12. Animacy can have various effects on the grammar of a language, such as

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13. Agency and Animacy are intrinsically linked with each as a conceptual property of the other

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14. Animacy is regarded as a universal language phenomenon (Comrie, 1989)

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15. Psycholinguistic research has repeatedly confirmed that the human language comprehension system is sensitive to the Animacy–inAnimacy distinction of sentence arguments.

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16. In language, Animacy is an expression of “how sentient or alive the referent of a noun is.” When we refer to something as “it,” we are saying that the subject is inanimate—without feelings or agency

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17. Expanding this construct, Chen argues that Animacy undergirds much that is pressing and indeed volatile in contemporary culture, from animal rights debates to biosecurity concerns

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18. Chen's book is the first to bring the concept of Animacy together with queer of color …


19. Animacy continua were extracted from parts of the brain (either a region of interest such as VTC or a searchlight sphere) with a cross-decoding approach

Animacy, As, Approach

20. Animacy status (living versus non-living) is an important predictor of recall

Animacy, An

21. (2013) showed that Animacy effects can be induced for non-words as well; non-words thought of as representing animate concepts were both recog-nised and recalled significantly better than non-words that had been thought of as representing inanimate

Animacy, As, Animate, And

22. Animacy Hierarchy was introduced as a cross-grammatical factor which governs, in different languages, widespread splits of nominal categories, including case or number marking

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23. Among other phenomena, Animacy Hierarchy has been invoked to describe the lexical distribution of one of the types of adhoc categories-associative plurals, or APL.

Among, Animacy, Adhoc, Associative, Apl

24. Previous research has shown that the Animacy quality of materials affects basic cognitive processes such as memory (i.e., animate stimuli are remembered better than are inanimate stimuli)

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25. This is referred to as the Animacy effect.

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26. In bis study of language universals and typology, Comrie defines Animacy as a three-way hierarchy with the category 'human' as highest on the hierarchy, the category 'animal' as intermediate, and the category 'inanimate' as lowest:3 Human > Anim > inanimate

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27. The Subject Animacy was determined based on the Animacy hierarchy by Garretson (2004) (see also Yamamoto, 1999) which divides Subjects into the categories human, other animates and inanimates

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28. Animacy provides important semantic cues for sentence comprehension


29. However, how individuals’ ability to use this Animacy cue changes with advancing age is still not clear

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30. Abstract A key issue in the area of language processing is the mechanism underlying the processing of Animacy information during sentence comprehension

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31. In this ERP study, we investigated the temporal dynamics of Animacy processing in Korean noun-classifier combinations that do not involve verb-noun thematic processing.


32. A 2(Animacy: Animate Words, Inanimate Words) × 2(Threat: Threatening Words, Nonthreatening words) × 2(Attention: Full Attention, Divided Attention) × 3(Test: Test 1, Test 2, Test 3) mixed-factors ANOVA was conducted on proportion of recall

Animacy, Animate, Attention, Anova

33. Animacy, Threat, and Test were within-subjects variables and Attention was a between-subjects variable.

Animacy, And, Attention

34. I argue that Animacy as the classifying category of Russian nouns (ANIM I) is a scalar feature, while Animacy as the restrictive condition blocking ill-formed combinations of syntactic elements in Russian grammatical constructions (ANIM II) is construed as a discrete binary feature.

Argue, Animacy, As, Anim

35. Because the characteristic of Animacy is sometimes confounded with the perceived threat of the animate items, and because threatening items are often more likely to capture attention (e.g., Blanchette in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 59, 1484-1504, 2006), a norming study was first conducted to aid in the creation of lists of

Animacy, Animate, And, Are, Attention, Aid

36. Animacy is one of the basic semantic features of word meaning and influences perceptual and episodic memory processes

Animacy, And

37. As Animacy is a semantic variable thought to have evolutionary roots, we first examined its influence in a semantic categorization task

As, Animacy

38. Tires resemble shoes in function and structural relationship to the whole, and the change of Animacy allows the use of the same word to designate two distinct objects, linked by metaphor

