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1. Anhingas are large and slender waterbirds with long fanlike tails that resemble a turkey's tail

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2. In flight, Anhingas look like a flying cross; the wings are held out flat and the neck and tail stick straight out

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3. Anhingas are a semi-aquatic bird, which uses the freshwater swamps for feeding

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4. While swimming under water, Anhingas use their sharp beak and strong webbed feet to spear small fish

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5. Anhingas thrusts are so powerful that sometimes they must come ashore and pry fish off of their beak using a rock or their feet.

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6. Anhingas typically spear fish through their sides with a rapid thrust of their partially opened bill


7. Anhingas are monogamous, forming strong pair bonds, which last for life. During courtship, Anhingas perform flying displays, soaring towards their nest from a great height

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8. Surfacing from their dives to chase fish, Anhingas, with their long-necked heads, look like snakes at attention

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9. Anhingas also may breed in saltwater colonies and feed in areas of freshwater

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10. Male Anhingas gather the nesting material, and females construct the nest by weaving sticks together and padding it with live twigs and green leaves

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11. Anhingas are monogamous and …

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12. Anhingas have an average body length of 85 cm, weight of 1350 g, wingspan of 117 cm, and bill length of 81 mm. The head is small and appears to be merely an extension of its long snake-like neck

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13. Anhingas are large, dark water birds that measure between 29.5 – 37.4 inches (75 – 95 cm) in length, have a wingspan of about 3.7 feet (1.14 meters) and weigh between 2-3 - 3.0 lbs (1.04–1.35 kg) - the average being 2.7 lbs (1.22 kg)

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14. Usually Anhingas are found nesting and roosting in trees and bushes in freshwater swamps, lakes, sluggish streams in sheltered and murky waters

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15. Anhingas are often mistaken for Double-Breasted Cormorants

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16. Anhingas have long tails and white markings along the back.

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17. Kettles of Anhingas often migrate with other birds and have been described as resembling black paper gliders

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18. Anhingas usually nest in groups, in mixed colonies with herons and other waders

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19. Anhingas lay 2-5 (usually 4) eggs


20.Anhingas have webbed feet and a beak like an arrow to catch fish.’ ‘Around the lake we could see samples of most of Florida's native birds, such as osprey, anhinga, eagles, hawks, and herons.’ ‘Anhingas inhabit quiet bodies of freshwater and, while found statewide, are much more numerous in central and south Florida.’

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21. Anhingas and cormorants are extremely similar as regards their body and leg skeletons

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22. But unlike the cormorants, Anhingas typically inhabit fresh water lakes, rivers, marshes, swamps, and are less often found near salt water

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23. Anhingas have a more pointed bill than cormorants which allows them to …

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24. Typically Anhingas live in freshwater wetlands, but can also survive in brackish and saltwater habitats

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25. Cormorants and Anhingas both make Big Cypress National Preserve home year-round

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26. Anhingas aka Snakebirds, Darters, American Darters, or Water Turkeys

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27. Anhingas surface to feed, usually flipping their heads back to toss the fish up into the air, then swallowing it headfirst

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28. Anhingas inhabit quiet bodies of freshwater and, while found statewide, are much more numerous in central and south Florida

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29. Anhingas have a long, slender neck


30. Anhingas commonly perch with their wings spread and swim with only their heads above water

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31. In a roost in coastal Mexico, however, 90% of Anhinga agonistic encounters involved conspecifics, and Anhingas generally were less often involved in aggression than were other species in the same colony (0.12 encounter/bird-h for Anhingas, …

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32. The darters, Anhingas, or snakebirds are mainly tropical waterbirds in the family Anhingidae, which contains a single genus, Anhinga.There are four living species, three of which are very common and widespread while the fourth is rarer and classified as near-threatened by the IUCN.The term snakebird is usually used without any additions to signify whichever of the completely allopatric species

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33. Anhingas like to make their nests in trees that hang over water


34. You may remember the "Ask SIB" story published on June 14th with questions about the Nesting Anhingas on Jenkins Point Road

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35. At that time, Valerie Doane, along with others, had observed a breeding pair of Anhingas bullying the Great Egret away from a nest

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36. Anhingas are found in the southeastern U.S., mainly in freshwater wetlands

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37. Anhinga Images, Facts and Information: Anhinga anhinga Anhingas are large, dark waterbirds with long necks and tail, they have small heads, red eyes, and long, sharp bills

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38. Female Anhingas have brown necks and breasts

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39. Most Anhingas are non-migratory

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ANHINGAS [anˈhiNGɡə]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the plural of Anhinga?

    anhinga (plural anhingas) (zoology) A fish-eating bird (Anhinga anhinga) of North America with a thin, pointed bill and a long, thin neck. (zoology) Synonym of : any bird of the genus Anhinga.

    Where can Anhinga be found in the world?

    The American anhinga has been subdivided into two subspecies, A. a. anhinga and A. a. leucogaster, based on their location. A. a. anhinga can be found mainly east of the Andes in South America and also the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

    What is an Anhinga melanogaster?

    Ripley reports the occurrence of "about a dozen anhinga s (presumably Anhinga melanogaster)" at Babelthuap on 12 November 1946. It was an anhinga, one of the most singular specimens of web-footed birds that can be found anywhere. He says he found a peculiar parasite in the brain of the Anhinga.

    How is the anhinga related to other darters?

    The anhinga is placed in the darter family, Anhingidae, and is closely related to Indian ( Anhinga melanogaster ), African ( Anhinga rufa ), and Australian ( Anhinga novaehollandiae) darters. Like other darters, the anhinga hunts by spearing fish and other small prey using its sharp, slender beak.

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