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  • feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger.
  • (of the sea or sky) stormy, turbulent, or threatening.
Synonyms: irate . annoyed . cross . vexed . irritated . exasperated . indignant . aggrieved . irked . piqued . displeased . provoked . galled . resentful . furious . enraged . infuriated . incensed . raging . incandescent . wrathful . fuming . ranting . raving . seething . frenzied . beside oneself . outraged . irascible . bad-tempered . hot-tempered . choleric . splenetic . dyspeptic . tetchy . testy . crabby . waspish . hostile . antagonistic . black . dark . dirty . filthy . mad . hopping mad . wild . livid . boiling . apoplectic . aerated . riled . aggravated . snappy . snappish . shirty . stroppy . ratty . eggy . sore . snaky . crook . vex . waxy . ireful . wroth . heated . hot . passionate . fiery . stormy . tempestuous . lively . ill-tempered . acrimonious . bitter . calm . pleased . good-humored . peaceful .

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What does angriest mean?

Define angriest. angriest synonyms, angriest pronunciation, angriest translation, English dictionary definition of angriest. adj. an·gri·er , an·gri·est 1. Feeling or showing anger; incensed or enraged: angry at my boss; angry with her. 2. Indicative of or resulting from anger: an...

What is the definition of angry?

(Medicine) severely inflamed: an angry sore. 1. feeling anger or strong resentment: to be angry at the dean; to be angry about the insult. 2. expressing, caused by, or characterized by anger; wrathful: angry words. 3. Chiefly New Eng. and Midland U.S. inflamed, as a sore. 4. exhibiting characteristics associated with anger or danger: an angry sea.

Who is the angriest woman in England?

Parliament decreed her death fifteen years ago and they say that Elizabeth was the angriest woman in England. The sonorous voice that can still the storm in its angriest mood will no more resound through the hushed Chamber. More bees were coming round every moment—the angriest bees I have ever seen!

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