And, Animacy, Allows

39. An Animacy hierarchy has long been recognized

An, Animacy

40. If there is a difference in the ranking of the arguments along a scale of Animacy/volitionality, there are constraints upon the distribution of the alternation

Arguments, Along, Animacy, Are, Alternation

41. For example, where the patient is higher in Animacy than the agent, only the bi- …

Animacy, Agent

42. Animacy is widely recognized as a foundational dimension, appearing early in development, but its role in remembering is currently unknown

Animacy, As, Appearing

43. We report two studies suggesting that Animacy is a critical mnemonic dimension, arguably

Animacy, Arguably

44. Animacy translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'anima',animal',animality',animalcule', examples, definition, conjugation

Animacy, Also, Anima, Animal, Animality, Animalcule

45. Perceiving Animacy from Motion Cues The examples of selective prioritization for Animacy discussed in the previ-ous section all operate on the basis of visual surface features—that is, on the basis of the way in which certain visual stimuli look like agents

Animacy, All, Agents

46. Animacy hierarchy synonyms, Animacy hierarchy pronunciation, Animacy hierarchy translation, English dictionary definition of Animacy hierarchy


47. Indeed, this effect was found when the words were presented in an oral Animacy Stroop task (Experiment 1) and in a manual Animacy Stroop task (Experiment 2)

An, Animacy, And

48. Using ex-Gaussian analyses and examining the distribution of RTs as a function of vincentiles per Animacy condition, we did not find a specific localisation of the Animacy effect.

Analyses, And, As, Animacy

49. Reduced responsiveness to Animacy information as a function of CU traits was observed in PCC, though not within the amygdala

Animacy, As, Amygdala

50. Model DSMs (top) for the Animacy continuum model and the dichotomous living versus nonliving model (stimuli arranged as in Figure 1) were used as regressors in multiple regression to predict neural similarity at each searchlight

Animacy, And, Arranged, As, At

51. Animacy Theatre Collective, Toronto


52. Predict semantic features associated with the Animacy of upcoming nouns duringdiscourse comprehension

Associated, Animacy

53. Verbs can constrain for the Animacy of their


54. We used magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG), in combination with representational similarity analysis, to seek neural evidence for the prediction of Animacy features

And, Analysis, Animacy

55. Animacy has come up in a few recent questions, especially in comparison to gender


56. One interesting thing that turned up in the comments on those questions was whether or not Animacy can sometimes be purely grammatical


57. Animacy is widely recognized as a foundational dimension, appearing early in development, but its role in remembering is currently unknown

Animacy, As, Appearing

58. We report two studies suggesting that Animacy is a critical mnemonic dimension and is one of the most important item dimensions ultimately controlling retention.

Animacy, And

59. While listening to the first half of this podcast – twice – a hint of Animacy snuck itself and a whisper of class into Arasamean: lef, which only fronts the nouns of aquatic or semi-aquatic animals *if* you’re going to eat that animal.all the other classes are gone.

Animacy, And, Arasamean, Aquatic, Animals, Animal, All, Are

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does animacy mean?

animacy synonyms, animacy pronunciation, animacy translation, English dictionary definition of animacy. tr.v. an·i·mat·ed , an·i·mat·ing , an·i·mates 1. To give life to; fill with life: the belief that the soul animates the body. 2. To impart interest or zest...

How does animacy affect grammar?

Animacy can have various effects on the grammar of a language, such as choice of pronoun, case endings, word order, or the form a verb takes when it is associated with that noun. In languages which demonstrate animacy, some have simple systems where nouns are either animate or inanimate,...

Are both nouns equal in animacy?

If both nouns are equal in animacy, either noun can occur in the first position. Both sentences (1) and (2) are correct. The yi- prefix on the verb indicates that the first noun is the subject and bi- indicates that the second noun is the subject.

What is the Order of animacy?

Typically (with some variation of order and of where the cutoff for animacy occurs), the scale ranks humans above animals, then plants, natural forces, concrete objects, and abstract objects, in that order.

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