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1. Angrier synonyms, Angrier pronunciation, Angrier translation, English dictionary definition of Angrier


2. Find 64 ways to say Angrier, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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3. Angrier meaning Comparative form of angry: more angry.

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4. Definition of Angrier in the dictionary


5. Information and translations of Angrier in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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6. Synonyms for Angrier include irater, livider, madder, bitterer, crosser, sorer, dirtier, filthier, hotter under the collar and huffier

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7. Angrier or more angry I had thought the comparative form of angry is "Angrier" until I came across an article in which "more angry" is used

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8. The latest tweets from @AngrierWHStaff


9. Sometimes, when the “happy mood” playlist you put on abruptly ends, that poses the question: Is it just me, or is the world around me really getting Angrier? Rest assured: It’s not just you.

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10. Learn more about the word "Angrier", its origin, alternative forms, and usage from Wiktionary

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11. Examples of in a sentence Grief made him Angrier. Xander kept up with her easily, the solid, warm body beside her affecting her senses in ways that made her Angrier.

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12. Some 84% of people surveyed said Americans are Angrier today compared with a generation ago, according to the latest NPR-IBM Watson Health poll

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13. "more angry" could be seen as a "general way" to characterize a state of mind, whereas "Angrier" would be a more specific way to compare the consequence of two external factors

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15. But Daedalus, instead of being proud of his nephew, was Angrier than before.: A voice inside Francis took part with the old man, and made him yet Angrier.: She was Angrier with Cora than she had ever been before since the opening of Pinewood Hall.: He was suffering from mortification, which is a sort of ingrowing anger, and the more it sunk in, the Angrier he got.

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16. In any case, if women are Angrier at home, perhaps understandably, and surveys are often conducted at home and about homely incidents, women could occasionally come accross as Angrier than men

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17. Why Social Media Makes Us Angrier—and More Extreme How Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram shape (and radicalize) our opinions

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18. Yoga practice gets a reality check when enlightenment meets truth and an instructor on the edgeBefore Angrier Yoga, there was Angry Yoga: http://bitly/angryy

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19. See 6 authoritative translations of Angrier in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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20. 99 examples: Kimberly appears different upon her return: stronger, Angrier and determined…

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21. But overall, there does seem to a shift into a darker, Angrier, place


22. 2 days ago · Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt society has become a much Angrier place — both online and in person

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23. Chloe, 25, says Covid-19 has made her feel Angrier than ever.


24. If you’re the kind of person who likes to think of themselves as calm, cool, and collected, there’s a good chance you’re Angrier than you realize (or want to admit)

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25. Objective: The objective of the study was to examine whether deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the subthalamic nucleus (STN), the globus pallidus internus (GPi), and/or the ventralis intermedius thalamic nucleus (Vim) was associated with making patients Angrier pre to post-surgical intervention

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26. Furloughed 20-year-old: I'm "getting Angrier and Angrier" The historic collapse in the U.S

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27. Angrier - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Angrier and much more

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28. The word Angrier uses 7 letters: a, e, g, i, n, r, r


29. Angrier is playable in: Words With Friends 10


30. But current research suggests that all that venting could be making us Angrier.

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31. Learn how to get Angrier at people you disagree with in this video

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32. People worldwide are sadder, Angrier and more fearful than ever before, according to a major analysis of global well-being

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33. Nevada Entrance Poll Results: GOP Electorate Older, Angrier Voters in the fourth contest of the 2016 Republican nomination process are Angrier and older than in the prior primaries or caucuses.

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34. Break 'Angrier' down into sounds: [AN] + [GREE] + [UH] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them

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35. Record yourself saying 'Angrier' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen

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36. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'Angrier'.


37. The Attacks On Asian Women Have Me Angrier & More Afraid Than I've Ever Been

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  • feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger.
  • (of the sea or sky) stormy, turbulent, or threatening.
Synonyms: irate . annoyed . cross . vexed . irritated . exasperated . indignant . aggrieved . irked . piqued . displeased . provoked . galled . resentful . furious . enraged . infuriated . incensed . raging . incandescent . wrathful . fuming . ranting . raving . seething . frenzied . beside oneself . outraged . irascible . bad-tempered . hot-tempered . choleric . splenetic . dyspeptic . tetchy . testy . crabby . waspish . hostile . antagonistic . black . dark . dirty . filthy . ireful . wroth . heated . hot . passionate . fiery . stormy . tempestuous . lively . ill-tempered . acrimonious . bitter . calm . pleased . good-humored . peaceful .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name angrier mean?

Define angrier. angrier synonyms, angrier pronunciation, angrier translation, English dictionary definition of angrier. adj. an·gri·er , an·gri·est 1. Feeling or showing anger; incensed or enraged: angry at my boss; angry with her.

What are some angry words?

angry(a.) Synonyms: provoked, exasperated, irritated, incensed, piqued, indignant, moody, sulky, STUFFY, irate, ireful, wroth, wrathful, storming, infuriate, mad, in a passion, out of humor, out of temper, out of tune.

Why are we so angry?

Anger comes from a variety of sources and can vary widely. Some common anger triggers include: In other cases, an anger problem may be caused by early trauma or events in a person's life that have shaped their personality. In some cases, hormonal changes can also cause anger, as can certain mental disorders.

How do I get angry?

Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person (such as a coworker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or your anger could be caused by worrying or brooding about your personal problems. Memories of traumatic or enraging events can also trigger angry feelings.

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